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  1. NoonTimeDrunk

    Bluehole please fix shotguns

    lol I love this mentality defending something that is broken as if its normal. You could clearly see my crosshair on them enemy player models yet the spread bypasses, even when you dont aim at them the spread goes crazy and hits someone not even intended. Spread ghosting through enemy players. and then you say being bad with a gun. the shotgun isnt ment to be shot from 1 inch away from the enemy, shotguns are effective from 10m-25m for lethality.
  2. NoonTimeDrunk

    Bluehole please fix shotguns

    This stuff here still happens.
  3. NoonTimeDrunk

    Bluehole please fix shotguns

    lol this is best example of how hit scan the shotgun is. I have been infront of someone and been ADS and was off by a milimeter and had all my shots go through him behind him and make an outline wider than his width behind him. It was like wuh? PUBG will never get better at doing the basics properly. Get use to all this crap I stopped playing a while ago and jumping on yesterday just frustrated the hell out of me in just how the game feels. You will never see PUBG play like this ever. look how fluid melee is, look how 1 shot with a 1 shotter shotgun was reliable, look how ADS aiming and hitting someone in the chest or head was clean and instant, Nading someone wasnt a chore and I wasnt shot throwing at the same time.
  4. NoonTimeDrunk

    Movement and Input

    getting shot doesnt even effect inertia. they got a long way to go n I dont even they they know how bad the game feels. I keep saying this but I feel like a robot in this game so clunky and jagid
  5. NoonTimeDrunk

    Bluehole please fix shotguns

    and thats another problem in the game, the shotguns bullets get erased if you get knocked.... no game should have no trading kills.
  6. NoonTimeDrunk

    Bluehole please fix shotguns

    My expectations for gun balance and gun characteristics may be high but when the games "winning" formula revolves around DPS you know you have to follow the meta or suffer hardship getting out performed by just sheer systematics. weapon recoil and how to drag effectively is another topic. but shotguns and any skill shot weapon allways will get out performed unless you are a complete noob. I have seen people not pick up pistols. or melee weapons. hint hint, they are in the game for show? no one make a system to make them useful. not give melee hit boxes so tought to hit sometimes its even hard to hit a proned or standing still person. or a pistol or any weapon to hold someone in place when trying to walk through a door frame. its like the enemy is water and the bullet just goes right through them and they can keep moving. Ugh, I played today from taking a break and I regretted it. This game has developed so slow and the gameplay has been a raw feeling since beta. they did nothing to make the game feel less clunky or less robotic. I just feel like there is no human element in such a game that has this type of ballistic mechanic and yet they are struggling to get their gun balance in check.
  7. NoonTimeDrunk

    Bluehole please fix shotguns

    I shot a dude up maybe 10 m away maybe 15m and I shot him 3 times with the S12k and he just kept his crosshair on me holding the trigger while my 3rd shot hit he was already done killing me. Its rediculous how little the shotguns do in the effect category. People say they want fun, but then there is also balance. IMO pistols are not as effective just because the game is built of DPS. if you cant kill within that second or hold the trigger you wont win. I had multiple situations of a person exposed and I single fired at them just to sponge the first 2 shots and them to do a 180 and sprint away. if I rewind and hold the tirgger and spray I would probably have killed him just due to the fact that a person can sponge bullets and not be effected at all in movement, they do suffer aim punch but only in ADS, but the time for them to react to spray vs single shot skill placement doesnt work. but the fact that someone can get sniped and not break stride from a sprint is very very arcadey. this game is a robot simulator.
  8. NoonTimeDrunk

