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  1. Aren't grenades overpowered now?

    I think the granades are fine in terms of damage and range. The only problem IMO is the visual arc, which's completely misleading and needs fixing (and I honestly can't understand why that's so hard to do, it's a day 1 issue).
  2. Awesome post! I also wonder how exactly does Bluehole intend to launch the game in 3 months while the game feels so far away from ideal. And what bothers me most is their capacity of DOWNGRADING the game every single patch after the inclusion of Crates... just keep adding stuff (some never desired) instead of fixing what's already there.
  3. Regarding sounds

    Devs, a lot of people complain about the sound equalization and balance in general (me included), which should not be a hard adjustment, but there's no significant changes about it on the patch notes. So I ask you, are there at least plans to adjust them? Or are you satisfied with the sounds in general and we should expect no changes? (Main reason I ask this is to know if I really need to purchase a headphone to play this... I currently have a very decent tier 5.1 speakers, but I can't hear 20% of the footsteps my friends hear, but I still jump on my chair whenever a gun fires at my side)
  4. Yes, PUBG has reached a new level of bugs, it managed to somehow turn off my keyboard, something I've never seem in my 20 years of gaming. How to reproduce: go to those common two store houses with a small bancony on the side --> get out in the balcony --> prone --> try to move your body to invert the prone side (facing the house door). Your character will get your head stucked on the wall, you will press lots of buttons trying to unstuck, and your keyboard will turn off. Even tried to get my partner to kill me, but that didn't unstuck me, so I noticed that my keyboard lights were off... I removed the USB and plugged it back in, and it fixed the issue and I could move again. This happened to me once and I didn't dare to try again, but as a professional senior tester I can say it's probably not a one-time thing, and if you try around my steps you will reproduce it. And sorry for not using the bug report, that's way too complex... I have a GTX 1060 6gb, I5 2500k, and a USB keyboard CMSTORM Devastator, let me know if you need anything else.
  5. New patch next week

    So... Twitter has officially became the new announcement plataform? Why is it so hard to post new patches in "Announcements" nowdays? But regarding the topic... looking forward for fixes, the game seems to be walking backwards lately.
  6. We need a Petition - Remove the Kar

    That's not me playing, it's a random youtube video, like many others. There are plenty of evidences and reports of people being 1-shot with Lv3 and Lv2 helmets by Kar.
  7. Ban the jump crouch key binding

    Or just fix the issue and allow us to jump decently? Of course not, this game is perfect, the problem is always the players and their poor computers.
  8. We need a Petition - Remove the Kar

    Read the freaking topic before posting.
  9. We need a Petition - Remove the Kar

    Impossible? At least two people aside from me in this post reported this same problem. If you look on Google, you will also find plenty of reports and videos about it. If this is a bug, it should be top a priority fix, cause this is demoralizing as hell. Too bad the devs disappeared... PS: durability doesn't mean shit when tanking a single shot.
  10. We need a Petition - Remove the Kar

    Well, if we want to be realistic, then plenty of things in the game needs to be changed. Let's start by making people fall when they are shot with ANY weapon.
  11. We need a Petition - Remove the Kar

    Kar is rare enough, what's wrong is it's damage. Yesterday a single guy one-shotted me and my partner with Kar while we were wearing Lv3 Helmets (while my headshots do not do the same, btw). IMO, you should NEVER be one-shot by any weapon (maybe except AWM) with the best possible protection gear.
  12. new update?

    Good times when they posted every patch notes on the forums and news feed. Guess I will have to create a Twitter in order to know what's happening with the game.
  13. new update?

    The game moneymaking is already in place and it has already sold a lot. Appearently Devs stopped caring about game upgrades, they don't even feel like patch notes are necessary anymore.
  14. I just changed VGA, went up from 30 fps (outside cities) to 140 fps, and I can confirm to you with the greatest certainty possible: the fps upgrade will improve your skills by A LOT. Until last week I prayed to not find anybody, so that I could just survive. Today I eager for people to shot at, and I body most of them. Aside from fps, there are two more reasons your shots may be missing your targets (they are harder to be aware of, at least in my experience): - Zeroing: your shots will hit the center of the scope at precisely 100m, meaning that any distances below that, you have to aim lower in order to hit the center, and for enemies beyond that, you have to aim higher or adjust the zeroing (there's a lot about it on google, so just check out on that). - Bullet spread (IMPORTANT!): this took me A LONG TIME to realise, and I though the game was broken because I wasn't aware of this. Each weapon, when shot, has a different random deviation from the center of your aim depending on your stance. For example... if you have a Kar and shoots on crouch holding shift, your bullet will most likely hit the center of the aim. But if you do a standing shot without holding shift and moving your aim, the bullet will probably go off the target. The deviation is very dependant your stance and on the weapon you're using, some are more steady, some aren't. So the hint his: just keep shooting "ignoring" this concept but trying to keep the best possible instance for the situation. Some bullets will hit the center, some won't, and that's how it's supposed to work. Hope these hints works for you
  15. I can't land close range shots

    Reinstalling the game is actually something I need to do, I haven't done that since launch, and I've been told it improves the performance. Thanks for the reminder