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  1. un1ty

    High Jumping

    Sorry I rechecked. I did it from the boxes, not from the barrels
  2. un1ty

    High Jumping

    I did it multiple times
  3. un1ty

    High Jumping

    Climb on these barrels in the first pic. Sprint and then jump in the right moment.
  4. un1ty

    PC 1.0 Update #12

    Just start it, create a character (it's separate from live) and test. No additional signup needed. That was only for the closed experimental server.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1651009712392248570
  6. maybe this here? ^^
  7. Yes, just in the middle between the other two. Maybe even a bit wider one and with many obstacles/cover.
  8. Yes, I'm making the assumption that players are waiting/looting til the absolute last second to move, as I know people in my own squad, who play like that If you happen to drop very far from RNG circle and really head out immediately (you have 5 minutes after 1st white circle spawns), I assume you're running straight line to the white? If so, maybe try to not take the straight line, as it's very likely that other players dropped between your landing spot and 1st white zone. And until you arrive at their landing spot, they're already gone with all the vehicles. So it seems like you don't find any because they didn't spawn, but they most likely did Instead, try to move to the white in that ways/areas, which were far from plane path aswell. Chances are high to find at least 1 vehicle there. However as you keep repeating, the above is not part of your original point, back to that one: Devs could defuse the bridge camping danger by a large chunk by adding a 3rd bridge to Erangel. IMO it is not really necessary, as it's avoidable to be the victim of bridge campers as many already stated. But I also wouldn't mind a 3rd bridge too much. But no way I would agree to a 4th one
  9. You wrote that after first circle you can't swim, but that's not true. Fully boosted you can even swim through 3rd or later circles. Spareness of vehicles, well... if you arrive somewhere later than others, then how do you know if there weren't 3-4 vehicle spawns? If people arrived there before you they could have taken all the vehicles already, so you think there were none If you see the new safe zone spawn near the end of the bridge on the opposite side, maybe it's a good idea to stop whatever you're doing and cross the bridge/water FIRST. Then you can move on or pick off slower people yourself
  10. reg. devaluating: depends on how many of the items are actually being sold. of course less people buy an item with a high price than with a lower price. so even from pubg corp's perspective it may be better if people buy 100 hoodies for 20 EUR a month from each other than people buying 2 hoodies for 500 EUR a month from each other. reg. 2nd part: the non-red bandanas (a.k.a. cloth masks) prices are falling aswell. they are below 100 EUR already. only the red bandana from preorder deluxe crate is an will always be worth the most (of bandanas), as it's not available anymore.
  11. The hoodies and the cloth mask in that crate are devaluating already, it's a process. 1-2 months ago my mate sold the black hoodie for ~120 EUR. Today it's only worth the half. Prices are going down the hill no matter if you make these old crates free to open or keep them locked. If you take them out of the loot table, well, prices might rise again. As this is the only option you seem to agree on, I can only assume that you have one of these 3 items in your own inventory, maybe even bought it directly from the market for hundreds of (insert currency) and want to avoid the loss? IMO there are too many different crates in the game already, even the new 5k BP pan has it's own crate (which can only contain that pan...wtf?), but I wrote that already in another thread.
  12. un1ty

    Grenades OP?

    Yeah, but if you spam them "fast" (it's still slower than in other games), you're not cooking them (except maybe the first one).
  13. un1ty

    Help Us Rename Abandoned Resort!

    Savage Garden ;)
  14. un1ty

    Red zone and Safe zone

    @Scar Face Oh I wouldn't be too sure about that... You can still outheal the 2nd circle, so it's not impossible to loot prison that long and then move to the circle. Especially if you have a vehicle and some meds/boosts.
  15. un1ty

    Grenades OP?

    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle Just a little bit :)