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  1. This should be an option period. Right click mute or even better right click turn down or up or mute, poof problem solved. I love the eight man squads but honestly I get more Chinese people sitting in a café with 30 people talking in the background then I do a-holes and trolls. Or also Chinese people who sound like they have their mic plugged into an old 8 track with an amp feeding back into it or something.
  2. Great ideas! Ways to get people tog et playing without buying into stupid ass crate keys
  3. As with any phenomenon, people come do the tourist thing then move on. I have many friends who got bored and moved on. I dunno maybe 30+ on my friends list who don't play anymore. Top reasons not necessarily in order: Cheaters , Can't PUG cause no one speaks English on the NA server, Bad Hit Reg/hit box or netcode whatever it is. No ladders to keep people involved. PUGS with no mic's or people who just jump wherever and leave the squad. Solo play is great but it's a different match then squad and way campier. (Leaderboards reset so often and the top 10 spots are about the only thing viewable and are usually loaded with hackers (24kdr ya right) I don't even think Shroud has that high KDR. Lets face it we live in a different time now. Kids and adults switch games like chiclets these days. Back in the Pong days you played one game. Or you played the shit outta space invaders a pinball machine or Mario. Now a days everyone wants something new every week. Can partly thank gaming companies for putting out separate game upgrades every few months. CoD 1-1000 etc. Or season pass this and DLC that. Yet CSGO has basically the same few maps as they did what 20 years ago almost?
  4. I hate to say this but you are blind. I run into cheaters daily. Not blatant HSx20 like we used to see but there are a very large amount using ESP it's even easier to catch with the replay system. Kar 98 Needs a nerf and AK needs better velocity to bring it in line with the others at range or a damage buff in place of the speed. It is accurate though that the AK's muzzle velocity is much slower then the m16 so I really can't complain I just avoid them so I don't screw up my leads. It may shoot slower and hit harder but the case usually stands in heads up games that the faster shooting gun prevails not always the harder hitting. I like both maps. I hated the newer one at first but it's grown on me. As far as weapon balance (New Map) AR/Sniper is supreme because the blue more often then not ends up in a wide open area. Man with scope has a distinct advantage over iron sights on this map imho. Weapon balance in general can't be balanced when you have tons of wide open spaces. the point of an SMG is for close quarters which should allow you to navigate around corners, breach doors and come back on target faster then with a larger AR. Tarkov did a great job with this but I don't see how it can work in PUBG well enough to make a difference. I have no issues with most of the snipers or the AR's they all have their purpose, the KAR 98 is a shit show though imo. Damage should be nerfed it wrecks people in a game where one shotting with anything but a shotgun close range doesn't happen. (And depending the shotgun if it's choked and the victim is headshot or low armor. ) Let's face it you take a double shot from any 12 gauge running 3 inch magnums at 2 feet, I don't care what armor you are wearing you will go to the ground. Even with no penetration you will feel that guaranteed. Not only that but I can drop a deer @ 100 yards with a shotgun and it seems if you are across the street you can't hit shit which is utter nonsense. But I know then everyone would be using noobtubes like in MOHAA so I accept it. (So realism doesn't need to be 100% because well it's a game and we want to have fun) Aside from the hackers and the multitude of Chinese people in NA servers telling me I need to learn Chinese the Kar98 is about the only gun that I hate seeing. Vector could use 5 more rounds but that's just a want versus a need lol. I still use the UMP even after the nerfs and unless I am heads up against a primary AR within 15 feet and his aims not better then mine then I do ok.
  5. Kegstand


