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  1. I need help

    its something ive noticed since last patch. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt....
  2. Default region is asia

    fix this please.
  3. Flinching while being shot

    dont turn this game into squad or rising storm.
  4. Blue Circle Moving speed

    if you put your gun away you run faster as well.
  5. Blue Circle Moving speed

    the circle speed is fine. The first circle needs to be larger, by about 15%. Then if you die its because you looted to long.
  6. Who is the oldest KID playing PUBG

    43, been playing since rtcw.
  7. Rain

    we need a night time game with findable nvgs, either scope or helmet mounted attachments..... and if you sit still for more than 30 secs a campfire sprouts up beside you..
  8. Solution for fixing the bot issue in PUBG

    ill fix this tonight by dropping undercover with the afk's each round tonight to start...Ill make a game of it to kill all the afk's and then try and get to loot and circle....There wont be any botting on the US servers tonight....
  9. thats the beauty of the ELO, since im such a terrible player ill never be in a game with a hacker unless its their first one...
  10. Disable shooting while jumping

  11. Disable shooting while jumping

    red orchestra, storm rising, no bunnies. squad no bunnies try those.
  12. Opinion on the tournament so far

    Id say it was hard to even tell what was going on, with the camera and casters being on completely different pages 95% of the time.....Yes there were some un popular ways people made it to the end....but its part of the game..
  13. Disable shooting while jumping

    eh, im immersed..i enjoy it, but to each his own....bunny hopping has been around since the beginning of gaming......Maybe try Arma, you might enjoy the immersion more.
  14. Opinion on the tournament so far

    if i had to guess its because of the crap storm hes been a part of for the last few weeks. And im sure they didnt want negative publicity or drama.... anyone agree?
  15. Opinion on the tournament so far

    thats how people play when money is on the line. Money has ruined every sport it has touched.....its unfortunate, but its life...