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  1. I know that there are plenty of hackers from lot's of locales but literally tonight Kar98 headshot, headshot,headshot,headshot. We have video of me tagging the guy with mini 14 as my mate a floor above me tags the guy he insta turns and headshot had no idea we were there and was head shotting 8 to 10 players right before our engagement. The MAJORITY of the accounts we think are cheating are A. Chinese fresh account. B.Chinese fresh account. C. Chinese fresh account. D. USA/Europe fresh account CSGO on it. E.Chinese fresh account. You guys get the F_#$'in picture yet? It's not an isolated incedent. This crap didn't tsrat happening till Chinese flooded the game or it happened far less. Take the god damned skin trade outta the game and do something non-money related for it. Getting real fekin tired O this crap. This is the only shooter I play atm and my play is getting ruined on a nightly basis. I don't mind playing with Asians in NA server so long as they can communicate basics and don't FEKIN CHEAT....
  2. I am half for it and half against it. If you F up then you die to blue zone, if you get engaged to late in one circle and win your F'd due to bluezone. If you don't get a vehicle or decent loot (btw wtf is up with loot its horrible lately) yer F'd from the bluezone. I like that it instill a sense of urgency now but I think it need to be tweaked just a teeny bit less. Not a ton but a teeny bit.
  3. More often then not when I get caught outside the blue it's not because of long looting. Mainly it's a firefight that just won't end or it's because where we chose to drop just didn't cooperate with where the circle was going. Like tonight, caught in a fight 2 players down two ran was outta meds went looted one guy got screwed because packs don't auto split was caught doing the stupid split stack dance to get a med kit in blue goes by me I die just outside the safe because it was taking huge chucks off me. The new blue blows goat nuts tweak it down a teeny bit. I like they strengthened it but it's a bit overkill. Ya ya sure sure plan ahead blah blah sometimes you can't find a vehicle you jumped in the wrong place or you get stuck fighting campers shit happens and the blue is too strong.
  4. Cheating has killed this game

    If you haven't seen the massive amounts of Chinese farmers using fresh accounts, speed hacks, aim bots by now then you are clueless. I wish I could be that way but it's getting ridiculous. Watch some of these Chinese players. We had one guy say here here, come, here here and he drops 3x8x scopes extended mags and silencers for the rest of the team. This was like two minutes in. I have watched speed hacks, I have watched people snap to and head shot with an AR 2 different full health lvl 2 fresh helm and vest. in the blink of an eye. Then the guy kills someone else at range and turns and near insta finishes both guys off and they were 40 yards apart.
  5. Cheating has killed this game

    I don't care what your K/D is. Grtz you are a good player I have had 5 chicken dinners this past week or so but I have also been playing shooters for a good mmm I dunno 20+ years. I am old and I suck now but I can tell you you're blind if you haven't seen it. No I am not wrong...m8. 13k a day banned for hacks and those are the obvious ones that squeekers buy with mommies CC. Not trying to be a dick and I am not saying everyone who gets owned should cry hacks. It is obvious at some points when you see a guy poppin HS after HS in rapid fire and downs a dozen people all HS. Or the guy who jumps "away" from you until you move out from a wall and he auto snaps back with an instant HS. Sure some guys in CS:go hit those shots and everyone has a streak. Did you ever question the integrity of the top 5 slots on the boards. All the same nick with a bunch of random #s and completely insane stats?
  6. Cheating has killed this game

    Then you are as blind as a potato or you camp in a building from start to finish and die to blue. I mean if you really just don't pay attention that is cool glad you can be a sheeple but I know when I see an auto snap and HS it's a toggled hack.
  7. Hacking and Cheaters

    While I agree that bad/salty players will use a report function steam does a good job at allowing you to report and if their snoops find anything said person go poof before long. So should use that feature currently it does not seem to track players in my games. Also I can quite easily look at a players steam account and decipher hacker or pro for myself. I don't get salty for dying to good players I get salty for continually getting hit through walls and behind trees when I know there is no LOS from the guy who took the shots. Quite easy to see by looking at folks profiles. Private profile, one game, low hours with 30-0 matches. Previous vac bans etc etc. I don't record my games and by the time I figure out someone is cheating it's too late so how to provide video evidence. I just flag player via steam and their system does it all for us. If you weren't hacking you would never even know someone salty accused you of it.