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  1. Game only keeps me coming back thanks to Discord and a few friends that still play. Steam friends list only displayed PUBG that people are playing from my side. Now its other games
  2. Draw on map

    Yep. Gave a like and hopefully a bump with the comment.
  3. This topic is utterly useless. You knew WEEKS ago that ReShade was going to be removed. Hackers will still remain as the update did not say they will REMOVE hackers completely. Its a implication towards fighting the hackers. Bettering the system.
  4. Remove clothing as loot spawn

    Made me LoL hard now reading this, scrolled up to make sure you not trolling and true AF there is four
  5. Smaller Map?

    Good idea, however lets first get the function to select what map we would like to play on. don't know how many times i play the same map 5 times over before the new map kicks in. Map ends and HEY.. Back to the same old map once again.
  6. Poll: Return weather modes

    Like spawn locations on the maps with weapons and cosmetic items, Fog could also be implemented the same way. Have the spawn of thicker fog and thinner fog at random locations and not one massive white screen that was meant to be fog. Keep it real like thicker up high and thinner down low and intense in water locations. I personally would like more change to the maps. Just one mans opinion
  7. PUBG Game modes

    Exactly that. So for example we aimed to get a vehicle before attending to weapons. Riding someone over and obtaining their weapons or gear. This Challenge/Mode we were not allowed to loot anything from the floor. (Vehicle first / Kill someone / Loot and try get that KFC dinner) <-- One of the many challenges to be populated
  8. PUBG Game modes

    Let me correct myself regarding this. Its not a server we playing on at all rather the live servers you would even be playing the same time as us. The little something he is working on with not giving to much info is on the side. Call it a app if you will to generate a specific mode for that round. So you and your squad are ready, before landing and running a mock the app will random a mode of Xbow only, or protecting the president to mention two. So this is the direction we are heading to make the game (Simply fun again) for us and maybe others in the process.
  9. PUBG Game modes

    Greetings you smashing people, SOOOO besides the landing and running to loot for your life (and dying) What game modes have you seen or played yourself with a Duo or Squad? Reason for this topic is a friend is scripting something to run on the side (Scripted of course) that will generate a mode to be played with factors involved. There is a few running at the moment but we need inspiration people, INSPIRATION. Throw some ideas around of what you have played or what you know of. If someone mentions something you would have mentioned quote it and drop something else regarding it. (Like the post as well comeon.....) This plans to take off soon soon and will drop a link to the progress of whats happened. Get typing
  10. Look i can relate, Game has some issues still that is lingering that can be addressed before cosmetic items are released. I play as a squad 99% of the time and random crashes with people in my squad are SERIOUS S&%T. We spend most of the time exiting to lobby and getting everyone to the lobby just to attempt the round again. Encountered issues where joining as squad and someone would disconnect, the person that leaves the lobby would be out the team. When he rejoins we cannot see him with a icon above his head and he is a enemy essentially to us due to not knowing where he could be. I played around 10 games last night before hitting the sack and around 4 games were early hackers. Behind a crate and a Kar98 to the face from the next compound. Pistol shits where the guy takes our whole team out, replays on all are head shots with 0 recoil and that gun was perfectly aimed at our heads (Oh BTW all four of us were aiming at him)
  11. How do I get my money back

  12. Explosions lag sound loop

    This exact issue still happens to me. Drivers updated to the latest and it still happens. Grenade or bomb zone effects it bad. FAR to many times thrown my headphones off my head due to this rubbish.
  13. Xbox hackers already

    So this is the dale-ma. Such accusations, such hack, such pistol shooter. Many kills - WOW. The world we live in today has MANY means of proving someone innocent guilty or at the wrong. Provide us with some evidence you encountered and all these comments stop
  14. South African Servers

    Reason has been listed up above @DarkFlame That is not going to assist us in anyway signing the petition.
  15. Remove bars from windows

    ^^^^^^ This hahaha I've had a good lol. I agree they are there for a reason and makes for the situation more intense. Especially when a nade bounces back because of that bar... The below happens