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  1. It's the worst I have ever seen it. I went from 500+ hours only seeing what I truly thought was a cheater...maybe twice? I saw it 6-7 times easily tonight. Looking up the stats on the user more than confirms it. It's out of control. Nothing will make me leave this game any quicker...
  2. the beauty of first person

    I still prefer TPP. I realize that isn't the popular opinion but I just enjoy the gameplay of it. FPP is just way too clunky (in this game-as is) for me and it literally does make me sick.
  3. Favorite Weapon combo

    The AKM/Shotgun (S686) is making a comeback with me lately.
  4. Favorite Weapon combo

    M16A4 and a Double Barrel lately. AKM if I don't get my M16A4. I don't enjoy SR's very much. 33 Chicken Dinners with no SR whatsoever. They aren't mah jayum.

    This. Best thing I have read on here in weeks.
  6. Thank you Epic and Fortnite

    hahah right.... ok. You have a great day sir! *thumbs up*
  7. Thank you Epic and Fortnite

    Sure I understand that. I just can't believe you bought that as the original intention for the creation of this thread. Fair enough.
  8. Thank you Epic and Fortnite

    This shouldn't be in the PUBG General Discussion then. It should be under Off Topic. Having said that - the OP knew what he was doing when creating the thread and got the reaction(s) he was looking for. You talk up a competing game under the General Discussion section of the other game and then call people fanboys when they disagree. It was calculated.
  9. Ben, I actually agree with you on something.

    I love the game and the development I would consider to be under "good enough" for me. I have a ton of fun and I have definitely got my $30 worth out of the game. 500+ hours of this much fun for $30? I'm easy to please.
  11. I have had several conversations with people I have killed. Several.
  12. Poll about player types

    Kills and Wins. Getting 12-13 kills and finishing 2nd feels better to me than getting 1st with 1-2 kills.
  13. 7.1 headset

    VOID Wireless Dolby 7.1 - Yellowjacket Special Edition -I love it. I play on Surround Mode but you all are making me think I need to give Stereo Mode another look.
  14. Please remove fog

    life* You're right - I'm done cutie.
  15. Please remove fog

    Yeah - I tried the White Knight role - but I don't play it as good as you do. Somehow my nut sack gets in the way.