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  1. Here are things that I would want for the game to fix/implement/improve (no particular order, and no cheating included): - 8x scopes should save your lastest zoom, even if you change your weapons. - Weapons picked up from dead bodies should have default fire style (instead of the one used by the person). - For some reason, me and A LOT of people are not showing up as online for their friends, we are only invitable if people type our name manually. I've already reported this issue and got no answers from the mods (like pretty much every post on this forum). - Granade arc is STILL bizarre... fix it, or remove it. - When game stucks on match loading, 90% of the time I cannot rejoin the match after restarting the game (it shouldn't even stuck on loading, but if this is something we must get used to, at least make the game rejoinable). - Please make that "map help" keeps it's last current state. I don't want that in my screen, it messes up the map visualization when you're on the top right corner of it. If I close it, next time I open the map, or next game I play, there it is again. If you don't want to keep it's last state, at least give us an option to permanently disable that in the settings. - Allies visibility at close range needs major improvements. Since 1.0, I've already friendly fired my teammates more times than I can count (or died to people I thought they were teammates). The ally indicator is invisible at close range (I never had this issue before 1.0). Yes, I know, I'm blind, bad, I suck, blabla, please spare me of these comments. - THE FREAKING NETCODE. Man, this is one of the worst netcodes I've ever seem in my life, it reminds me of when I played Battlefield with 200ms, I can't win a single close range spray, or keep dying after getting behind cover. When I check deathcam, I find that I didn't even fire any shot, and was looking retardedly at my enemy for 3 seconds, like a sitting duck. And again, don't come to me with "you suck" and such, cause this is a major issue already confirmed by several sources, and I don't have these issues on other shooters. IMO, this should be the next main priority after cheaters. That's all I can remind of at this moment, hope this post don't fall into limbo and devs can actually look into these issues. Feel free to add more issues into this topic.
  2. On game: Screen "Style" (or something like that) = Fullscreen (the performance is better, but I still used Fullscreen Windowed for comodity) Screen Scale = As high as your PC can handle while keeping 60+ FPS. Unfortunately mine can't go above 100 (but at the beginning of 1.0 it was 110 perfecly fine)AA = Ultra (this improves your visibility A LOT when looking at building corners, for example, as it removes that flicky edges) PP = Medium (for some PUBG reason, this has better performance than Very Low) View Distance = Very Low (players are rendered at any distance, grass is not. You can easily see people at distance if you keep this Very Low, ignore everyone else telling you otherwise) Everything else = Your choice (no other settings improves your visibility, just make the game looks better at the cost of your FPS. Mines are Very Low) NVIDIA: (mine is a different language, I will try to translate as close as possible) Max Pre-Rendered Frames = 1 Energy Consuption = Performance Optimized Threading = On After a lot of playing around with the settings, this is what fits better into my game, and even stopped it from stuttering. Btw, since 1.0 release my game performance has only gotten worse after every update (I started 1.0 with 20 more FPS and no stuttering).
  3. lower ping but lagger

    Add to that the crappy FPS. At the start of 1.0 I played with 70~90, after last two updates FPS has gone down to 50~70.
  4. lower ping but lagger

    Add to that the crappy FPS. At the start of 1.0 I played with 70~90, after last two updates FPS has gone down to 50~70.
  5. Good luck with this post, you will need it. People will hammer you to the ground because "you don't want to turn down your volume". Either way, I totally agree with you, this game is destroying player's ears.
  6. Am I the only one who finds this chance totally broken? You are "limited" to 5 crates per week, 0,01% rate means that you will get a rare item after 10000 crates, which in turn means that you have to play the game for 2000 weeks (or ~38 YEARS!). I mean... WTF!?
  7. I rarely have cheater issues in FPP, but I do in every TPP game. At least something works.
  8. My friends can't see me online

    To give me warns, mods seems to respond pretty fast. Can I please have a response if it's a known problem or not? Not even known bugs list is updated anymore.
  9. My friends can't see me online

  10. I haven't posted this before cause there are several topics about it on Reddit, but I don't think I've seem anyone post here, so here I am. Why does no one can see me online after 1.0? The only way to invite me has become typing my name and inviting from there. I can see and invite everyone just fine. Is this a issue Devs are aware of?
  11. That's a issue since day one, and I hope they address it after dealing with the cheaters, cause IMO this is the second priority. It's really sad shooting 10 rounds at a dude, then see the death cam and find out that you only fired 2.
  12. Probably something to deal with cheaters. Before 1.0 they did it every week, then cheating was majorly reduced (too bad it didn't last more than 3 days).
  13. Is this the moderator's strategy to keep the forum in order? Ban people for no reason, provide no explanation, have them submit ban appeals, wait for a couple weeks for the person to forget about it and delete the appeal with no reply? Well, guess what, I was checking the thread everyday waiting for a reply: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/145913-can-a-moderator-please-explain-why-did-i-get-warned-in-the-forums/ I guess that's the company's rolemodel and I just took too long to realise, letting honest players get hammered in the ass while actual rulebreakers/cheaters run around free and making money. Topic deleted in 3... 2...
  14. That's actually a good question.
  15. You don't choose which weapon you're gonna land on, why would you choose the map? It's a freaking battle royale game, stop complaining and adapt, there's nothing wrong with the new map.