    I have had this question for quite some time and I wonder. My buddy swears it's bad hit boxes, crappy net code or desync. (I think he lags because he is Aussie playing with me on NA) BUT I have noticed on many replays/death cams that if I am watching an active player their sights always seem way off target, even when they kill others. Same with death cams. So when I know that my sights are on someone's face but the replay shows me half a foot to the left of said player is it in actuality desync but only shown correctly on the replay? So when I experience it I am seeing my gun on someone's face when in actuality possibly on their screen I am a half a frame left etc which shows up in the replay? This would certainly explain a lot especially when viewing what seems like BS deaths where the attacker was 1 foot high and to the left of me and I was behind a wall and still died after a peak etc. Any insight to this would greatly alleviate my thoughts. I don't want to call haccusations on stuff that is iffy. I have been around the block long enough to know when viewing someone's gameplay if they are blatantly hacking. In the case of some of the really awesome players it can be tough though. So when I see a replay like what I have explained I don't instantly think hacks I think desync/ghosting. I am not on a potato either, not the greatest by any means but certainly more then enough power to run PUBG. I5-6600k OC'd 4+Ghz 1060 video. 16gigs ram All drivers up to date. Non wireless connection with high bandwidth and good ping. 1080p monitor with a good refresh so no ghosting due to bad monitor.
  6. Greets, Was reading an article that AR's are getting nerfed or certain AR's? Why not the Kar98. Pretty much every match Kar98 spam all day long. The AK could use a velocity buff to bring it more inline with other AR's. the average player has a hard enough time dealing with snipers without their Ar's getting even more of a nerf. Granted I get owned UMP versus scar primary players a lot in a heads up but I think that has more to do with me hitting body not head and them hitting head. M16/M4/Scar are all fine imo. Tommy gun is fine for peeps who don't mind iron. Uzi shreds close up as it should. Vector recoil is insane even kitted but it works great is you have extended mag otherwise it's trash imo. The single most irritating thing I run into in matches is not having at least a 4x to deal with snipers who hit you from 300+ with a kar 98 no fail and dump you one hit. If you have a sliver of health gone and anything less then level 2 gear your toast when a KAR 98 breathes on you. If you want to encourage wider uses of weapons then start by nerfing that gun lol. Also very hard to encourage use of SMG's on the larger maps when most fights are across large open fields with scopes. SKS no problem, mini no problems. I lie the most irritating thing is still hackers but that is another post and another story. Especially with replay now and being able to rewind fights and see how players move and what they do....ESP users are so easy to spot.
  7. Kegstand

    Event Mode - Tequila Sunrise

    This mode was hella fun. The event modes are making the game interesting again. 8x squads was fun also. Should do a melee or fisticuffs mode and toss the whole plane into a place like prison :)
  8. I would also like to point out MCFLYYY. The language filter I offered does not mean it keeps those Asian players out of north america it just means it matches you with an appropriate language team mate before another. I could then pick French, English, Spanish, Russian, German. because I can converse well enough to get by with any of those languages It isn't about kicking them out because they are players too which keeps match making alive but it allows you as a player to have a better chance to squad with someone you can communicate with. Now in your world you might pick Chinese language just to be a troll dick but most any player who wants to play will pick a language they can speak so they have better chances in getting a chicken dinner. I guess if your 12 trolling is fun.
  9. What does my handle have to do with anything there MCflyyy... Yes my post was well thought out and yours? For that matter the main gripe in my post that you seemed to miss is that most of those Chinese players aren't here to take advantage of anything. Only the rotten apples like with any cheater. Most of them would play on home servers if they had decent home servers. My gripe is that a company banked millions and could afford to put better servers for those player to start. Also like region lock if you are matched based on ping and I have an Aussie in my squad with near 270 ping, or friends from Europe with higher then average pings then how will it move forward, by average or based on lowest present...same conundrum I guess. I won't try to belittle your argument just because you didn't like mine. Simple fact is I keep having connection issues because servers are too busy on a weekday mid day which leads anyone to believe they need more servers... Why not tailor make some for Asians closer to home but outside of China to bypass that whole predicament.
  10. Nothing in my post is Xeno anything. I have already stated I have nothing against anyone from anywhere so long as they make an attempt to learn to communicate on the servers they play and treat people decently. If anything BH is at fault for not adding binds or voice commands or a spotting feature like in BF where you spot a player and it shows for your team for a few seconds. That in itself would take quite a bit of the stress off communication.
  11. Let me make this perfectly clear, I do not expect "chicken diners" playing random squad. I do it to meat new people and have fun interactions with the players. Can't do that if we can't even speak the same language. Random is fine so long as everyone can understand some middle ground and communicate at a minimum.
  12. I don't care if a player sucks that isn't the point. If you can't communicate don't join a server set up for NA. Again I can say enough in French and Spanish so that my team will be able to react. I rarely and I mean rarely run into people who play rando squad who straight up hog all the loot in fact it's just the opposite most players are more then willing to help you gear or you help them gear because it increases the "squads" chances. I have on several occasions played with brand new players who knew nothing about the game and I am fine with helping them figure out controls and guiding them on what to grab and use etc. I like random play. I don't want to have to download a 3rd party program surf the channels for hours on end to find a group that fits and then pray they will stay playing. I shouldn't have to either. Again I don't mind people who don't speak English so long as they make an attempt to learn while on the NA servers. Not come here and tell me to learn their language...fuck off. Stop defending and ask for action, BH is making millions they can afford to get better server set ups for Chinese players which is what it all boils down to. From what I understand the Chinese government is giving them problems so set up euro servers (Or host servers in an area better suited to their time zone/pings) mark them Asian and poof the Chinese overflow has a place to go. This is what it all boils down to gents. BH has the power to remedy this but isn't taking the proper steps to do so. Chinese aren't on NA because they want to fuck with us they wasn't to play the game and have crappier home servers then us is what I was lead to believe so BH get yer heads out your touch holes and get it moving. As for a language filter it's not complicated. As for EU I am sure there is a language that is considered neutral or know by many? Same with The Asian populace they have a bunch of different languages and dialects but unless I am mistaken Mandarin is kind of a universal and while the differences are there most folks can get by. Same with English if I am with a real thick scott or Irish accent I may not understand everything but every person on the team knows what NORTH 350 means. Don't make it more complicated then it needs to be and it will be fine.
  13. Kegstand

