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  1. Lag when pressing down any button

    Could this be related to this: https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/6oubum/nvidia_confirms_stuttering_fps_drops_lag_problems/ ? The input however should be handled by the game client itself and not affect the NVIDIA driver, right?
  2. Hello there everyone, I'm experiencing a rather difficult issue with the game at the moment. As detailed in my previous post I had some problems with lag when pressing down any button. I managed to somehow make the issue less annoying by disabling key repeat in the Windows settings, however this did not really solve my problem. While I can now enjoy running in the game and picking people off from the distance, close quaters fights still are nearly impossible for me to win as my framerate immediately drops to about 10 FPS when I start quickly pressing keys or clicking repeatedly. I guess that this is related to my previous problem in so far as this happened every tenth of a second or so before because of the Key Press events whereas now it only happens on Key Up or Key Down. If anyone has any suggestion as to what to try out I am open to try anything. I would really appreciate your help as I am kind of lost right now and don't know what to investigate next. Best Regards, The Kaltur
  3. Hi there I'm not really sure if my post is in the right forum here, so please move it if it would be better e.g in 'General Help' or so. I figured that people with lag issues might be searching this forum, so I'm just gonna post here. So I'm a fairly new player in PUBG and was extremely excited to play this game with my friends. So naturally I was bummed out, when I discovered that I had YUUUGE lagspikes, which made this game pretty much unplayable for me and made me very SAD. Having a fairly decent PC, I didn't think it could be related to hardware and it being serverside was also off the books as this occured on every server in EU, NA and AS. So what kind of Lag did I notice? First I noticed, that when pressing W while jumping out of the plane my screen would freeze and would only unfreeze when I let this key go and then show me the "Network Lag detected" screen. This also happened while trying to sprint. And then when trying to quickly switch directions while running, which led to some pretty embarassing deaths . After a while however I discovered by accident, that this could be worked around (at least for running in straight lines or things where you did not have to switch keys) by pressing Space or 'X' while experiencing this lagspike. This rid me of any doubt of it being server- (or ISP-) related, it had to be client-side. What did I do? I googled After not finding anything even remotely close in the PUBG forums or on the PUBG subreddit I stumbled across this forum entry in the SC2 forums, which seemed to tackle this very problem (which I however did not only experience for Shift, Alt and Ctrl but for every other key too). This post explains in detail how to rid yourself of this bug, but for everyones reading pleasure I'm going to replicate it here (all Credit to Brian from the SC2 forums, you're the MVP, dude ). How can you solve it? This bug can (afaik) only be solved by completely turning off repeated keystrokes in all of Windows. This can be a bit irritating at first when trying to move the cursor, but can be easily replaced by using CTRL+right or CTRL+left for skipping over words (which is faster anyways). Alternatively you can also just use the mouse or press the arrow keys repeatedly. If someone knows another way, please post it in this thread, I will link your comment in my post. Brian wrote this guide for Win 7, I replicated it on Win 10 so I think this will work on Win 8 too. Setup you keyboard properties Start -> Control Panel -> Search for 'Keyboard' Select the 'Keyboard" result, a window named 'Keyboard Properties' should open Set Repeat delay to short and Repeat rate to fast These two setting control how long it will take for a pressed key to repeat and how fast it will repeat afterwards Click Apply, then click OK Change your accessibility options to disable repeated keystrokes Start -> Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Ease of Access Center -> Make the keyboard easier to use Uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys Click on Set up Sticky Keys Uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys when SHIFT is pressed five times and Lock modifier keys when pressed twice in a row Click Apply, then click OK Click on Set up Filter Keys Uncheck Beep when keys are pressed or accepted and Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds Set the radio button to Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys Click on Set up Repeat Keys and Slow Keys Set How long do you want to hold down a key before your computer accepts the keystroke? to '0.0 seconds' Set the radio button to Ignore all repeated keystrokes <- THIS IS THE CRITICAL STEP Click Apply, then click OK You now should not be able to repeat keys by holding them down. This can be tested in any textfield (editor, browser etc.) Why is this happening? Brian tries to guess here why this happens and I find his reasoning rather striking. Basically it boils down to where the programmer gets the keyboard input from. It seems to be more work to access the raw input and thus the programmer takes the one from the standard Windows APIs, which are prefiltered and whatnot. The API can basically generate three types of event for each key, namely 'keyDown', 'keyUp', and 'keyPress'. The first two should be self explanatory and the last one is a combination of 'keyDown' and 'keyUp' within a certain amount of time. When a key is held down, the 'keyPress' event gets generated multiple times (as defined in the repeat settings), which seems to cause the issue here. To me it seems like the game only properly monitors 'keyDown' and 'keyUp' events and somehow the 'keyPress' event monitoring is not implemented correctly, which is why this issue is fixed when disabling the repeat of held down keys. However I have to admit, that my Computer Science background is not very strong, so I'd love a statement from the Devs or someone more qualified then me on this issue. I hope I could help some of you with my post and happy Chicken Dinner cooking The Kaltur
  4. Server Lag Report Thread

    I just bought this game and for me it is literally unplayable. In every game I connect to I get the same problem: When standing still the game runs fine, but when I move I start lagging. I see lagspikes every 1-2 seconds for 0.5 seconds or so. This sometimes fixes itself after a while unlike the second problem, which is the massive amount of lag every time I start running or press W when falling from the plane or get in a car. When accellerating the screen literally freezes and when I stop accelerating I get frozen in place with the message "Network Lag detected". This makes it impossible for me to play this game, so if anyone has any tips or advice I would be very grateful. I turned down all my setting to very low, but it still occurs. Specs: Intel i5 6600K, EVGA GTX 1080 SC, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Edit: I tried on all available Server locations, everywhere is the same for me. Also it probably isn't the internet connection as i have 120 MBit and live near Frankfurt, where the EU Servers are supposed to be located