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  1. as long as you can beat the first tick.
  2. No Shotgun Love

  3. Do something about bunny hoppers!

    I feel like getting shot while jumping should put some form of staggering when landing instead of continuing on their marry way using this jumping to gain intel or just to avoid getting shot. but then again I feel like getting shot in general needs to slow people down just a tad bit for follow up shots. (Depending on the weapon and bullet type and range.)
  4. No Shotgun Love

    we need some shotgun love Arm shots are killing this game. Hit the legs is what shotguns are good for?
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/AlluringNeighborlySagePhilosoraptor Because they dont do any damage fast enough compared to Assault Rifles or SMG's When fighting someone heads up there is no reward to even shooting at any place unless you are shooting the head. Other than that you will lose just to the Damage Per Second Aspect of the game. There is no Stopping Power/ Staggering / Aim Punch to reward the person to made contact first. Im sorry but in this scenario Assault Rifles are best shot mid range to long range with controlled bursts, not hip fire running around holding the trigger. Get your gun class systems proper and add the right combat systems to balance the weapons.
  6. Melee combat needs to be better

    Melee imo needs to be upgraded and be more dominate in cqc. I'm looking to see 1. A change in the melee system. Spam/jab attack and charge/power strike. 2. Guarding against melee attack. 3. Not guarding against a melee attack staggers and aim punches allowing second strike to follow up. 4.striking the back and front different damage. 5. Different damage and effects from each weapon. Sharp = more damage Blunt= more stragger.
  7. Less is more.

    Melee is useless
  8. Less is more.

    Why do I feel like this game offers more to not make this game a survival rather than a shooter? Extended mags everywhere Abundance of ammo Automatic weapons everywhere Too many medical supplies. 2 primaries to start with? Pistols are useless Reloading weapons in a blink of an eye. Like c'mon This is a military shooter
  9. Crossbow suggestion

    the base zeroing I believe is 25? 50?
  10. Crossbow suggestion

    is it off or is it zeroed in at 100? if you put any other scope on it it changes the zeroing without most noticing it. when people fight within 100 meters it sails over their heads.
  11. Crossbow suggestion

    I wished crossbows had a Glowing Fletching on the bolt so you can track your shots better, and Also we need Bolts to Reduce Speed of players or Cant heal untill Bolt has been taken out of the body. It would be a nice set up to push players behind objects that want to just auto heal after taking a bolt. This Glowing Fletching could be used to see if you hit your target too.
  12. When is this going to be a thing in a survival shooter? instead of DPS and how Accurate spray is?
  13. All shotguns I feel need not instantly kill unless shooting the head, I feel like shotguns dont have any real stopping power at the range when its usefull(which is CQC), people just tend to just walk through shotgun engagements to out duel them with automatics. Shotguns IMO need a Small Knock Back Feature that locks their aim to the spot where they were intending to shoot at before, Knocks the player out of ADS and also If Player is Knocked back into other players or wall/object they take extra damage for falling into something. This obviously needs to be done properly where shotguns do not knock back players at ridiculous range.
  14. Shooting Drivers

    Shooting drivers needs to had some sort of jerk to the wheel, when driving at high speeds and turning a wheel does spin out the car.
  15. Red Zone Removal

    I dont fuck with the redzone anymore, I use to but now, I feel like it actually wants you do die. I had a gun fight in a duo and after my friend got killed it just struck him, I ended up killing the last person on the enemy team and I got struck by the redzone. Cray cray