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  1. as server

    Why is the game dropping me in the AS server every time i start a new game. It was always EU before the latest update. Is this an issue?
  2. server

    does anyone know why every time i start a game it puts me in the AS server and not the EU server i normally play? this is becoming a pain the AS
  3. lag

    Is there something wrong with the EU servers? My character is bald but i just joined a server and had a red afro, and the game-play is really jerky
  4. New guns

    Does anybody know whether there will be any new guns? I like the guns we have ATM but would like to see more smg's, i.e. mp5/7, mac10, skorpion and new AR's i.e. g46c and lvoa-c. Thoughts??
  5. WTF

    I make the top ten 7 out of 10 games but I respect your opinion
  6. WTF

    I know this thread will be deleted but i feel i need to vent, how the fuck can you be shot thru a wall, how the fuck can you be shot from long range by a 9mm pistol, how the fuck can you be killed by an Mk14 30 seconds into a new game. These are all things that have happened to me in the past 2 weeks. even today I was shot three times in very quick succession by a double barreled shottie, explain that. I dont have recording ability ATM, so I cant prove it but unless something is done about some of the dubious actions i have witnessed, the game will lose honest day one players, like myself. Rant over
  7. Bug??

    I have managed to move this to bug reports, could a mod please delete this one
  8. Bug

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. Bug??

    No. When I choose new topic it wont let me opt for bug reports
  10. Bug??

    Just about 20 minutes ago
  11. Bug??

    Sorry for placing this here but i dont seem to have access to bug reports. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  12. lag

    Lag is causing a real problem for me on EU servers, since this mornings update. I anyone experiencing the same issues?
  13. servers

    especially 2nite, terrible gun sounds on loading screen and juddering graphics
  14. servers

    is anyone else having sound and lag issues on EU servers tonight?
  15. weather

    Have I missed something or has rain been removed?