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  1. Character Rename

    Yes, the name. But not the hidden ingame player ID (if there is such a thing)
  2. Character Rename

    Despite of the official game release - I think the current lobby / career / leaderboard stuff is not final yet and always subject to change, as IMO it's still far from perfect. I can imagine BH will do further testing going forward. And maybe renaming or even a link of ingameID to steamID (or xboxID or whatever those consoleros have) will be part of these tweaks. Let's wait and see.
  3. Character Rename

    I´m not an expert, but I'd say every player or player name already has a hidden ID. And if that's true, BH did not link it to steamID for a reason. A reason probably none of us knows. Of course I also just may have missed this info :> I disagree on that, as there's no need to show everyone 50% of your login info.
  4. Character Rename

    Do these other games also have ingame Leaderboards, which are based on your character name? I assume they don't link the in-game name to steam name because of that (and maybe other reasons in addition). But of course I don't really KNOW it ^^
  5. Character Rename

    correct. so it makes no sense to link the in-game name to your steam name, as "randomretard" suggested. bc you can change your steam name whenever you want. and if it was linked, it would mean you're renamed ingame everytime you change your steam name. BH won't do that
  6. BP compensation

    I got 44k but could only buy 2 crates due to the crate limit >.>
  7. Character Rename

    You can change your steam name whenever you want. So how does that make sense?
  8. I´d go to the rocks/cliffs S/SE of Prison. As both of you have 4x plus the height advantage & cover.
  9. Machete buff

    Machete kills!
  10. Leaning??????

    Leaning without being behind cover could be to keep head and body separated from the same vertical line. Means if the enemy is shooting at you and is unsure where to put the xhair height/zeroing for that distance, if they aim for the body, they can't hit your head. So if they aim at your head and aim too low, without the lean they would still damage you by hitting your body. But with the lean, they'd hit shit. Can't think of another reason, as I don't think it helps with stability. But idk for sure.
  11. Loot Speed

    also, loot from bottom to top. if you're looting the top items first, all items below slide up by 1 slot each time, which takes time. if you tab loot and start at the bottom, you can loot faster.
  12. Should I Buy?

    How can you guys with hundreds or even thousands of hours still not recommend to buy this game? If it's really frustrating to you that much, why are you still playing? I don't get it. @OP: What are your first impressions like?
  13. O_o i never said that....
  14. Fragen zu möglichen FPS-Problemen

    wenn du dauerhaft über 60fps kommst, lohnt sich auch der monitor. aber musst du halt selbst wissen wg. kohle
  15. Yeah, well I´m trying to attach that 8x to a sniper tbh but snipers are not the topic here