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  1. If they wanted us to just shoot it out, they would just build your basic COD arena, drop in 100 guys with pre selected weaponlayouts .... Oh gosh, thats what the events are for, … silly me. But in the main game they gave us options and space but the whole community seems to have some kind of tunnelvision that there is only one type of playstyle. As many have said before, you only have to kill 1 player to win and sometimes you get lucky and don't even need to.
  2. No it isn't. People only seem to idolize players/streamers that can insta kill someone on 200m1 distance within half a sec using a burst of three spot on bullets. That's why everybody is complaining about technical issues. They want to copy that behavior, but the game wasn't build for that kind of play, but still everybody keeps complaining. These issues wouldn't even be a 'thing' if people cared less about that kind of engagement and tried other methods of outsmarting the opponents rather than just reflex and relying on latency. The developers gave you an open world to use creatively but the largest group of players can only show one typical kind of playstyle.
  3. I'm hoping players will stop focusing on the killing aspect of this game and try to have other ways of having fun. This game wasn't designed as some kind of death match experience but everyone seems to think it is.
  4. First they should update the lobby. Its very confusing how selecting a squad works and how to become a survivor. I tried it, and it seems that the same players get to play survivor over and over. That makes this game mode unrewarding and unpopular. Solution: They should make it so that all can select a squad to play or just join like the other game modes. Then after the game has started the squad(s) will be picked by the server that play survivor. Don't randomize the chance to get picked! Squads with the most total circles survived (to discourage afk farming of playtime, or disconnecting all the time) as a zombie will be picked first. Add some big bonus for killing a survivor to inspire zombie players to hunt. After they played survivor their zombie playstats counter will be reset. Seems like a fair solution. But this will never happen because this will add another playmode that divides the community ...
  5. BenVenNL

    Explain Something to me.....

    Well it wasn't their idea in the first place. They were forced into it by the community. Remember when the game got it's first major attention? Remember what the trailer looked like? What the feel and the message was they were trying to transfer? You saw players traversing terrain solo, scouting villages, moving through swamps and other dessolated placed. Only a few one on one or teamwork encounters in those trailers. Mostly a message of stealth and survival. And now? Seen the later trailers? Not a frame without some gun blazing, some thing exploding or on fire. Loads of characters on screen. The original idea fitted the netcode perfectly. With everybody going solo spread out over the map. Then the BF /CoD crowd came over. High on soft drinks they came spamming the forums for squadmodes, FPP, death match type of game play. Al things related to fast low latency gameplay. A thing where thing this game wasn't build to handle. Wanting the to be your generic run&gun shooter only in a different setting. But now BH has done it. They f***ed up the game. No, its all people out there who's minds can't accept a different kind of gameplay, a change of pace from all the generic shooters out there. You all f****ed this game up.
  6. BenVenNL

    Sanhok pass missions.

    You know the whole idea is that you fail, not succeed, right?
  7. Not a word about the timelength of the event. Only a wordt about the nature of unlockables and how long you can keep them. I think people don't mind missions to unlock certain items, but don't make them too rediculous. It adds some fun and goals in general. But why the 1 month period??? As a player that only plays for 4-6 hours a week I'd never buy it bacause I won't even get passed level 4 within a month. Why should I spend €10,- on that?
  8. What if people only play solo or only play squads? They will get even less a day. I bet some of the missions require a well communicating squad to fulfill. If you are trying to complete a mission and you can't communicate with your squad about your intentions it will be ridiculously hard to complete. My foremost complaint is the timeframe in which this all should happen. I'm buying a pass, I want to take my time completing it. Even if it takes me a whole year to do so.
  9. So what you are telling us is ... BH needs to give you more stuff you can sell for $/€, so you can buy items without investing you own money. To put it in other words, you only want free stuff.
  10. BenVenNL

    How can this be a hit?

    Well I've seen totally different aim in my own recorded replays. My character aiming at a different spot as I originally did. Nothing strange there. In slow motion the guy wasn't even finished getting his scope into view before he took the shot. But it could be that the players perspective isn't updated as often as shots getting fired. So he may have been aiming with scope for 2 seconds. Who knows. If they would tell us what data is getting send every tick we might understand better.
  11. BenVenNL

    Event Pass 80XP Limit Cap Per Day

    You will have to play every day for several hours. If you want to make up for lost time by using the weekends to invest extra time, ... well too bad, you can't. Very unfair system. Only in favor of no-lifes.
  12. I liked some of the items the event offered. Now knowing I was about to pay €10,- to be obligated grinding for a month. Else it would be a waste of money. I play maybe 2-3 times a week for a few hours. Maybe I get 4-5 kills a session. I'm a very passive player. How the h*** am I going to get the 100 kills mission completed??? Let alone all the other stuff. I don't mind the goals, its an incentive to play. I don't mind to pay for it. This game made me €40,- by selling items, I don't mind reinvesting. But taking it away after 30 days if I don't commit grinding for multiple hours a day. F**k this sh*t.🤬 I mostly support the decisions the team makes, but this is getting ridiculous.
  13. I like some of the items you can unlock with the Pass. Didn't read much about it yet, wasn't very clear to me what it does and what the rules behind it are. So I'm supposed to buy something for €10,- that only lasts a month!! Then I have to commit into playing 4 hours a day to get all the unlocks in time while having a job that costs me 50 hours a week, three kids to feed and raise a wife to keep happy, watch Netflix series and work out for a few hours a week. You greedy basterds!!!!🤬
  14. BenVenNL

    Map choser gone? Why? Dafuq?

    Yes, ... , it's obvious you must be the most important customer to them. It's a shame they treat you like this.
  15. BenVenNL


    Only once I accused someone of cheating in 12 months of playing. But there could be more. The problem with this is, someone posts a video of a flying car on some platform. A 100k people see this and talk about it amongst each other, like they all saw proof of flying cars. All of a sudden there are cheaters everywhere because everybody is talking and complaining. Maybe all we are seeing is footage of 2 or 3 players using this hack. Only the extraordinary events make it to the web and it suddenly looks like an epidemic.