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  1. um, what happened?

    yet another person who doesn't understand the mechanics of shotguns.
  2. Ban PUBG sumo?

    I wouldn't call this cheating. I would say its levels the playing field slightly for new players who have joined the game compared to people who have 10+ hours in and have a good understanding where good loot is and car spawns. After a few hours played the new player prob wouldn't be using it now as they have it memorized and prob learnt also where the hot spots are on the flight path. All im going to say if you call this cheating then all players with 100+ hours need to drink a whole bottle to Rum before every game to wipe or memory good locations and car spawns to make it fair.
  3. Think in all my time playing I mite of encountered one. Tell me what you think: Its the 3rd to last circle and me and my Partner was defending a house from unwanted guests. I was covering the stairs with a Vector and he was killing anyone who tried to use the hill as an advantage. The circle ended up on out house so the great CQB battle started by the end of it Iv killed 5 intruders my mate 2 there was one guy left. When suddenly my mate drops from a head shot. So he crawls into the corner out of LoS of any windows from the hill, I go there and turn to face stairs while healing. No one come up the stairs for the 10s of reviving my downed Partner. We both heal up to full and take stock of ammo and where the timer was. Got 20s till the circle moves and still no one has come up the stairs when suddenly we both die from headshots in the corner. Where we w'ere positioned would have to be in a house 300m away in the blue to kill us but then that would be a difficult shot and prob killed them making the run to the position.
  4. Shot Direction Detection

    Why don't they implement that the character model staggers in the opposite direction you have been shot from?
  5. Aiming

    Thats not bullet drop as its below 100m in real life shooting some thing below the zeroed range you aim lower on the body. in the vid he's only missing by a few pixels but decide to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. In those situations i just go for body shots that way you hit.
  6. Wrong when shooting at a target close to you if zeroed at 100M the bullet will be hitting above the centre point. Hitting below the centre point you must be shooting someone over 100M when Zeroed at 100M due to Bullet drop.
  7. Revolver animation glitch

    Everyone knows about the glitch. Recording video of you PC monitor with you phone requires the biggest Bitch slap in the world. Use the appropriate software to record a nice detailed video to make easier to see what happening rather than a low quality shaky video. Use OBS to record a session and when it happens just edit it to the point it happens then upload to the many video sharing sites on the web.
  8. Revolver animation glitch

    Dude for the love of god use a program like Shadowplay or OBS to record Video from PC not your phone.
  9. FPS Tanks when players nearby

    Date Seen:Every time im in CQB Server: All Servers Error Message: N/A Other Information: When a Player (not your teammate) is close by FPS starts Fluctuating. Troubleshooting Attempted: All nothing changed Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: FX8350 4Ghz 16gb RAM 500gb SSD 3Tb Hybrid drive GTX 780Ti
  10. FPS Tanks when players nearby

    After every update this Issue persists with me and a few people on the forums. When another player gets close FPS tanks to sub 30fps and game stutters which makes CQB unplayable. I get a sold 60FPS normally when ever apart from when someone gets close. Team mates close by are fine those which is odd. My specs FX8350 4Ghz 16gb RAM 500gb SSD 3Tb Hybrid drive GTX 780Ti
  11. Cannot kill players underwater

    Nope Its Realistic. If someone is underwater you cant kill them even in Real life.
  12. Cannot kill players underwater

    was they under the water or on top? If on top you can only hit the head if there under the surface you can't kill him. It is realistic that you can't kill someone under water the bullet disintegrates on impact or a few feet into it.