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  1. When I look at this I start to wonder... Didn't they know UE4 would not work for this kind of game? Seems dumb that they didn't "Vet" the Engine before starting to make it Watching this video I lost all my hopes for this game. Its never gonna be "Good", the max they can get is a pretty solid "Meh" if they work REALLY hard. In the other hand, it's for sure a Triple-A company will eat Pubg pretty soon. This game is doomed. Can't wait to play a really nice well-designed hacker free BR game.
  2. yeah... my mistake there ahahahahahah... anyway.
  3. A particularly serious problem of map

    Don't you know... people with green eyes have natural more protection than the others... true story hahahahhahaha !! cant stop laughing at the OP
  4. So you are saying if someone does a poor job with a lot of effort it becomes an awesome job instead? I'm not saying this is the case right here, just wondering how it works for you. Let's say you someone that is illiterate put a really good amount of time, sweat and blood writing a book, which obviously will have a lot of grammatical, concordance e etc... mistakes. Does the effort make it an awesome book?
  5. WTF just happend here

    Yeah, it happened to me. Try to find an invisible car, pretty funny thing to do aha!! Also, players are getting invisible cloaks sometimes. It's a new bug. But its pretty standard, every patch they fix something and they also add another to keep things fun !!
  6. Ok its happening since 2 days ago. I mean, i started to notice it 2 days ago. I know about D-sync issues but this is kind of new to me. The hit-reg ocurred and yet no dmg taken. You can see i shot twice... there was 2 blood splats but only dmg from the first shot. The news is... there was actually a second blood splat, not only to me but in the Death cam.
  7. List of things that need fixing

    I dont think you got it right. This game someday will be very well polished, we "pessimists" as you say, are "angry" because we expect it to take a long time. We are very close to 1.0 realease and yet, from what i saw in the test server, i think its a improvement but nearly what they could (or should) done all this time. The player base ( at least a erally good percentage of it as we see in this forum) are not happy with their current Agenda. For example: New map - i love it, they should realease new content BUT thats not priority... we need better tickhate, optimization, bug fixes. Xbox version - Yeah good for then, but did u see what was release for xbox... thats is joke!! New weapons - Again its good to have new content, But... New lobby - Yeah i love it not to complain about What im saying is, they had enough time to make this game gorgeous and we still at this awful stage... this say something about Bluehole... They dont care enough about the game or the players opinion. IMHO !!!!!
  8. We did not approve different coverage of FPP.... from where you got this? The FPP mode we have is because Bluehole refuses to give us other ones, they say we dont have enough players to sustain all modes. But we all want Solo FPP, a lot of SA players go to NA in order to play Solo FPP. Yeah thats right, we are forced to play in your server If they give everybody else the option... we want it too, we paid the same price so we want the same game. And shame on you to say " they dont care" so bluehole can risk this "issue" so you can have it.
  9. List of things that need fixing

    Maybe someone that sees reality? Cant belive you guys still think Bluehole gonna do a "awesome" job. If bluehole was a good company, THEY WOULD HAVE DONE A GOOD JOB ALREADY. We still have issues since day one. I do not tolerate it anymore, now im just distilling my insatisfaction (or as snow flakes call it nowadays " HATE") I must say im really surprised of how bad of a job they are doing. This game is their Chiken of golden eggs and yet... they handle it like me taking a dump. Hope some AAA company take them DOWN.
  10. Watch this for a LOL

    OMG i love how bad Bluehole must look in the eyes of Xbox owners. Dude im a PC players, you can look up at the forum how many threads we have about issues we have since day one and have not yet been adressed. So let me give you an advice, run as far as you can from this game. I am kinda of surprised of how bad this games runs in the xbox, some would say that bluehole is a bunch of kids fooling around.
  11. Map Random selection is dumb

    there is not to get dude, they dont think... Seriously Bluehole does so many STUPID OBVIOUS things that im kind of impressive. I leave matches all the time to play the new map... i hate Erangel.? Lets see if they will listen to us once this time. Give us the CHOICE !!
  12. young... dude im 27 and i play since 8. I have to admit, i use to hate Ubisoft (lot of crap games, and that UPLAY... GOD THAT IS CRAP), but looking at the AAA companies today... yeah ubi is one of the best unfortunately... God knows i would love to kick Dice and EA in their ass. Anyway not having the option sucks, but i can still leave the match without penalty... but i would love if i could choose the map
  13. Penalty for leavers is the most stupid argument i ever saw in this forum. A lot of people that dont like to play Erangel - Like me - will be FORCED???????????? WTF If Bluehole forces me to play a map i dont like, i will quit this crap already, low FPS, crap bugs, Hackers... i am at the edge... The only reason i still around is because i want to see 1.0 and if they do a bad job ( which is very likely ) i am done. Bluehole is one of the worst companies, 3 Millions copys sold and still pull this crap game. I HOPE some Triple A (RIOT or UBISOFT please) make a Battleroyale and put this companie where it belongs... ON THEIR FREAKING KNEES. I Love the game and his potencial but i hate this companie so bad.
  14. It sure takes more time to find ppl... Everybody is inside huge buildings with 500+ doors... there is much more ground to cover than erangel. Because of the vertical on this map, ppl will camp more... and m16 does not support 8x anymore. Fro crying sakes, m16 without 8x is a deal breaker, everything wrong in this new patch is due to it.