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  1. Hey guys, Today I'm sharing some tips with you as to how you can win in the top10. There are some good tips to follow and I'm sharing those with you: //WackyJacky101 Proud PUBG Partner in service of the PUBG Community
  2. Hey everyone, Vaulting is so incredibly cool that it definitely deserves some extra love by having someone taking some time to make a proper guide about it. Here's what I learned when experimenting with the new feature as everything I learned is condensed into this guide: //WackyJacky101, Proud PUBG Partner in service of the PUBG Community
  3. Hey Guys, With the help of Tobii Gaming, I have managed to make a video about how to spot enemies in PUBG. This is incredibly awesome, and I'd love to share these spotting techniques with you guys <3 //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  4. Guide: How to PROPERLY throw grenades

    Haha no I did fail that quite a few times before I learned how to do it
  5. I finally found the time to test this subject thoroughly, because as I don't have access to my own custom server I had to find someone who could set one up for me for some testing. And here it is guys - this is how you PROPERLY throw grenades in PUBG - no more accidents killing squad mates (Hopefully) //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  6. Guide: How to PROPERLY use the M16A4 Assault Rifle

    My DPI is 800, but i'd say 400 to 800. I've got a video on all my settings for PUBG - you can check it out if you're curious
  7. Hey everyone, I finally got around to testing the Kar98k with the 4x scope and doing so I also discovered a new (unofficial) and easier way to range find using the 4x Scope. Check this out: //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  8. Thanks for all the nice comments guys! I'm really happy you liked it. It's super fun to investigate these things @malkythealky Haven't made a video about that yet, but it's definitely on my sound-to-do list @Zork80 actually you're right. It is pretty cool about the muzzle flash - didn't really think about that. @dann0411 It's a companion web-tool which helps you ingame by showing you live on a map and calculating stuff like how much time you have to loot before running etc. (PoopieQueen/PUBG official has said that this is not against the TOS of PUBG, so it's not bannable)
  9. Hey Guys, Wanted to share to you all why the M16A4 is my favorite weapon by far. I believe this is the best all-round weapon in PUBG, and this guide will tell you exactly why + which attachments I believe are the strongest ones. //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  10. Hey people, I think I actually figured out how the gun shot sounds change depending on distance, and I put this into a guide to help people better understand how far away their enemies are when hearing shots:
  11. Hey guys, Wanted to make a video compiling all the best settings I've found during my many hours of experimentation. I hope you enjoy it <Link will be updated in a moment>
  12. @DafniI am occasionally fortunate enough to borrow a custom server from a great guy I know.
  13. Hey everyone, I have been spending a lot of time testing spray patterns trying to predict them, until I finally saw it. I found a perfect predictability in the recoil pattern of the AKM, and this trick involves shooting 5 bullet bursts with astonishing precision. Learn this method and I'm sure you will get more kills and chicken dinners //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  14. Greetings everyone, With the release of the new mIni-14 I was very curious about how the bullet drop of the weapon would hold up in a test. In summation I think this weapon is extremely powerful with the 4x in particular, as you basically do not need to zero or compensate on up to 500 meters. If you prefer a video presentation of this, check this out: