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  1. ClickXT

    Twitch Prime Exclusive

    Wheezy- did you ever get yours to work?
  2. ClickXT

    Kill Credit - Downed/Revived

    We had a game where an enemy player was downed. The person who downed the player died and the downed player got revived. A teammate killed the once downed player who was revived....but the player who downed the player previously - who is now dead got credit for the kill. Is that how it's supposed to work? Hopefully my rambling made sense.
  3. Shotgun w/ rifled barrel for slugs.
  4. Will BURST on UMP and Vector replace Auto or will it just be another option?
  5. I don't experience lag and those other two aren't reasons for losing a game. Most of what is made as such a big deal are small petty things that aren't making or breaking a chicken dinner. (at least in my case.) Do I hope those things that I consider "small" get fixed? Sure I do. However, I do appreciate the work that they are doing and I also appreciate how this patch looks on paper and what is all included in said patch. I guess I have more of an issue with people taking issue over people being optimistic. If you hate the way the game is going that much then just get. There is a fine line between feedback and just being an annoying, whiny, never going to be happy about anything PUNK. (not you or anyone specifically - just in general) Maybe I am naive - but I believe they are trying and doing their best. Even the way the game is RIGHT NOW; it's the most fun I've had in a video game in a very long time. I am very excited for the patch tomorrow. See you in-game.
  6. I refuse to not be excited about this patch. Damn, you people bring me down. haha. I'm starting to wonder if anything really will ever make some of you happy. Then again, after 150+ hours of PUBG - I still haven't experienced 90% of the issues I read about all the time.
  7. I'm sure they are coming soon. Look at the list of fixes and improvements in those notes - this is an incredible and HUGE patch. Look on that bright-side.
  8. This has got me so pumped. Good stuff.
  9. ClickXT

    Jukebox :)

  10. ClickXT

    Network Lag Detected Issue

    Why should the art team focus on server performance? They are no help with that area at all. I am not giving anyone a "pass". I do however understand the fact that each part of the team has their own business to take care of. I work in the IT Dept. in one of the largest hospitals in the state of West Virginia. Your point is like saying I should stop trying to take care of Network issues because a patient is having a stroke in the emergency dept. It doesn't make any sense. Is the stroke patient more of a priority? He/She sure is - but it isn't what I am hired to do. Thankfully, for the patient and myself.
  11. ClickXT

    Character View Bug from Parachute

    Yup, this happened to me three times last night. Each time I pulled early because I was needing to go further.
  12. ClickXT

    Monitor shuts off when starting the game

    I experience this too. I have a very similar thread in this section.
  13. ClickXT

    Twitch Prime Exclusive

    @BeeDee I want to apologize for being disrespectful towards you in my responses. I let my temper get the best of me at the time of the postings. I'm sorry. I also apologize for derailing this thread. Happy Hunting on the Island.
  14. ClickXT

    Twitch Prime Exclusive

    You should have gotten a mask, shirt, jeans, boots.
  15. ClickXT

    Twitch Prime Exclusive

    How could this partnership possibly lead you to believe the "devs" are getting greedy? I'd love to read/see your process. Many players already have Amazon Prime - which means they already have Twitch Prime = No $$$ Many players who don't just signed up for the Free Trial to get the gear and then Cancel = No $$$ They didn't "sell" outfits and nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. Not to mention - it has no affect on gameplay whatsoever. A healthy Twitch-relationship is great for PUBG.