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  1. kar98k

    I bet your the guy that gets shot whilst running through a field then lies down thinking your guna be invisible ;P
  2. Movement Need's Improving!

    I for one would love to see this changed... From time to time i do find myself walking into things or getting stuck... For those that don't understand what this thread is about i have pasted a post i made a few days after launch to explain!
  3. Patch 10 a No Go tonight

    Even if this is true i'd rather they spent a bit more time to get it working correctly...
  4. Add this please!!!!

    Well they were actually going to add takedowns/finishes but it was held off for some reason...
  5. Had 2 easy wins... 1st: The guy blew him self up with a grenade.. 2nd: 4v4 other team drove off a cliff and couldn't get back up and ended up dying outside the circle...
  6. SSD hard drive. Do they work ?

    USB 3.0 is faster so yes it should work and be better
  7. Add this please!!!!

    Think your looking for Tekken?
  8. Desert map???

    A roadmap is a break down of what you can expect throughout the course of development
  9. Desert map???

    Xbox roadmap is due for Saturday
  10. Recoil Control And Sensitivity Explained

    Heck i wouldn't want to try it but if hes had enough practice i'm sure hes got better at it... I couldn't hit a jumbo jet let along a bus lmao
  11. Crates

    I had enough to buy 2 crate i got a militia and desperdo.. I got a red polo out of the Militia.. havnt got enough to buy a key for the desperado so i guess ill save it until i do..
  12. Crates

    Sorry i ment the keys.. i was hoping to edit it before you saw the reply lol... "I see no keys are for sale on the market place i guess just buy via the game right?"
  13. Recoil Control And Sensitivity Explained

    Fair enough i guess just down to training muscle memory
  14. Crates

    Yeah i saw that's cool.. I see no keys are for sale on the market place i guess just buy via the game right?