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  1. Enemy spotted key.

    Adding it makes it another BF platform. If you spot someone and you call it. Press "M" to open map and scroll into the position of the last sighting, Drop a marker so your team can scale in on that location.
  2. Finally a comment where a keyboard warrior somewhere in the world has left. The whole reason this is left here is to address and make them aware. If its not then they can correct it... We as the community play and provide feedback and MANY of us may not see this issue or even bother to record it.
  3. South African Servers

    Reason has been listed up above @DarkFlame That is not going to assist us in anyway signing the petition.
  4. Remove bars from windows

    ^^^^^^ This hahaha I've had a good lol. I agree they are there for a reason and makes for the situation more intense. Especially when a nade bounces back because of that bar... The below happens
  5. Is Bettleground good?

    By the take of you coming to the forum and already showing interest towards PUBG, you are already a gamer of some sort. This meaning you must have played BF3 or BF4 or similar games alike. Pretty sure you have access to YouTube and already watched many uploads around PUBG. Does any of these videos speak to you and DRAW your interest towards the game at all? That is a question only you can answer. As for myself Yes its good. And even better with friends.
  6. Rewards for active Test Server users

    Like the idea very much, Does not have to be sold at all but merely a item held by you until you a old man/lady not playing anymore. Just a token to show you participated and helped towards the final project.
  7. Weapon suggestion: AEK 971 and others

    You want another lockers scenario at the final circle . At least here you wont need to throw a med pack on the ground and peek a corner.No noob tubes blasting from a distance. We are however seeing the introduction of the AUG dropping in the care packages. They can remove the clothes from in-game spawn and place more guns i agree.
  8. Should use Discord On a server where there is always two teams of 4 players at nights. BTW what region are you from? Did not state in your details
  9. Jumping from plane puts you in a random direction?

    Care to translate your shared topic and answer to English please.
  10. South African Servers

    Feel the same boys... Reason below is why we wont see any... There is no Amazon ins SA https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/ http://mscloud.be/azure-locations-regions-datacenters-fault-domains-update-domains-clusters-availability-sets/ Most welcome. This comes from Ismaelz in post
  11. Do You Reach This Point?

    Due to me living in South Africa and the lag being really - REALLLLYYY bad at times i find myself in this situation way to often, However playing solo is alright i guess, however i play with guys in a duo or squad at times (Not always) and its great fun. The guys i play with make it a fun game and yes we have snatched plenty wins doing so. When I say I lag - Shots no not always reach the target EVEN if the guy realizes i am shooting at him and stands still to shoot back. MANY times he kills me and Im like WTF (Keyboard rage) kajbhsjhdbgakjwebndfabsfbakjbkwfaw I SHOT HIM FIRST - The point is YES i sit with this situation however playing with friends and taking the game for what it is makes it all the worth. I Have found myself playing some Paladins in steam a calmer for my nerves. Play a few rounds of Paladins before i land in PUBG to get the nerves calm again and ready to battle all you awesome people in the map. Make the game your own with challenges even if you want to, Land at Mylta all the time and ONLY use a bike for transport - Make the game fun with the places and vehicles that isn't so fun. If you want i can leave you the discord channel and you can join up with the German guy we play with and other players. Its a mature group of course and real great guys.
  12. South-African Servers

    Yeah man we have a Discord channel with Germans and Europe guys would join us also.
  13. South-African Servers

    100 Topics with this suggestion. I am not blowing your suggestion or topic over. I am all for it as i am also from SA and face the same issue. Topics have been made ages ago yet we receive nothing. Is it not like our Government Look at all the requests. Dates show it all

    There is a petition out where South Africans are signing daily. However this is not enough for them to launch. They want to see ACTIVE players on servers and not how many people sign or how many from SA buy the game. So for example its all good that 10,000 people sign and get it going. But for servers to be active they need to see X amount of players online at any given time of the day to full servers. This is the issue we are currently facing
  15. I have two great friends who i would rather call brothers. From when expansion The Burning Crusade came out for World of Warcraft we have been playing And still are