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    the most successful game of all time needs help? Its not like they had to build each copy they sold. They make one and copy it....kind of like a cd. There are not 3 milllion people playing at all times concurrently , look at ques for certain regions. This has nothing to do with a revenue stream....it has to do with them not fixing issues that have been around since day one yet keep pumping out paid content.....I mean really what would they have done if they sold zero copies of the game.....? Not a one of really knows what they are doing with their money or how many employees they staff for each department....Who knows if they have 25 people making crates and 5 people working on code...Or vice versa....people expect improvements...And if it wasnt about money and just his "dream" of his game then why not return more of the profit to R and D..i mean he didnt care about the money. so put it back into the game.....lol, didnt care about money.
  2. Officer Ovaries

    Counter measure to proning

    usually people who prone arent that good. just keep that head on a swivel.
  3. Officer Ovaries

    Give europeans a break...

    not EVERYONES queues were incredibly high. Only regions with low player counts.
  4. Officer Ovaries

    Give europeans a break...

    that makes sense,but that not even close to what Ropo Daniel who is a mod said.....Thx for keeping us straight. They should hire you and fire robo daniel.
  5. Officer Ovaries

    Give europeans a break...

    then why do we have regions? why? and yes its hard to understand..Why do asians have to play on NA region. When they are in my RANDOM squad they arent playing with friends in my country because the other 2 are my irl friends...is that so hard to understand?
  6. Officer Ovaries


    them not fixing the cheating is stupid. Shroud didnt help anything by doing what he did. Now hes gonna have even more stream snipers and flying cars following him around.
  7. mine quit during the chinese hacking invasion of 2017, and wont reinstall.....
  8. i think map selection would be a great idea!!!!!
  9. Officer Ovaries


    i highly doubt they will stop the cheating, vehicles have been flying around for months. If they knew how or wanted to stop it they would have already.....i dont agree with your assessment that him cheating is gonna help...If they really give a crap they would have banned that account and him indefinitely....Not for a month knowing he has multiple accounts, probably paid for by them im sure.....I mean really , he has skins in the game. You think they really hurt him by banning him..Its just a show, nothing more!
  10. Officer Ovaries


    just be patient, the people who write code are a separate team....They have various teams working on different issues.
  11. Officer Ovaries


    Their number #1 Steamer was teaming with cheaters and just making a mockery of their ANTI CHEAT system, people flying all over in buses and dacias....What a joke.....So they ban him but its ok for him to keep playing on another account so they dont really want him to stop playing....Something like this SHOULD be very embarrassing to them, but they dont seem to care....A 30 day ban for blatantly cheating or teaming with cheaters is a joke...Should be a lifetime ban as he was doing it intentionally....Not by accident...on purpose..... edit: i know he was being stream sniped, but thats not an excuse...
  12. Officer Ovaries


    performance wont improve for some time...They said in patch notes they are planning to develop plans to fix the game in the future. so please be patient. Just wait for the 2019 roadmap. Its just going downhill....over 50 % of games are players back to PLAYING OUT OF REGION....cant understand randoms.... get trolled by randoms....and they all speak some foriegn language...korean, chinese, so sad.... I DONT NEED A 2 SECOND MATCHMAKING WITH OUT OF REGION PLAYERS..iLL GLADLY WAIT 2 MINS FOR PEOPLE WHO SPEAK MY LANGUAGE....
  13. Officer Ovaries

    Stop Jerking it And Fix Your Game

    thats a separate team working on the banners.....just give them time....They care they really do.... about your MONEY!!
  14. Officer Ovaries

    What Even Is This Desync

    or let the server take more time to find people with lower pings...Matchmaking takes zero time, but the lobby is full of foreigners AGAIN.....Must be because the game is dying in the USA and not as many people are playing....Or they have changed something regarding region and matchmaking....
  15. relax, just a month or so ago they apologized and said they would be more proactive about responding and keeping us in the loop....Soon as they get a crate or 2 more done they will reply im sure.