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  1. Skill 3pers vs FPP ?

    I try to use smokes flashes nades and moly to push people out of cover but even with the the new throwing mechanic its very tough to land a good made on someone behind objects. And the ability to see around corners allows people to spot that throw coming from a mile away.
  2. Melee overhaul?

    Lol true, I got lucky the dude went prone and stayed still even when he did his healing animation pushed me away from him on my first attempt.
  3. Walk vs Targeting-HOLD

    Also people would like too see more when walking vs targeting.
  4. Saw something interesting in game

    Probably people spawning in with guns.
  5. Trade offs

    I like it, but for vision reduction I feel like it needs to have way more reduction damage and longevity. This would be a nice feature to have and really focus players awareness and situations to wear certain helmets. IMO they might let us carry different helmets around that take up alot of space.
  6. Flinching while being shot

    You have it when you shoot a person in ADS, there is no flinch or stopping power when shooting at someone who is moving or in non ADS. People complain about shooting people when they are on the move or about to go into ADS and then they zoom in with a KAR98 and head shot you with one shot. This is the main issue I think there is. ADS vs ADS and the flinch is fine, but when people sponge bullets and then scope in for 1 second and shoot by passes the whole aim punch.
  7. Energy Shield protection

    This is due to first aids being instant heals at 75%. I have said this before make the first aids heal just like the bandaid do but speed up the timer a bit and have any damage while in the process of healing interrupt the heal and force the player to pop another or to relocate to a safer spot. Call it hard core mode for meds. I feel like instant 75s within like 3.seconds is a Lil casual.
  8. And the new gun is...

    This kind of reminds me of a 417. I hope this gun is a beast cqc rifle looking thing.
  9. First person like 90% of the time. 10% with friends who need crutches to learn how to play the game. 3rd person changes the way people play drastically when they understand that a camera in the sky can be manipulated by tilting it various ways or even alt looking around. 1st person is great because if you run behind a hill and the other guy is behind on the opposite side they don't know where each other are till they have to commit to a peek. In 3rd person they tilt their cameras and look how the player is ready for combat and only expose when it favors them. 1st person you can go behind cover and actually tactically retreat without the other person knowing. 3rd 2 guys hiding behind trees and one wants to retreat. Nope he sees you leaving the tree backwards and shuts you down by exposing him self when you are on the move.... 3rd person blows.
  10. Is mics not working today or is it just me?

    my mates say they can hear me talking on the mic but I cant hear them on team or all chat.
  11. why take out jump shooting?

    cheap in 3rd person or cheap in general because you can still 3rd person wall bang people easy so I dunno what your talking about. Im talking about being able to utilize your actual cover or object you want to pivot or place your gun on something.
  12. why take out jump shooting?

    Lol mind you yes its really annoying in 3rd person wall jumping banging but when it come to first person its kinda legit. anyways the way they can counter act the need for jump shooting too is the act of resting a gun on halfwalls and being able to pivot it over the object so you can still shoot downwards from windows, halfwalls and ect. resting a gun on a point like this and keeping it there and lifting the butt of the gun upwards will allow players to shoot downwards or maybe even lean out of buildings or over objects to shoot. I would suggest a cover manipulating system that allows for these type of maneuvers. even if it feels like rainbow six or ghost recon these little systems are needed for people to interact with their environment properly rather than having soo many gun kick downs trying to shoot out or over objects. Also when leaning the gun over objects should be treated with a less emphasis on the scope but more of a zoomed out version of the gun and the sights reflecting what the gun is actually pointing at. some games do this really well and its not overpowered by any means.
  13. Remove AD twitching while in inventory

    I think they should not allow us to move while looting like what we have now, but Lock it to you can only access the loot box with F and stay in a crouched animation. you would still be able to move but no more standing and looting, no more quickly moving around. I would like to see crouched movement speed at most while looting or even crawl speed.
  14. Disable shooting while jumping

    The best way I see the bullets come out from such a huge bloom of the cross hair would be R6 vegas blind cover fire. Random but if lucky it's amazing