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    If you download the new vaulting patch on the test server, they have added support for this now. I posted about the details on another topic regarding this issue here:
  2. Cooking grenades

    I've just finished downloading the update on the test server. This includes "Throwing" scenario with options for "throw mode" and "cook." It also includes a binding scenario for "ADS" with options for zoom and reticle intensity. Thank you, these are optimal solutions to these issues. I'll be banging on these in the test server to make sure they work as intended. It's amazing that a lot of so-called Triple A studios have released games that have been out for over a year with bad-port keybind issues that don't respond to fixing them like Bluehole does. I recently notified tech support on one of these giant companies to tell them I couldn't bind the keys I wanted and I considered that a product defect constituting a refund. They told me they can't refund me and I should buy a programmable keyboard. So far, every one of my issues with hard-bound or unbindable keys in this game have been or are in the process of being resolved.
  3. Cooking grenades

    Is there any word on this yet? I've just seen part of the patch notes includes the ability to change non-magnifying optics intensities (why?) which is default mouse wheel. I'm already anticipating this being hard-bound as well and messing up my weapon swap bind, but hopefully it won't. In the meantime, I still have to reach over the keyboard to my unbound R button to cook grenades.
  4. Cooking grenades

    I posted a topic about this very issue here. I guess you can vote or bump it or something so it maybe gets noticed.
  5. Cooking grenades

    There was some talk about this on another topic, but it's since died down. This surely must be an oversight; hold-breath used to be hard-bound to left shift and they've since added a keybinding for it. I don't even have R bound; my reload is on another key entirely, so just making it "R" without any alternative is a terrible decision and I'm eagerly awaiting this being fixed. Honestly, having to hit your "reload" key instead of just "R" makes way more sense, but I'd like to use another button which shouldn't interfere with grenade throwing at all (I want to reuse my hold-breath bind). That's another issue too, making sure it's allowing us to reuse keys/buttons for things that shouldn't overlap. I haven't had any problems with that so far; I use the same key for crouching when walking, diving when swimming, angle-down when flying into space on a bike. Hoping when this bind is added, it won't give me grief for reusing a key for an action that does not affect grenade throwing.
  6. Just started having this today, along with my squadmates. Was not happening earlier this week. Affects all directional movement on foot, in vehicle, and in spectator. Kinda infuriating.
  7. Some people may remember, when the game first released, you were unable to rebind mousewheel from scroll weapons. Many people, myself included, pushed for the ability to rebind mousewheel, and a few months ago this was added. I was very happy to be able to bind mwUp to primary weapon, and mwDown to secondary weapon as I do in all games. However, now that I've changed these, whenever I'm in my map and I'm zooming in and out (since the mousewheel is still linked to that), my character is constantly switching weapons . Personally, I am totally fine if I was not able to switch weapons while using the map, or any other UI screen. Some others however, may want that ability. My suggestion is a set of radio buttons in the Gameplay options, such as follows: Disable weapon switching on: [_] Map Screen [_] Inventory Screen Obviously if these are set to true, input that normally switches weapons should fail to fire if the selected UI screens are currently open. If there are any other UI overlays that might belong here, please suggest them.

    No, because the resounding majority of PC games including this one have key rebinding in them. Let me explain actual poor logic. Poor Logic: Include customizeable keybinds for every gameplay function in the game, except for one or two. This game has customizeable controls. A few patches ago, they had a couple of keys that were hard-bound. This means you cannot rebind them; they do not appear in the keybinds section. These functions were important gameplay functions. Some of the functions in question were swim up, swim down, hold breath. When this happens, it's clearly an oversight. They were very good about changing this. You'll notice swim up/down and hold breath are now in the keybinds section. Good Logic: This current hard bound grenade cook key is another oversight. Reasons for believing this are as follows: - As mentioned above, it doesn't make a lot of sense to allow a player the ability to rebind 99% of their abilities, but exclude one or two. - They've already included options that were previously hard-bound in previous patches. - Game is still early access. Many gameplay/meta changes are often made during this period to see if the flow is affected positively or negatively. This change was only on the test server for a short period and most people do not rebind keys, which would explain the lack of major bug reporting of it. The games I developed while working at the company I was at are available as web-deploy, mobile, and on select proprietary devices. None developed under employment were desktop games. As for my personal games, if you want links to previews, PM me. No public builds are available. The majority are Unity-based with the others being Unreal, so the ability to rebind keys is a simple addition, because it's a standard in PC development.

    Sounds like you need to play a PC game. If I can rebind my keys for games from 1992, I should be able to bind my keys for modern games. And yes, the PC games I code have fully customizable control schemes.

    It doesn't matter what he uses for reload, it shouldn't be hard-bound. No key in a PC game should ever be hard-bound. I would rather use the same key I use for holding breath to cook a grenade. There's no reason I shouldn't be able to reuse a key that otherwise would not interfere with grenade usage (e.g. - reload, range, hold breath, fire mode, etc.) It should have its own bindeable option in the control menu. I use the right side of the keyboard with the arrow keys instead of WASD, so R is not even in my keybinds right now.
  11. Indicator updates for toggled options

    I agree. It should also show you if you're in walk mode, and possibly even lean as well, since the screen itself does not lean with the character.
  12. Death Screen Bug

    Just played two TPP matches. Won one and lost the other. In both cases, the results screen showed up. Seems to only be a problem with FPP right now, I guess.
  13. Death Screen Bug

    I'm getting it a lot too. Mostly in solo FPP. Seems to always work when teaming. Only been getting it since the latest patch; the one that didn't require server downtime.
  14. VSS Scope blocked when aiming in FPP

    The padded jacket also gets in the way when trying to aim in FPP. I've been taking my jacket cosmetic items off when using it now. It certainly makes an already terrible gun so much more fun to use.
  15. Input/Controls Suggestions & Improvements Thread

    Mouse wheel binds are something that should have been in since the beginning, but I'll be happy if they fix the incredibly apparent memory leak that comes with playing consecutive games without restarting the application.