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  1. Bring back crouch jumping

    Sounds to me like they can't get rid of the bug to go through Windows so they just disabled the whole process. I believe jumping over objects mid way and crouching is needed to make things smoother or adding in jump to climb like socom did on socom 1 and 2.
  2. I Experienced, very low recoil AK users, I had experienced people snap looking in my direction when we have a full team up and I show skin for a second.
  3. i had mine right when I went into combat not the best time to lagg when someone is shooting a kar98 at you and you are throwing a smoke at them lul
  4. You ever just make that mistake?

    Seeing people while in bushes or tall grass should be a banable offense.
  5. Cheating has killed this game

    I had a guy in rozhok that was very fishy. He was fighting my team up a hill and I was shooting at his back. He then turns to me upon receiving damage and I was about 200 yards out sticking my upper part of my body from a concrete half wall. And he snaps to me firing directly at me hitting me consecutively 3 to 4 times. My buddy got.dropped within seconds I get shot at and hit like 100% I survive with 1hp and my other buddy finished him after he shot me and still does enough damage to him after he runs out of bullets. I will post this footage later tonight. His pin point focus on me was shady at most because of the different direction and how far I was.
  6. Cheating has killed this game

    We don't need a Rick grimezzz
  7. Something not right since update

    Post your footage and let us view your encounters.
  8. One punch head shot kill?

    I would like to see staggering effects when hitting someone with a punch or melee weapon so you can actually know you landed a strike and also make the game less slip and slide.
  9. Keep saying this. Make health packs heal just like bandaids and they won't be able to sustain in the blue. And if it does take time to heal there should be a heal intruption by any damage.
  10. You don't need one if you can have 2 primaries and a side arm. I felt having 2 primaries was a little too much to have at the start of the round. I still believe we need to find a rifle sling or holster to open up those slots. Also I feel like meeles need to be instant killers or disarming or staggering abilities for follow up shots.
  11. Skill 3pers vs FPP ?

    I try to use smokes flashes nades and moly to push people out of cover but even with the the new throwing mechanic its very tough to land a good made on someone behind objects. And the ability to see around corners allows people to spot that throw coming from a mile away.
  12. Melee overhaul?

    Lol true, I got lucky the dude went prone and stayed still even when he did his healing animation pushed me away from him on my first attempt.