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  1. Idea for game

    Can we make that 'getting killed' instead of 'killing'. I would be full of bling!
  2. Sold 4 crates and a red coat. Earned me around €34,-. Bought 'Dead Space 2' for €2,49 and are having loads of fun with it. Even tried the multiplayer of this 7y old game. Only 4 players online (worldwide I guess ... ) but still had more fun with it than this thing at the moment.
  3. Cheating Discussion

    I don't watch those guys but I wonder if some of those streamers also suddenly started to suck after a patch.
  4. Just finished a custom zombie mode game. Strange finish. The 4-player squad arrives on bike and buggy and stay in the blue. This was already 6th or 7th circle. They just stayed there shooting zombie mobs from the safety of the blue. I was lying in the grass, and they didn't heal them selves. After there were maybe 10 zombies left they walked in. So yeah, I've seen players survive in the blue.
  5. Always the same over here too. Suspicious player, look him up, no stats available.
  6. Yesterday I started my evening playing Solo. My last play session was already a week ago. Although I cleared my schedule, planned on gaming for two and a half hours, putting in some effort, 3 games in I was standing in the starting area and just quit to the lobby, went downstairs to watch some Netflix. No, I don't encouter cheaters much, most of the time I'm dead before that fase starts. After last season ending in top 0,28% I'm now 67% or something. The thrill is gone. The new map is just dull. I just can't be bothered anymore. I like to see that Zombiemode launch. Just for a change of pace. But no word of it yet while there are a lot of nice looking vids on Youtube.
  7. Who else dodges Miramar?

    On miramar I feel there are islands of cover in an ocean of sniperfire. On errangel it feels like a web of cover with lethal open sniperspaces in between. I'Il prefer errangel. You have only certain parts of the map to travel, but still there is more often a path with cover without it forcing you to cross open terrain for the next cover.
  8. Cheating Discussion

    We all know 'stuff is done' to prevent cheating. I think the crowd will be more satisfied with awnsers like: "We progammed a new routine into the servers. The locations of players that can't be seen from a clients perspective are now kept hidden by the server, even if they are in a 1 km radius, so cheat software can't pick them up". Or solutions like "Every gamenow has virtual players inside it. Spamming thousands of virtual players around the map confusing possible aimbots and other cheats. They cannot be seen by the client, and do not compete for the endresulrt, but their coördinates are indistiguishable from the real players, by moving around randomly." Then we know there is really a solution in place to combat hacking. Instead of 'something being done' at 'some priority' level.
  9. Sorry, no. There is still too much sniping going on. This will give them even more of an advantage.
  10. Where are all the guns?

    I personally think you got master skill if you can beat any foe in any situation with any type of weapon. You have no skill or little skill if you can only function with one particular layout, leaning on one particular playstyle. The lack of weapons makes people more skilled.
  11. Broken Bullet Physics?

    Pause the game at around 8 sec. While unzooming. You see the bullet has hit 'the ground'. Not on the hill he is on but the one between you and him. Texture and collision model appearantly aren't the same.
  12. I don't get you guys. The brilliance of the game is it's randomness. Always some unexpected factor that makes the current different from the last. Forcing to adapt and play a somewhat different game. Making map and weather selectable will just make this game the same as all the AAA titles around. Adapt 1 particular playstyle and abuse this until you get bored of this repetative grind and switch games to grind in a different setting. And then you guys all reply: "I'm going to quit if I can't chose". You knew that when you purchased the game. This games setup is somewhat different from BF/CoD. And everyone is trying to push this game into the same direction as those titles. We have plenty of games where a dozen things can be preselected, enjoy a different challenge for a change.

    You really got a point here. It would be best to choose a game mode, and no choice in region. The player will get connected to the fastest connection available. Squad play would be different. Connecting to the server that gives the lowest ping result for the player with the worst connection. To not make it too restricted have a cap of around 50 for one or a squad of players below which no selection takes place and the player(s) are connected to the first available session immediately.
  14. Zombie mode

    So, I've seen footage from June last year of a zombiemode running pretty good already. Looks like a nice change of pace. When will it go live? My only remark to what I've seen so far. Why let zombies drop from a plane? That's just silly. Let those players just place a marker on the map so they are somewhere on the ground when the 'victems' fly over. If you don't pick a spot you will be dropped randomly in one of a few towns center of the map. Maybe on top of the lootspots in houses, these spots are already in the game so you can just move the player there like moving the player from Island to a spot on the plane.
  15. I check them too. Now with the Deathcam you can just ALT+TAB to your browser and look a guy up. The suspicious ones I found had just as crappy stats as mine. So it had just been luck. ... and yes, most players here also get lucky once in a while pulling off some amazing feat in a blink of an eye, and seem to forget it so quickly ...