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  1. Wanting Region Lock is Not Xenophobic.

    there is no suspecting that some chinese cheaters are playing cross region in NA....its a fact...the issue is hurting the chinese who are legitmately playing cross region...
  2. i never had an issue with tk until china release. Game was awesome back then.
  3. didnt realize we were comparing, clearly yours is bigger, just thought talking about grass in general. and since both maps have grass its fair discussion.
  4. There is grass on Miramar, did you read the OP comments?
  5. working as intended....You assume they intended to have grass, but not have it provide cover? Really, where did you get this info? Some people render grass farther away than others. ....They never said it was working as intended..They only stated why it wasnt rendering at certain distances.....You could be hidden and someone takes 2 steps away from you and now you are in the wide open...c'mon man...Thats just silly. Just eliminate grass altogether. Just frustrating..Just admit the grass and hiding in it are a failure...people with different settings and rigs will see grass render at different distances or no?
  6. Penalties from teamkilling.

    You didnt need to say #2 since you said #1...There are no random servers where you can avoid the chinese....Not a one!
  7. Cheating Discussion

    Then im not understanding why its not working, If what the client sends has to match what the server has as "official" then how are people able to shoot thru hills? Everything ive read says this game is client side and thats why they cant stop the cheats, because the server side is not the dominant side. How bout an answer from the devs. ?
  8. Cheating Discussion

    isnt the game all client side so theres nothing they can do without redoing the entire game?
  9. we are almost to death circle, better full boost!!!!
  10. Lost Streamers?

    ninja doc summit shroud josh have all moved to fortnite or at least they are playing less pubg and more fortnite...its a trend going downhill for pubg. people are tired of the cheating and BH inability to do anything remotely successful regarding cheaters....or ping lock , or anything that would stem the cheating.....anything at all....
  11. did reshade get banned as stated on Feb 5th?
  12. Selling the game to countries where people cant connect to a server with a decent ping should not have been done..Its just wrong i think. I mean they had to know someone in africa would have trouble playing on servers in europe....Gheesh. I dont think they cared.
  13. Give us pinglock and better anticheat

    doing many things and accomplishing very little doesnt help much... It would help if they would communicate more than "its delayed" ....
  14. Developer update re: “ping lock” development

    battle eye twitter specifically said VAST MAJORITY which is between 75% and 95%....so at a minimum 75% of the cheaters are from china...not some employee over the phone.