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  1. For some reason, this game is unplayable for me after last update. People are shooting me before they peek, and I'm dying behind cover every time. I'm not that good of a player, but I don't usually lose every single fight the enemies know where I am. The only way I can kill someone after last update is by shooting at their back (and still, sometimes they just turn around and explode me after eating 10 akm bullets). How can Bluehole break the game EVERY SINGLE update? I'm under the impression Bluehole is just trying to squeeze as much money as they can before BF5 battle royale comes out, as they don't really seem to care about game/server performance at all.
  2. They are anti-cheat updates, as far as I know. Just don't ask me why they need to update the client to ban people from server...
  3. Ok, so I'm not alone in this. Would be nice to have a Dev input on this.
  4. Why footsteps sounds are sometimes not coming out anymore?
  5. Valasty

    ETA for Netcode fix?

    I thought these issues were majorly fixed in the latest 6gb (or something) patch. I played happily for 2 weeks, was killing the shit out of people, not losing 1v1 close range fights anymore. Then the new 2gb patch came with the new event and skins, and suddenly I started dying behind cover once again. Could be a coincidence, but I honestly don't believe it based on past patches experiences. And btw, @RedOverDrive, you claim to work with game development but you think every game uses the same netcode logic? There are thousands of ways of handling connections and hit registration, the netcode of this game sucks, you can't blame our connections for this.
  6. What? Most players can't full auto at range, and you want that to be harder?
  7. Yes, there's something weird about the steps. Sometimes I can't hear people on houses anymore, they can camp like gods now.
  8. Valasty

    Ambient sound

    You gotta be kidding. Previous sound felt like you were at the top of the Himalaias. If you constantly hear the wind where you live, you should consider moving. Ambient is perfect now.
  9. Valasty

    Update #7

    Guys. This update is NOT live, only on test servers...
  10. Valasty

    Update #7

    This update is not live at the main servers.
  11. I bashed you for your terrible roadmap, but as I'm a fair person, now I congratulate you for this update This is what we want see, things being fixed and improved, mainly optimized server and client. After those are working properly, then we can move on to new stuff. Would have liked to see a fix for granade arc though, this bug is hovering for ages now. Anyway, well played!
  12. This is what they say, unfortunately it's not what I experience.
  13. Meanwhile, my friends still can't see me online since 1.0, granade arc is still useless, netcode is still garbage, 8x still resets zoom, chineses still infests our servers, cheaters are still banging me to death, solo FPP indicator probably still resets to TPP after the game (didn't test again in the past month). Interesting enough, this shitload of issues are addressed by 3 lines in the roadmap! But hey, we have new boxes, new maps, and emotes! These roadmaps means nothing to me anymore.