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  1. Good post! The damage is a bit too strong but increased damage was needed. Just not quite so bad.
  2. I know that there are plenty of hackers from lot's of locales but literally tonight Kar98 headshot, headshot,headshot,headshot. We have video of me tagging the guy with mini 14 as my mate a floor above me tags the guy he insta turns and headshot had no idea we were there and was head shotting 8 to 10 players right before our engagement. The MAJORITY of the accounts we think are cheating are A. Chinese fresh account. B.Chinese fresh account. C. Chinese fresh account. D. USA/Europe fresh account CSGO on it. E.Chinese fresh account. You guys get the F_#$'in picture yet? It's not an isolated incedent. This crap didn't tsrat happening till Chinese flooded the game or it happened far less. Take the god damned skin trade outta the game and do something non-money related for it. Getting real fekin tired O this crap. This is the only shooter I play atm and my play is getting ruined on a nightly basis. I don't mind playing with Asians in NA server so long as they can communicate basics and don't FEKIN CHEAT....
  3. East and west

    I like that idea. I don't mind playing in an NA server with anyone form anywhere BUT I do mind when my team has no way to communicate with each other. Many Chinese players have been real cool and even attempt to speak English a teeny bit. Everyone would then get placed in their native language type squad if possible or whatever language if no squad present.
  4. I have no point to prove, it's a fact that RMT is big business. You can remain ignorant of it or do your own research. Read the news perhaps? I don't know what rock you live under but RMT gaming business has been multi-billion dollar industry for years now lol. In any case pretending the elephant isn't in the room doesn't actually take the elephant out of the room no matter how many times you click your heels together it won't teleport you home either.
  5. I am half for it and half against it. If you F up then you die to blue zone, if you get engaged to late in one circle and win your F'd due to bluezone. If you don't get a vehicle or decent loot (btw wtf is up with loot its horrible lately) yer F'd from the bluezone. I like that it instill a sense of urgency now but I think it need to be tweaked just a teeny bit less. Not a ton but a teeny bit.
  6. Just use google and type in buy "insert any mmo here" gold. You wouldn't find 30+ sites offering currency in every single game you can think of on the market. At one time the currency of Everquest put it somewhere near the middle of the worlds list, beating out most 3rd and some second world type countries. I forget the source it was 10 years ago. Do some research for yourself or pick an mmo and go see the bots for yourself, the spam adverts, the scams...You sit here and think to yourself no one falls for scams like that....yet 10 years of the same scams and people still doing them and there is a reason for it. They work! I am by no means trying to be a dick but I have played every major shooter/mmo/pvp game on the market and it's the same ol same ol. Always someone trying to powerlevel your account they level your toon keep all the crap they farm give it back to you take your money then come back 3 months later and hack you, steal everything. They send mails out with virus to all gaming emails they can find usually pretending to be devs for "insert game name". You open said email and poof goes the keylogger into your system. So on and so forth. It's basically like organized crime got into the gaming industry because so many dumb kids throwing mommies CC around, like taking candy form a baby.
  7. I would love to use the xbows a bit more but the reload time is horrid. Any chance you guys can speed it up a teeny bit? Doesn't take near that long to load one in the real world either. Yes, I shoot archery competitively. I use recurve, longbow, compound. Also recurve crossbows hand made and bought. Also like to state that a bolt action and especially the pump shotguns don't operate that slow in real time. I can dump 5 shells from a pump or lever action, be on target and make you think I am firing a semi auto. I am not an expert and those guys would shoot/reload even faster.
  8. Whatever if you folks want to remain in the dark about things all the more power to you but ignoring the problem because you want a mini skirt for your pixel hottie doesn't help either.
  9. RMT is a multi billion dollar industry m8. The costs you speak of are negligible because these groups work on multiple platforms/games. Basically the cost of doing business and when they get info from a currency buyer, manage to hack into their stuff they drain every gaming account associated with that email if they can, steam access say good bye to your credit line... They have it streamlined and they don't care about using illegal ways to get what they want because there really is no fallout for being caught. They even infiltrate emulated servers to bot, hack, dupe, scam and sell currency. Any game with currency is basically a mini bitcoin farm and there are a crapload of people making money at it beyond what you think. Do the math man, one win is near 900 points. These guys play 7 days a week. In one house there might be 20 people playing and they run 24/7 in shifts because the money they make gaming is better then the money they make in a sweat shop in some places.
  10. Actually, you couldn't be more wrong yet still be right in a way. Yes, most cheaters cheat to do exactly what you said BUT in games like CS:GO/PUBG where theres a market (not just a few cents look at the prices man) for skins that people are making thousands of US dollars off and living in a 3rd world area where those thousands turn into millions of the local currency in some cases. One Chinese Yen=.15 American dollars. 900 points in a match done 8 or 10 hours a day for a week, burn points on crates rinse repeat until banned. That is a metric crapton of cents man.
  11. Actually when you go to the store and buy a scratch off ticket it's the same EXACT thing as buying crate from...a vender like a store?! Scratch off ticket give you a slim chance at winning some cash which is EXACTLY what the crates do. If you win the big ticket items and they sell for 4k on the market then how is it any different? Simple fact, the skin trading is what is causing a very large portion of cheaters. Do the math, you buy a cheat, buy a steam account with pubg on it, load it up and play whackamole then buy a crap ton of crates which nets you a few hundred US dollars, you get banned eventually but made enough in one run to do it all over again 20+ times and still have made a profit above that cost.
  12. Can we just all agree...

    I call them useless pieces of Sh__, no ball basement c---s who couldn't get love even with a porkchop tied around their neck and placed in a pen with dogs... but hacker is shorter and most people understand what I am talking about when saying it.
  13. More often then not when I get caught outside the blue it's not because of long looting. Mainly it's a firefight that just won't end or it's because where we chose to drop just didn't cooperate with where the circle was going. Like tonight, caught in a fight 2 players down two ran was outta meds went looted one guy got screwed because packs don't auto split was caught doing the stupid split stack dance to get a med kit in blue goes by me I die just outside the safe because it was taking huge chucks off me. The new blue blows goat nuts tweak it down a teeny bit. I like they strengthened it but it's a bit overkill. Ya ya sure sure plan ahead blah blah sometimes you can't find a vehicle you jumped in the wrong place or you get stuck fighting campers shit happens and the blue is too strong.
  14. Love the rain, fog is good too, keeps people who snipe way better then me from picking me off
  15. Cheating has killed this game

    If you haven't seen the massive amounts of Chinese farmers using fresh accounts, speed hacks, aim bots by now then you are clueless. I wish I could be that way but it's getting ridiculous. Watch some of these Chinese players. We had one guy say here here, come, here here and he drops 3x8x scopes extended mags and silencers for the rest of the team. This was like two minutes in. I have watched speed hacks, I have watched people snap to and head shot with an AR 2 different full health lvl 2 fresh helm and vest. in the blink of an eye. Then the guy kills someone else at range and turns and near insta finishes both guys off and they were 40 yards apart.