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  1. Fact of the day:

    we used to call it refereeing
  2. luck not skill..

    DILLY DILLY, i know my skills have improved since i started playing and watching TSM Viss on twitch...Hes very tactical and they play for the long game. I know after watching the second tournament that my squad have started trying out some of the tactics that were used....People are getting smarter and not just rushing every willy nilly... People have a plan now.
  3. luck not skill..

    You could change the circles to make them slower but them people would just wait longer to move....All this change has done is required people to speed up their decision making process.....
  4. East and west

    why do the chinese want to play in NA servers so much? Is there not a server closer to china than NA? anyone from china or a friend of a chinese living in the NA answer this? Since there are so many of them living in NA , lets hear from one of them. please
  5. East and west

    out of those 4 million how many are gamers....and how many game but dont speak english....I'd bet those numbers are pretty low....The strange thing which i think blows up the whole "but i live in american and want to play with my friends in china" argument was that this problem didnt exist before they started selling the game in china for $30. That is when the whole china thing got out of hand so it doesnt have anything to do with playing with buddies on another continent.
  6. maybe he got disconnected and reconnected
  7. Thinking about it

    why were you banned?
  8. i would be all for people in North America voting on whether to allow other countries onto our NA servers... Yes that would be acceptable.
  9. i have a team and a teamspeak channel, they dont play 24/7 so about half the time i que for squads.....
  10. well, 95 out of 100 people i meet in my country(united states) speak english. and the ones that dont dont play video games....
  11. ill not disagree, but i would imagine the chinese living in the usa speak english for the most part and are not part of the problem....its not a factime app, its a game. And its a problem that JUST popped after they started a chinese market....
  12. China banning PUBG

  13. i'd love to see the actual stats of people living in china playing with friends in USA, thats rich. I mean i know i like to play from california with my pals in NUMBA ONE., and my pals in europe...NOT...who really thinks there are a lot of chinese scattered around the world using pubg to keep up with each other. lol. By considerable number you mean like .0001%???
  14. i was wondering this when they said china got the game for half what the rest of us paid...And they grief the most on NA servers....If they pay half price please keep them off our NA servers.
  15. ya, whats up with the smg's that wont take smg attachments?