    Bluehole please fix shotguns

    Shotguns are the type of weapon that is suppose to suppress and hit multiple targets on a enemy. hitting the face is deemed the only way to effectively use the shotgun, but when you look at the shotgun in general, it doesnt provide anything else but random spread of damage. Shotguns IMO have always in many many games been misrepresented. When I think of a shotgun I think of the kick back it has to the user and the energy it projects from close range to mid range outwards as the power is exerted the power falls off. From buckshot. Shotguns IMO Need to have special characteristics to make it feel effective when using it other than raw damage, I have talked about Staggering Effects, and even Knock Down Effects from explosives to shotguns as the energy they have at close range should have stopping power or even knock down effects. But I always get an argument that it wouldn't be fair for someone to get knocked or staggered by a "over powering" weapon, then I ask isnt it the players choice to prepare for a Close Quarters combat to fight against or with a shotgun? This game has never treated gun classes properly and you get people who are afraid of an actual shotgun doing what its suppose to do, Suppress or even hit multiple location on the enemy effecting their aim and their movement by how far the shotgun user is. IMO a shotgun needs to be lethal within 5-10 m, hands down even if it isnt all pellets hitting. Outside of that can be knock back or staggering effects with lessened damage for a chance to retaliate or to fall back into cover. Shotguns can not compete with continuous high rate fire when it comes to raw damage per second because of the chance of not instantly killing or knocking someone's aim off or slowing their movement pattern to effect their escape or to hold them in place for a follow up shot. a ump one of the slowest firerate smgs will still out kill a PUMP shotgun user just because of the time needed to eject the shell and aim again. when someone who is in aim or hipfiring will still continue to attack with little aim punch or lack of mobility. The game keeps feeling like robotics even at this state. I dont feel like this game feels satisfying when you shoot someone, its almost like how is this game going to screw me over every time I shoot at someone.
  9. it does prevent those who shootinto the blue or out from the blue. I am not talking about crossing plains to see the person and then pop back out when they are ready to kill. Like I said Island of nyne's Blue Circle Mechanic works really good because if you try to peek back into the blue zone your vision gets fucked while being in the blue. Island of nyne made you stay away from the blue at all cost, PUBG for some damn said go ahead and keep playing in the blue. PUBG just did a poor job implementing this zone gave way too many get out of jail free cards like having vehicles, way too many spots for heals and how much damage it does till late game is laughable.
  10. Seems like you can effectively camp on both sides of the blue. the new blue IMO just prevents cross zone shooting.
  11. um a person who is early in the safe zone should have the jump and the knowledge of someone just entering the safe zone late. you have been babied with clear vision to gauge where in the safe zone is "safe". BRs always reward those who manage their time and who position well. you wanting clear vision on going into the safe zone is like asking for a life line every time you try to ride the zone. the game is suppose to be hard, not easy. I dont play this game anymore but the concept of those who are in the safe zone should always be at a advantage vs those who are caught in the blue. go play Islands of Nyne and you will truly understand what a BR game is suppose to feel when it comes to the blue enclosing circles. Limited amount of heals 3 only, zones that close super fast, and zones that hurt even in mid stage. PUBG imo has been this zones so lenient that people actually formed strats to ride the zone because of how little damage it does, because of how far you can see into the safe zone, and etc. you guys got BABIED.
  12. it is currently much better in the sense of you get rewarded for being in the zone earlier than people who arrive late on purpose or they did not manage their time better. Old Bluezones gave people in the zone clear blue zone to shoot people in the safe zone very effectively. Now they block the vision going into the safe zone. and those who are in the safe zone can punish those who are in the death zones. IMO they are on to something, but as you can see here You can still effectively camp others inside the death zones with clear vision. The Main focus should be people in the blue should not be looking to shoot people beside them getting into the play zone but should have their vision blurred when in the zone making their main priority to get in to the safe zone to regain all vision. No where in the blue should you be able to see clearly. Island of Nyne does a good job in this aspect. PUBG is still at it baby step 1 at a time process which has fustrated me how slow they move or do not take other's implementations and make it their own. IMO the blue was poorly implemented and they are still doing their monkey wrench tweaking.
  13. after watching it closely, the bullet sails right over the shoulder between the neck region and missed. I cant slow down or pause it on this link so You will have to provide a video from youtube or such.
  14. First of all, you cant provide Replay Version of what happened because it is well known that the replay is very inaccurate to what happened to you in real time. from what you provided from what I can gather is that you have a AWM with a x8. the guy is very very big in your scope which indicates to me that he is within 100m. The AWM and M24 have high bullet velocity and highest range at I believe 100-90m? anyways knowing these stats he could def be within 100m from you making your bullet actually sail over them. Again you provided replay footage from PUBG. Well known to be very misleading in where you actually aimed at. Provide ingame real time footage from shadow play or record while you play. this is how you can show us the "thruth", also please dont cut out other parts like map and such because we can also gauge the distance too from it. after watching it closely, the bullet sails right over the shoulder between the neck region and missed. I cant slow down or pause it on this link so You will have to provide a video from youtube or such.
  15. um you do know that they are both partly owned by tencent? its a monopoly they got on both kids.