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  1. That's what i do, i drop everything but 5 bullets and my ump in the grass outside buildings im pushing, that way if i die they dont get my meds or secondary gun or utility belt..
  2. sorry to harp on but....

    i'd love to see the plane screaming along at like 400 ft off the ground and everyones chutes dont have time to open and we all splat like little bugs everywhere in pochinki. now that would be hilarious
  3. That being said, then there should be a penalty or ban for squads of 3 who wont place a marker, wont help 4th or communicate with them and bolt in a car leaving 4th , just so they have 1 less person to worry about for the round.....there will always be something Or we could just leave and keep joining lobbies until we get 4 people with mics who arent dicks.
  4. Stream Snipe Discussion

    He cries way more than DR, Viss, Break,Josh, Summit, or maybe its the whining, not crying. Man up and restart the round. I mean its not like hes getting paid to die.....O wait he is...or maybe its his arrogance that rubs me wrong....
  5. Stream Snipe Discussion

    ive watched enough to know he cries when he dies. And gets way more upset and claims people are cheating.....he has started a few witch hunts himself in my opinion. Its funny that you think people shouldnt think he cheats when he blatantly calls people cheaters on his streams with zero proof....lmao, the hypocrisy is thick here man.
  6. Stream Snipe Discussion

    Stream snipers should be banned.... Ill agree with that, what i think people are upset about is banning without evidence as in the case with shroud.....everyone has watched the video... no way lotoe was cheating....im all for banning legit stream snipers but dont catch innocents up in their rush to show some appreciation to a streamer they like...Not all pubg streamers have a hot line to the Devs, just the special ones.
  7. Stream Snipe Discussion

    3rd party advantage from his chat.....hmm thats pretty cheap!!!! and its not fair to the other players in the game who dont have a chat to lean on......
  8. Stream Snipe Discussion

    by interact with the chat you mean, telling so and so thx for subscribing, or thx for the donation so and so....Thats the only interaction they have with the chat while ingame.... lmao, interact , lmao puuullleeeeaaaassseeee.....while i think stream sniping is cheap, its not something that should be banning people for....interact with chat, hahahaha!!! not one of the top streamers interact with chat during rounds of battlegrounds...unless they have been killed or are riding in a car someone else is driving....interact with chat, ahahahaha
  9. Stream Snipe Discussion

    No innocents should be caught up in the confusion....Anyone watching the video could clearly see Shrout in a firefight for over a minute....Guess what? Firefights draw referees and the referee was banned.... He was in firefight over a min long.... wasnt watching his back and ran to loot a body he had just killed.....All rookie moves and then when he got shot by referee he cried....its bs to ban someone over something like this..... I could care less if a streamer has 15k viewers....Hes not more important than the guy who was falsely banned.....period!!!!!
  10. What is the horn for?

    Lol, i love the horn, i just think its stupid of bluehole to say someone would only join a streamers game because they want to streamsnipe someone. Couldnt possibly be that he wants to test himself against his favorite streamer....Then when the horn was implemented streamers started bitching about stream honking....Well clearly bluehole wants people to stream honk since there is no other reason they would put a horn in a car other than for it to be honked....just pointing out the poor thinking or wording on responses from bh
  11. Stream Snipe Discussion

    no one is saying streamers shouldnt be cared for, but to ban people when their is no other evidence than circumstancial, like in lotoe case its silly.....Streamers talking in chat about making a quick call to get someone banned should also be looked into as thats a streamer trying to bully people. Its how they handle things and perception. ive seen streamers belittle players they've just killed and had their chat "go after" people....Streamers need to be held to some standard especiallly if the company is going to make special rules to protect them.....Then they are representing the company and need to act as such.....
  12. What is the horn for?

    id go with Stream Honker, just to get their panties in a bunch!
  13. What is the horn for?

    ive seen them, what i cant understand is what the Devs thought people would use them for?