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  1. Totally broken game..

    No doubt. I don't even know how people drop into areas like Yas, Ros, School or Military early on. It takes me a second just to pick up something. Take damage a full second after being behind cover.
  2. Go legal - follow the cash

    How is anything he said BS? Honestly curious.
  3. Totally broken game..

    Every single online game has some lag. Transfer of data isn't instant. Some games just have better netcode/lag comp then others. So you don't "feel" the lag at all.
  4. Totally broken game..

    My guess... you were dead before the HS registered.
  5. This is Russian fake news at its finest.
  6. 1) Lack of mic. Impossible to play duos/squads without a mic. 2) Wanting to drop high octane spots but are absolutely terrible at the game. 3) Hoarding loot. 1 player having a 2x, 4x and 8x while the rest of the team is on red dots doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  7. What the hell is wrong with the community

    Voice channel none and mute yourself. Then bind mute master to L. It's the best thing you will ever do. I keep the master volume off for quite sometime, unless I am dropping right with others. As for what people say.... Look, humans are broken. People just act like idiots, trying to be cool. It's sad and pathetic.
  8. This game is awesome

    For $30... I'm pushing 700 hours of gameplay. It's a great game, concept, design. The graphics/lighting leave a bit to be desired. The early gameplay is laggy and the desync is noticable at times. Hopefully they can improve in those areas. I would love to see them enhance the colors more. I've tried reshade, and it helps, but the FPS hit is too much. Digital Vibe helps too, but still get a bit of a washed out look. I honestly think people flip out over the negative aspects of this game because they really want it to be better, because the concept is so good. The sales numbers don't lie. The twitch viewership numbers don't lie. I clutched a win in duos the other night. 5 kills of the final 8 players. Played out of my mind. Really rewarding feeling. Can't say I ever got that feeling playing other games. Maybe CS 1.6 back in the day when I played "competitive" at LANs. I'm 37 so yeah

    Never have an issue finding a vehicle. There are several spots where cars consistently spawn. You just got to get one early. If we are grinding leaderboards, we always grab a vehicle first UNLESS we are going middle of map. Say this all the time... the non-side-car-bike is the best weapon in the game (solos and duos obv).
  10. I mean, my experiences tell me otherwise. If Bluehole posted that their isn't ELO/rank based matchmaking, then OK. Again last night, now that I am back in the top 500 NA Duo FPP, the players we came across once it got down to the final 20 were good. It's pretty obvious when the circle gets smaller who is good and who isn't. We couldn't get a win after 4-5 top 5s in a row. It was tough. It was also fun.
  11. If the game performance is impacted by having to render/load clothing, then take it out.