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  1. Last update killed my FPS

    No words from Devs yet? Are they forcing us to play on test server?
  2. Last update killed my FPS

    How can 100mb update break the game so much? And not even a patch notes? Dear lord... RIP FPS.
  3. Feeling the patch love?

    Nothing should change for snipers, you just need to get used to a new aim adjust, pretty much the same thing you did when you fist started playing PUBG. The thing that might really impact players is the fact that they want every weapon to be very different from each other (more than currently), so we may take some time to adjust here.
  4. Feeling the patch love?

    Finally some decent update after months in the dark! If they can pull this off, this will be insane for the game. I still have my doubts about such a big patch coming at once, so I hope they test it A LOT before going live. Thank you, Bluehole!
  5. AK47 all but Useless...

    You owe me a beer.
  6. Winrate is more of an hacking indicator than K/D. Anything above 20% solo winrate is almost impossible due to the nature of the game, so just ban anything above 30%
  7. Since I just got a warning and my post deleted for "publicly accusing a player" of cheating (with K/D of 30 and Winrate 50%, poor guy), let me use this thread instead. While fixing cheating is hard, banning obvious cheaters is STUPIDLY EASY, just add this to a daily job: select * from pubg.player_stats where kdratio > 15 and winrate > 30 Voila! Obvious cheaters are banned, and they have a reason to not do it again, instead of cheating for weeks with no side effect. JUST LOOK AT THE FREAKING LEADERBORDS AND BAN THEM! If only Devs enforced into the game the same rules they press on legit players complaining on the forums...
  8. That's a toaster where you live, where I live this is a top setup. Again, you're just being selfish.
  9. It runs fine for you, great! Fuck the other 80% of players (and potential ones) who have issues.
  10. They are barely starting the fixes, their strategy was always to implement everything first, then fix it, which will probably start after vaulting (and as I mentioned above, this is a very high risk strategy due to snowball). 1 week ago they were looking for a lead engine programmer: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/307690/Get_a_job_PUBG_Corporation_is_hiring_an_Engine_Programmer.php Don't get your hopes too high or you may be disappointed.
  11. At least 10 years developing, and 8 years testing. There's no such thing as "releasing tons of fixes at once", worst even when it comes with critical updates that brings even more bugs. f they say they can do it, this is an attempt to deceive the players, or they have absolutely no idea what they are doing (I vote for the second). Just a little insight of what's going on there... they used an engine to produce a game, but they didn't plan for all its features from the start (or planned, but didn't develop), so now they have to reprogram the core of the engine in order to fix some issues (or implement new stuff), and doing so affects almost every other piece of code. This is a pretty common mistake of bad software, people just want "to get it to work", not mattering if it's the right way or not, but this is a snowball, and will get too big and fearsome to be modified later.
  12. You clearly never worked with software development/testing if you believe that.
  13. Top of Leaderboard 38 KDR???

    EVERY GAME? You clearly don't watch him play... (he's possibly the best player in the world though)
  14. Top of Leaderboard 38 KDR???

    There's a dude with K/D 60 in one of the servers, and his number of matches are still increasing. I honestly don't understand why these guys are not being banned, since they are clearly cheaters...
  15. Look at the wall behind him, most of your bullets went through above/in his backpack. IMO it should have hit though.