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  1. Hey Guys, I often get asked for tips on how to spot enemies in the desert - there are major differences compared to the forest map (erangel) - I've compiled the tips into this video also featuring Tobii Eye Tracking! Enjoy my friends //WackyJacky101 In Service of the PUBG Community
  2. Hey Guys, Of course I won't keep information like this to myself, so here you go: Enjoy your level 3 stuff //WackyJacky101 In service of the PUBG Community
  3. Hey Guys, Had many followers who wanted a good place to loot in the desert. This is the first desert loot map designed to give you maximum loot in the least amount of time: //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  4. Hey Guys, Ever felt like it was difficult to decide which Assault Rifle to take when you had the opportunity to attach it fully? I've made a video which should guide you into choosing the right strategy when picking weapons. If you go for the most predictable recoil you should go for the M416, but what about the others? //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  5. Guide: How to PROPERLY throw grenades

    Haha no I did fail that quite a few times before I learned how to do it
  6. I finally found the time to test this subject thoroughly, because as I don't have access to my own custom server I had to find someone who could set one up for me for some testing. And here it is guys - this is how you PROPERLY throw grenades in PUBG - no more accidents killing squad mates (Hopefully) //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  7. My DPI is 800, but i'd say 400 to 800. I've got a video on all my settings for PUBG - you can check it out if you're curious
  8. Hey everyone, I finally got around to testing the Kar98k with the 4x scope and doing so I also discovered a new (unofficial) and easier way to range find using the 4x Scope. Check this out: //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  9. Hey Guys, Wanted to share to you all why the M16A4 is my favorite weapon by far. I believe this is the best all-round weapon in PUBG, and this guide will tell you exactly why + which attachments I believe are the strongest ones. //WackyJacky101 in service of the PUBG Community
  10. Team Killing Penalties

    A friend of mine did get teamkilled because another guy wanted his loot. An ingame report grieving function could be an option - but that's probably not going to stop people from soing that. i think we'll have to live with the risk.
  11. Cooking Grenades

    This would be a cool feature.
  12. Hacking and Cheaters

    Anticheat is important - but luckily for me I havent run into a cheater yet i think!
  13. Sounds like a bug to me. But it raises the question: Should we be able to shoot through walls?
  14. Colour Blind options

    The ghillie suit is awesome - can't wait till we get more military-style outfits in the game :-)