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  1. Killcam

    Anyone the same? normal playing works.. but everytime when i want to watch the killcam.. the game crashed. every time!
  2. so.. 666 hours in this game without cheaters... but since one week i see 3 of them. shooting through walls and buildings, from the other side of the island. kill 20 people in 5 minutes. and now.. lvl 3 helmet, lvl vest... 1 shot with uzi and i'm dead! oh yeah! don't tell me there was a little gap between my helmet and my neck.... this all happend for me on NA server. so that's the reason why i'm not playing single anymore. c'mon battleeye.. every time you are 5 steps behind the cheaters....
  3. Claymores

    place 3 claymores on the bridge or bedhind the door on a bulding.. best to have guaranteed a kill But.. why not..

    why not? i like the idea of a grenade launcher.
  5. a Claymore or C4 for the bridge campers
  6. wenn noch Platz ist... lg aus Linz
  7. Wie erkenne ich cheater?

    Schwer fest zu stellen, da viele recht schnell "cheater" rufen. Jedoch.. - wenn du definitiv hinter Wänden (oder in einem Raum) stehst/liegst und es trifft dich jemand obwohl es keine direkte Schusslinie gibt. - Wenn du aus großer Entfernung mit einer Uzi , Pistole, Shotgun getötet wirst. (hatte ich zuletzt mal.. unmöglich mit ner Shotgun aus so großer Distanz einen Headshot zu schaffen) - Wenn du trotz Lv3 Helm & Co mit einem einzigen (ersten) Schuss getötet wirst. - wenn du dich versteckst, der Gegner Dich unmöglich sehen und hören kann, gezielt zu dir läuft und sofort schiesst. usw.. Aber.. das zu beweisen ist schwer, und manchmal auch einfach ein Bug. Wenn die Häuser nicht fertig gerendert werden war es mir schon mal möglich durch Häuser durchzusehen. Ich sah nur die Leute und die Lootingdinge. Wenn du denkst ein Spieler cheatet, einen konkreten Verdacht hast, dann melde ihn. Deswegen wird er nicht gleich gebannt denke ich. Wenn er aber von mehreren Spieler gemeldet wird, dann ist es offensichtlich.
  8. after dead continue watch game

    you mean this..?
  9. Boat on Spawn Island

    like the island. Be the first there and you have luck! Be the second.. steal their boat But.. drive carefully to the beach and cliffs.. and stop in the water(!).. so i see no problem! Also.. there's a lot of petrol on this island. Only problem.. if the circle is too far away from this island.. you had no chance to come back
  10. so much lags. Every 10 seconds. Other players not running.. they move from one point to another.. So the last update ruins the game. It's not playable so all player of our team give up today. - Also the looting system was changed. 11 houses NO Weapon.. then this.. - Connection fail while driving with the boat. And in the next second the boat has turned around. - Trees are not finished rendered and so on and so on.. And yes.. i have made the update after the update today! But the car-horn works...
  11. So.. every day at 8 pm CET we have lags on the EU Server. If there is no action.. no lags.. but it startet when... - you run to a house, opened a door quickly - another player shooting at me - when driving and there's a lot of shooting on us - when i shot to another player close distance So.. sometimes... impossible to play, but when you have a gunfight and its very hectic.. the lag started and freezed the screen for 1-2 seconds.. every day.. same time. Thats really frustrating... started at 8 pm CET for the next3 hours.
  12. Healing when moving

    so.. most people are dying in the blue zone in the end of a round because when you are moving you cannot use bandages, painkiller, energydrink and so on. Ok.. for realistic scenario.. when i'm running its impossible to use a medkit or first-aid. That's ok, it doesn't work in reallife. But.. why you cannot drin energydrinks or use painkillers? When i'm running in reallife, i can drink! The same when you drive. I think this would be very helpful
  13. Wrong german translation

    Why has this never been corrected? When anyone kill you... Wrong: "PlayerX hat Du mit AKM getötet" Correct: PlayerX hat Dich mit AKM getötet" When you kill anyone... Wrong: "Du hat PlayerX mit AKM getötet" Correct: Du hast PlayerX mit AKM getötet" When you knockedout a Player Wrong: "Du hat PlayerX mit AKM ausgeknockt" Correct: "Du hast PlayerX mit AKM ausgeknockt"
  14. BUG oder Cheat

    das gabs doch schön öfter. wenn ein Gegner unabsichtlich "unter der Map" schwimmt.