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  1. So I'll explain the situation from the start. Buddy stopped our Queue for matchmaking cause he had to do something all well in good, but the matchmaking cancel popup never went away (guessing its new to this update?) but i figured it'd go away once we queued up again so i didn't really worry about it. So i decided to use some of my BP to open up a crate, it gave me a black loading circle and then finally gave me a crate which was the Militia one i opened that then said error give a few minutes or something or another and then i restarted my lobby and my crate was gone, nothing new in my inventory or in-game but it took my BP.
  2. Fall recovery

    If someone is falling and their arms are on the ground. How do they shoot? Tell me? Because right now it just seems like they have imaginary secret arms that hold the real gun thats shooting. Also please learn to read, I'm not the one that is falling, they are. My issue is SOMEONE WHO FALLS AND IS ON THE GROUND RECOVERING, can still shoot like they have imaginary arms.
  3. I really do not understand how someone is still shooting you when their character's hands are on the ground after falling. It literally makes no sense that you are still getting shot when someone is recovering on the ground from falling from a large height.
  4. Cheating Discussion

    Just encountered the latest hack that people keep posting where they see you through walls and can shoot at different angles that they can't even be at. Its ridiculous.
  5. Cheating Discussion

    I've encountered a few.
  6. Way to report botters

    Literally, there are botters we all know this, who drop in duo or squad with some bots to farm BP. But theres no way to report them on the report menu, why?
  7. Its not a week.. Its like every month and a half or so when they release an update. Then they let the cheaters go for as long as they want until the next big update, if they setup battle eye like every other game does they'd be banned immediately upon hacking but thats not the case with this game they let them run wild so they can make cash for Bluehole.

    Region switch and then you can play, its working for myself and my buddies. I love how they release a update that clearly breaks the game so their update wasn't tested at all and then theres no communication from them saying oh hey we're working on it. Edit: That statement was false i guess its just happen chance. You gotta keep restarting and trying to get into a match, tbh just wait for a patch.
  9. Nevermind after squad died he camera kept snapping onto my head and he took barely any damage.
  10. They'll never do this because they profit from cheaters. Hence why they don't do instant bans like other shooters do because they make so much cash from it.
  11. Its definitely the worst time for crates since cheaters profit so much but thats what Bluehole wants they want money and they get a cut of it.
  12. Free BP Bug

    Love how this wasn't fucking replied to by anyone important. Like you always see forum mods responding to shit but when its something this fucked up they never pay it any heed.
  13. Free BP Bug

    As we all know from the topics and plenty of us experiencing it. Some of us are getting the correct amount of BP we missed out on and then some of our friends or some of us ourselves are getting 10BP to some people getting something like 50,000BP which is obviously not correct, but there is absolutely no word from them on this issue. My buddy plays with me everytime I play, we do duos and I got close to 4kBP and he got 11BP. How is that correct?
  14. Literally across the map instant headshot and then my UI was bugged ONLY from that person killing me and i can't view the death cam only encountered this during this situation.