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  1. NoonTimeDrunk

    PUBG still needs to work on finer details.

    Re Peek Mentality and getting shot and going back for more.
  2. NoonTimeDrunk

    Dynamic Circle

    use search engine top right, and put Quotations on what you want exactly. dynamic circles were not really talked about much till later on,
  3. NoonTimeDrunk

    Dynamic Circle

    Circles take forever. NoonTimeDrunk posted a topic in Archive Why isnt theredynamic circles yet from how many people are alive to each next circle? April 4 I got the idea from Island of Nyne when it first was playable. They seemed to have closed my post
  4. Here is a few things that continue to bother me and I feel like these things are a major problem in why PUBG feels the way it feels. not just buggy. but it lacks the human feel, it lacks implementing fear, it lacks punishing results when you deal damage to someone. PUBG IMO is robotic, its loose in the rules of reward vs punishment, there are alot of systematical parts in the game that are missing from standard games. you have a person who doesnt move untill the player physically pressed a directional button or changes stance after taking a shot in the back from a Sniper Rifle. But then you see them sprint full blast in 1 direction like they were not just shot, and then they snap to a location in the middle of open space and crouch and spray and pray. After getting shot by a sniper. now I am not saying they should make the person useless but they shouldnt allow the person to have full mobility when tanking a shot or have 100% accuracy during the general of time tanking a sniper bullet int he back. game doesnt reward taking your time, its built off of a Spread Sheet and DPS. Then you get people who re peek after taking damage and think its okay to re peek because its just damage, it doesnt effect me, I am almost dead but I can still bank on a Pistol fighting a SMG and out gun someone who had landed more shots on you than they did. This game is a joke, No matter how much lagg they fix, how much FPS I can retain. The game play sucks, its horrible, there is no basic concept of dealing damage how the repercussions develop when reacting to taking damage and what status it can be applied to people who are taking damage. This game is like people play like robots because the system makes it play like robots, people are not scared after being shot because there is nothing there to apply fear into the player, people peek because there are no suppressive or visual effects that happen when dirt or dust get kicked up in your face when someone is shooting a window frame that is right next to your face. wood splinters, sound and snaps flickering by your head would make someone react mentally and that is why games implement features like suppression and covering fire elements. being shot and being slowed down is one of those things that happen all the time in mid stride or even standing still. you dont just sit there and get shot and keep standing still at the same place the energy of the bullet impacting the player should push them, make them react a specific way or just play make them slower than usually till they get their bearings back. I am sorry but till they make this game more about surviving people will continue to play like robots and dont cherish their lives.
  5. NoonTimeDrunk

    How about bleeding?

    lol I dont get this, you get hurt you heal, you bleed you heal? I thin its more of a nuisance for people to look after their health but would rather fight than to survive. meh thats the concept I get from it.
  6. NoonTimeDrunk

    How about bleeding?

    to real for a robot to bleed
  7. NoonTimeDrunk

    Undo new Aim Punch

    I have been playing alot of TABG recently and I feel like they did a really good job in 1. Making weapons have balance and how they effect players depending on what type of armour they have on. this clip is when I am probably up against a AR and I have a sniper. This game looks wonky but in essence it plays very very realistic except for the jumping and flapping around. but put aside those silly parts of the game that make the game funny, you have weapon balance, you have reactions to getting shot that push you back, instead of standing in the exact same spot. which makes 2 tapping really hard, but also gives the person who got shot a second chance to re position. the Snipers have the ability to knock people down with a body shot which is really cool. in this footage even tho I did not snipe the dude dead, he got hit with a crunching shot that knocked him on the ground and could make him feel like I could push, what do I do? I use the time to loot and run off. in PUBG you get shot and you stand still, you then wonder where did I get shot, most people who get shot end up peaking to fight back without thinking okay I got shot maybe I should relocate. I keep saying this over and over and over, its the little details that make the game feel like a BR rather than it look like it.
  8. NoonTimeDrunk

    Whats the Point? - Event mode

    are the pistols 1 shot too? because if they are thats a little silly.
  9. NoonTimeDrunk

    MPG is here!

  10. NoonTimeDrunk

    Nade damage (again)

    3 feet is a yard a yard is about 1M first guy is just outside 3.5 M and the other is far from it. 3.5 M is not that big. and also that door could have reduced damage spray aswell. time to bust out the scaling ruler.....
  11. NoonTimeDrunk

    Find the Camper

    I am pretty sure the guy in the bush was already in the bush. spotted you shot you and you went to cover and you got hit while healing because he was still in the bush that could still see you.Beauty of 3rd person. 1st person he would have to stick out a little further forward to be able to shoot and see you, you would probably see more of an outline in that bush but sad we still play 3rd person games, Im sick of them.
  12. NoonTimeDrunk

    Robotic Feel when you shoot people

    non existent animations when shooting someone he just stood there in the leaning animation while tanking in each shot. its so robotic.