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  1. Region lock the chinese

    They already have a fucking server decided to them. "Asia server" you can see it in the settings i'm so fucking tired.
  2. Region lock the chinese

    Only have an issue with people from China. Europeans or anyone else playing on NA i don't seem to have any issue with it seems.
  3. Region lock the chinese

    The ping advantage they get is absolutely absurd, you can punch them or shoot them so many times and sometimes nothing ever connects. There needs to be a region lock.
  4. Their ping advantage is getting incredibly annoying and the only people winning now are mostly Chinese due to their ping advantage. Its bad enough that every so often there's a hacker but now we have to deal with Chinese? If you are really considering leaving it as it is what is the solution to this then? Because I win enough I enjoy the game but when I don't its always because of either A. A hacker or B. A Chinese player, and if this game ever wants to be taken seriously it should probably follow the same standards as other games and have a decent region lock.
  5. Literally 95 people are waiting in a 100/100 server but 5 people are sitting in the unassigned slot so the match NEVER starts. I've seen the same match E X T R E M E zombies sit there for DAYS before starting a single match because people CONSTANTLY SIT IN THE UNASSIGNED AND THE MATCH NEVER STARTS. No one see 's this as an issue? Give us a vote to kick option on people sitting in the unassigned slot when theres literally 5 empty slots waiting for them.
  6. Reward points distribution unfair

    It's just simply not worth it in duo or squad to play for BP. Even at best ranked #5 with lets say 5 kills, you'll only get maybe 400ish but if you did that in solo you'd get 800, I get it they are trying to cut the rewards in half but it shouldn't be in half more like a quarter or something similar. Because the difficulty is still the same.. it's just.. you get to enjoy the game with others. And Mods before you try to sync this with some old thread I looked for it and there wasn't one I could find. People wish for this option and we need an answer whether it's something we can realistically believe in or not.
  7. This needs to be implemented, this is ingenious.
  8. Fix shotguns

    I'm not trying to argue that it shouldn't do damage, I'm saying the camping needs fixed. The way it works right now is ruining the game and entertainment value it gives and many people agree. You can cry realism all you want but in some situations, no in ALOt of situations you wouldn't get as injuried as you are trying to sway. You'd get crippled but you'd survive with enough power on your end or on your allies end. The fact that you just instantly die in this game from a shotgun at any rage is completely pathetic. And honestly needs fixed, As stated in my first post i was HOUSES away, and i got knocked down instantly by a shotgun. It's just not fair in anyway what so ever to have my games end constantly due to shotguns. 90% of my games i'm dead by shotgun campers or ridiculous shotgun kills that shouldn't work but they do. Edit: I like shotguns myself and they are fun but with how it is now it's just not okay. Reducing the damage or reduce the damage as the bullet spray goes forward would really be amazing. I'm just tired of dying instantly to some shotgun camper.
  9. Fix shotguns

    Reduce the damage by the tiniest bit or do something to counter against shotgun campers. They will camp corners, rooms, bushes anything to get that one shot kill even with a good vest sometimes you just die instantly. The fact that someone can one shot you from across buildings on the roof or through windows with a shotgun is absolutely ridiculous. I understand they are shotguns and quite deadly but they are ruining this game. Any amazing match you have any good times are instantly ruined by some guy who camps you so long you all die to the blue circle just because he knows if you peek you get one shot. Grenades, Waiting it out. Never really works, sure if you get lucky and put 500 hours into the game maybe you can do trick shots with a grenade and kill the gun but a lot of the times it just doesn't work and the guy with the camping spot wins. Just fix this, there isn't many things wrong with the gone.
  10. More things for the crate?

    So does anyone know if they are gonna add more to the crates? Like the beanies, trench coats, all the other stuff that drops in-game but we can't get it from the crates? Also that interesting page someone datamined is pretty interesting i'd really love for some of the stuff there to be added to the game. I am completely understanding that theres more important things at the time but at least the near future it'd be nice to have more things to work for.
  11. Trench coats from crates?

    There are not many things for us to work for in this game despite the obvious "I wanna be a winner" so why not add a lot of people's favorite clothing item to the crates. The regular trench coat I'm not talking about the one you get from preordering.
  12. Reward points distribution unfair

    Damn.. my thread got deleted and my comment got moved here. This just needs to be changed and its a simple change it wouldn't even take long you just gotta switch some numbers around in the game and we all get a bit more currency.
  13. Reward points distribution unfair

    Currently even if you make it lets say top 20? You will only get like under 40 BP sometimes. I just feel like if it had a little less than single Duo and Squad would feel more rewarding, its the same difficulty as doing solo in a sense you just have to worry about a larger group at a time. I love the game don't get me wrong but it just feels so belittling to do so good and get so little. I got into top 10 with buddies we reached probably 8th? And got shit for BP meanwhile solo you'll get all the money. Just increase it by a good bit not a crazy amount but enough for us to feel like its worthwhile.