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  1. Heal Keybinds

    Shift +1 / Bandage Shift +2 / First Aid Shift +3 / Med Kit Shift +4 / Boost (highest is used automatically) This way I stay aware of my surroundings and don't have to move my hands away from mouse or WASD too far. I'm only right-clicking lower boosts via inventory if not in danger and so I've time for that. When it comes to boosting, I tend to consume those with longer cast time in early to mid game, so that I have more fast casted red bulls for endgame.
  2. Fog is FUN !

    I´m ok with RNG weather. If they should ever remove RNG from anything, weather shouldn't be top priority for sure, IMO.
  3. Fog is FUN !

    I like the fog a lot, too. Nice addition. The sound seems to come directly from some kind of horror movie, it could be a little bit quieter, but it's way less annoying than rain sound.
  4. Soviet Symbols Removed

    As long as they don't implement personalized promotion symbols depending on what you were looking for at google or amazon etc...
  5. Not sure, I´m not at home yet. Maybe anyone else here can check and confirm
  6. You can set up Push to Talk in Shadowplay to the same button that you use in your comm (ts3? discord?). This way SP will record your voice, too.
  7. To show the ping of every player in your lobby, BH would have to enable the current player list being visible to you, which I assume won't happen very soon (if ever...). Whereas replays they already confirmed, at least for Solo Mode.
  8. Yeah well, if you want a whole game recorded from start to chicken dinner, this "record last 20 minutes" method won't work for you as a whole game takes more than 20 minutes. But if you only need the last 1-20 minutes of your game as a video file, you can set up a keybind for this. That's what I meant in the first place
  9. Ah thanks, I'm currently not at home
  10. A Few Tips

    Bikes consume almost no gas, you can drive all day without having to refuel IIRC the fuel consumption is roughly as follows (most to least): UAZ Boat/Dacia Buggy Bike Maybe ranks 1+2 consume the same amount, but definitely more than Buggies and Bikes.
  11. You can record/save the latest up to 15 (?) minutes with Nvidia Shadowplay.
  12. Discussion: September Update

    Yeah, matter of taste Can't wait to test the new update later today, after work >.>
  13. Discussion: September Update

    They didn't remove it, they only wanted to remove the EZ bind. You should still be able to W+C+Space to crouch jump as usual. Apart from that: I know it's a matter of taste maybe, but I'd like to understand why people use mwheel to change weapons. I mean you can press 1 for Primary1 and 2 for Primary2 and keep your mwheel free for any other bind I have a m8 who changes all weapons via mwheel only. When I'm in spectator mode, I often ask myself why the hell he is wasting ages for switching from Primary2 over Primary1 just to get to the nades (or even worse over Pistol, then over Melee Weapon) instead of simply press 5. But I don't want to annoy him so I just let it be