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  1. SoutieZA

    How do I get my money back

  2. SoutieZA

    Explosions lag sound loop

    This exact issue still happens to me. Drivers updated to the latest and it still happens. Grenade or bomb zone effects it bad. FAR to many times thrown my headphones off my head due to this rubbish.
  3. SoutieZA

    Jumping from plane puts you in a random direction?

    Care to translate your shared topic and answer to English please.
  4. AVG is a virus on its own. Run a paid antivirus program other than free ones. I personally use BitDefender <-- Just me but there is others. Keep your gaming rig clean from roaches out there.
  5. SoutieZA

    PUBG crashes

    I wont be so bold as to confirm and say yes, But the game is still early access. once the release happens they do plan of bringing better performance to players.
  6. SoutieZA

    PUBG crashes

    Can confirm this. Last night ( 08.11.2017) constant squad crashes and shadowplay issues with recording. grabbed some juice and updated the drivers in the passing time. Rebooted computer and did not crash with around 6 games after the update. Launch either Geforce Experience and check for driver updates. Or navigate your GPU card in the link for Nvidia and grab the new drivers for your respective card and OS http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx
  7. SoutieZA

    Enemy disappeared when shot with mini14

    Nooooooooo because the island is such a quiet place where many people apparently lived, He run past and was like "OH LOOK"
  8. SoutieZA

    New server locations

    When you game in South Africa as i do, you come to expect the game lag and delays from playing EU servers. 200 or 200+ is what i am used to and have been since early days of World of Warcraft. Still to date when i play the lag is still there so yes i do agree the SA servers would be fantastic but ya, LAG it is we live with till we get servers i guess
  9. SoutieZA

    Low FPS with free CPU and RAM power

    Good day @Przeokrutny only information i can provide to you is that last night i tried this out myself. My system before used to be configured at all very low settings with resolution 1920x1080 (Windowed) border less and i ran around 40 FPS at any given time. Last night i tried no windowed mode or border less and set it to straight 190x1080 and beefed up the Anti Aliasing to high, i am running at a stable 40-50 FPS and never really drops below 40.
  10. SoutieZA


    Also keep in mind @Homestream, Other games for myself i am able to also run higher FPS with my same gaming rig. BF4 for example i set Ultra and my FPS was a steady 80-90. PUBG is running the UnrealEngine and demands a intense fair amount more than regular games. Also keep that into consideration.
  11. SoutieZA


    Running a i5 4670K - GTX 760 4GB - 8GB 1333 DDR3 and i run around 40-50 FPS in general. there is places it drops but i am on low. Game is pretty and all but i think you going to need to beef up that memory of yours if you want to get FPS up especially if you on horrid memory like i am running.
  12. SoutieZA

    New server locations

    Greetings ButterDman. Game is playable at the moment i would say, I am not a GREAT gamer and i currently enjoy it a lot. Kills happen if you smart enough and as long as you are the only one on your line gaming at that moment and no one else is facebooking or anything else, you good to go.. As they say they want to see where usage is coming from. And if there is us SA's playing im sure they will add servers.
  13. SoutieZA

    New server locations

    South African Servers please if you would be so kind Yes we are a gaming community on Africa and we enjoy the game. Please fellas.