    Cheating Discussion

    Sums it up for me...I see the no recoil, superjump, and aim bot tonight in 2 matches. A few suspicious no recoils earlier also and one blatant aim bot headshot,headshot,headhost,headshot,headshot,headshot...no ones that good.
  14. For the F'in love of god, oompa loompas, fat chicks and candy canes would you put in a match making language filter. I play squads and all I get are Chinese people. No offense to those of you who are bilingual or at least know a little and try. Also PLEASE work it so you can right click mute or turn peoples volume down so when that fat kid with bracers is playing the worlds most annoying sound boards you can turn him down since you can't bitch slap em! Time for another ban wave? I just watch some douche in pre-match jumping 40 feet into the air. No recoil and aim bots, had one match I rezzed one team mate 8 times and no matter what he tried he got head shot every single time by a guy 400+ yards out or more. I got downed twice by the guy and both times headshots removing my helms both times from moving cars 400+ and no spray and pray was 2 shots. No one is that good. Also the shots following you across the wall when you go into a building... These guys get on the NA server and have the balls to tell me to speak Chinese no F^&* off you speak English you joined an English f'in server... They are in Net Cafe's or their restaurant and there is shit banging around in the background 10 people talking not to mention all three Chinese people in squad want to talk about the night they had with patty and mary palm.... They take everything, doesn't matter if you killed it or not and you could have a shotgun with no sights and all three guys beside you have AR/Sniper silencers lvl 3 backpack, vest, helm and 20 medkits. I have gotten to the point I take everything I can get then start dropping them shit. Worst part is I spent 2 minutes trying to tell a guy who was trying to snipe I had a 4x scope for him and I finally dropped it a medkit and ED and the feker never even took it but he rushed headlong into the other team like fekin squirrel on crack. They use you as bait, push a team they all F'in run away or hide/menuver to get a guaranteed kill then when you drop they finally fight. Half the time I get into a match they all drop at military or school and die within 30 seconds. I actually dropped way past my last group and slow boated into the area they were in and while floating along I told them they'd all be dead before I landed...yep dead 1, 2, 2...poof. Again, I have no issues with Chinese folks in general but if you plan on playing on an English speaking server please learn enough to say directions, (N-S-E-W + number) Please-Thank You- Stop -Go-Come to me-1-2-3-4 guys + Direction.-Full team + car heading N-E-W-South etc etc. Literally if you fuckers took 10 minutes to learn the very basics half the players in NA would enjoy meeting you. In fact normally I embrace other cultures and languages and try to learn to converse but after the 14th person in squad on an NA server says no English you speak Chinese well NO you learn to speak the language of the damned server you join....I don't get on Asian server and tell you fucker to learn English I'd expect to not be talked to. That is why I love Pinoy cause those bastards play good games normally very honorable and they learn to speak and help you speak back... AND last, to the dick-faces who are going to jump on here all high and mighty and tell me to join a pre-made off discord ....NO. The option for random squads is there for a reason and it works great when the right clients are on the fuckin right server. Now go back into your caves little trolls. Stop defending a broken fekin system for no better reason then to be an asshole. Besides I enjoyed playing with South Americans, Canadians etc. Even a few Russian/eastern euro's show up and ya know what....They all speak enough language to get by and be helpful in teams and I speak enough of Spanish and French to also help back. Take your heads out your asses Blue Hole, 40% may be Chinese but 60% are the rest of us and this shits happening on every server...