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  1. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

  2. I'm unsure the point of the thread. What is it?
  3. So, when are you going to go play something else?
  4. How Random is the R in RNG?

    Players go to "random" good loot? Interesting. Well, I can tell you that after 1368 matches played - my experience has been slightly different. Lastly, why does the loot spawn AFTER I land on the roof the school? Why isn't it already there? If landing count in a radius doesn't matter -- why not have the loot already in place as soon as the plane takes off? It definitely matters. If it didn't; it wouldn't wait to spawn. This happened several times again last night. 6+ people land at the school and fight it out --AR's and awesome loot to go around. But if my partner and I land alone and have the whole school to ourselves? We leave with an SMG or a Shotty and that's it - if we're lucky one AR. It's happened too many times and too consistently for me to think otherwise.
  5. How Random is the R in RNG?

    I have noticed one thing in particular...... I usually always land at the school. At least 8/10 rounds. If I land there and it's a dog fight on the roof with 8+ people then the school will have 5 or so AR's in there. BUT, if I land there and nobody else lands there - I will loot that whole damn building including the swimming pool and not find an AR. This has happened to me and my duo several times. It is odd. Interesting question. It is a thought I have often I will admit.
  6. What's with all the negativity?

    Fair enough. I do see where you are coming from and the viewpoint on my statement. I guess I just take "Early Access" to mean something differently than others.
  7. I actually agree with most of that last post - especially the part above; which is something we don't want. Good points.
  8. What's with all the negativity?

    I doubt it would make sense to you. You get irritated by me often huh? Interesting. You just joined 4 days ago. Welcome. Oh, I never called anyone a "bitch" -- you came up with that one on your own. Have a good day - don't get too irritated.
  9. What's with all the negativity?

    I was agreeing with what was mentioned above (@CreamyCowboy). When you are doing well you are generally happier about the game. I'm happy about the game and the direction it is going. Also, you must care - it warranted a direct reply. Yes, society is soft. All they do is bitch and moan about EVERYTHING. You taking direct offense and calling my opinion "a load of crap" just proves my point - softy.
  10. What's with all the negativity?

    The last 20 Days: 11 Wins 44 Top 10's 340 Kills I am loving the game and the newer patches. No complaints or negativity from me. People bitching and moaning is the new norm. It's the way it works in this modern soft society.
  11. You get that impression huh? Well, I hate Sniper Rifles and never use them and I think if you get killed - you should be dead. I could easily spin that same bullshit on you with this: I get the impression that those who are for the current mechanic enjoys the fact that they can die numerous times and their teammates will just pick their asses back up. They drool over the idea that they no longer need to be tactical because they always have that "get out of jail FREE' card. ^fiction is fun huh? A difference of opinion doesn't mean the other side belongs to a certain group/box like you just tried to put us all in. I respect and can literally understand both sides of this debate. Both make sense to me; just one does slightly more.
  12. I've been saying this forever. Get rid of knockdowns. You are dead. You die. This isn't supposed to be a forgiving game. I two-tapped you in the face; you don't get picked up by your camping partner(s). Those are my 2 cents. I never did understand the idea that in duo/squads you can just get picked back up - but if I kill your teammates you keel over dead. haha it's weird.
  13. Idk what it is about the last patch...

    I still prefer it over midget-hobbit mode. This patch has been nothing but positive for me.
  14. Idk what it is about the last patch...

    I'm glad you understand. Good Luck in your future games.