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  1. every time i try to start the killcam , the game crashed! so.. i don't use it.
  2. Desert map is too big

    it's a real sniper map now. if you had a 4 or 8x.. you're lucky. btw.. too big.. no.. but the distances between the villages are to big, cause.. you must run 5 minutes from one to another and no hiding spot there.
  3. Killcam

    Anyone the same? normal playing works.. but everytime when i want to watch the killcam.. the game crashed. every time!
  4. so.. 666 hours in this game without cheaters... but since one week i see 3 of them. shooting through walls and buildings, from the other side of the island. kill 20 people in 5 minutes. and now.. lvl 3 helmet, lvl vest... 1 shot with uzi and i'm dead! oh yeah! don't tell me there was a little gap between my helmet and my neck.... this all happend for me on NA server. so that's the reason why i'm not playing single anymore. c'mon battleeye.. every time you are 5 steps behind the cheaters....
  5. Yesterday.. me and a friend where on NA Server DUO.. On the startisland we were alone... then the plane starts... and boom! crazy
  6. Mini 14

    Fine! i love it! i change every other gun to the mini.
  7. Claymores

    place 3 claymores on the bridge or bedhind the door on a bulding.. best to have guaranteed a kill But.. why not..
  8. buy keys.. open it.. a lot of crap but sometimes good things. i've made more then € 800,- for selling the items, a week. transfer it 2 your paypal account and be happy! My invest: € 100,- Sold out: € 800,- risky if you get useless things, but.. no risk no fun PS: same as stud103 said... do not sell on steam market. better on skin:cash or anything else..
  9. an easy way to see where im getting shot is with an simple arrow like in other games. Thats would be the easiest way...
  10. FPS Drops & Low Frame Rate Issues

    So.. i had no idea why this happend sometimes. Most of the time i can play without any lags. BUT.. Sometimes in the beginning of the game.. a few seconds before i'm landing a lag (freeze for 2 seconds) Sometimes when i run fast in a house (in the same second.. i go trough the door.. freeze for 2 seconds) AND.. very often.. in the moment when something becomes very hectic. A guy in front of me shooting, a car directly next to me and shooting and so on. In this moment.. i had lags (freeze for 2-3 seconds) and in the next moment i'm dead. So.. i go into a house.. spot an enemy and will shoot .. IN THE SAME MOMENT --> freeze and dead. It only occurs when it becomes very hectic. That is more then frustating. AVG Frame rate is 35 10GB RAM i5

    why not? i like the idea of a grenade launcher.
  12. a Claymore or C4 for the bridge campers
  13. Favorite Childhood Game?

    Yeah .. I'm curious. I hope it will be similar to the original
  14. wenn noch Platz ist... lg aus Linz
  15. Favorite Childhood Game?

    PC Age of empires Command & Conquer 2 Red alert (so many nights with LAN parties) Guild wars Mega Drive & Game Gear Super Street fighter II Motal Kombat I Sonic I+II N64 Goldeneye