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  1. BenVenNL

    You nerfed loot - Why?

    Whoohoo finally! I totally support these things. The more scarce things get the less the focus will lie in the shooting part. Now people will have to adapt to a situation where the don't Always get what they want. (Boohooo I can't function without my fully equipped M416 … )
  2. The foillage is drawn within a 75m1 radius with a vof going up to around 110' for TPP. But when you use a 4x scope, objects measured will get 4 times as big. Your VOF will probably be around 25-30'. This covers a lot smaller area. Adding to this, the focused part through the scope is maybe half your screen. Ending up with something like a 10-15' VOF through the scope. The rest is of it is blurred. I think it's safe to assume the normal view is not going through the hassle of 'rendering' the full 360' field around you. It's probably clipped just outside your VOF. By scoping you get a much smaller view. I don't get why not having to render 85% of the normal view is put to use in rendering additional the distances? Just clip off more at the edges. Im too lazy to really calculate this but I think there is room for distances up to 200m1 when using 4x scope. Even more when using 8x or 12x.
  3. To add. Erangel for example has a slower pace, wich isn't a bad thing, but the frustrating part of this map is there are way too many locations where you have to travel through open terrain getting shot at from 400m by some guy in some bush on top of some hill. It feels more like a lottery than a game where positioning makes a difference somehow. As does Miramar but with Errangel its easier to fix. What they could do with Errangel is taking all the yellow fields of vegitation and make them 1 m1 high cornfields. That would be an interesting change. Imagine a situation where a player had to get to the other side of such a field on foot. He could run, sticking his head above the corn. Would be the quickest, but well noticeable from the hills around. He could crouch or crawl, a lot slower but better hidden. Render distance of corn could be a lot different from the basic grassy vegetation. Just a long wall like stretch of corn textures in a fixed 0,5x0,5 m1 grid from far away should do the trick. Hiding players on long distances. The marsh on the southeast of Errangel is just a tiny fraction of the landmass that a lot of people avoid because it slows the players down but not as much as vehicles. For them its a trap to get stuck in. A bigger marsh would be a welcome change of pace on this map. A place where vehicles have a difficult time. Maybe a new and bigger location more centered on the map. Like the big grassy field between Poshinky and The School. Giving players a choice to traverse on foot or go around in a vehicle Right now its just a location no one ever visits. Sanhok is really better designed, I feel every part of the map is somehow interesting.
  4. So you just want Miramar and Errangel to be a Sanhok map with different textures. I agree Sanhok is more playable map though.
  5. BenVenNL

    How did he survive this???

    When things happen this quickly, you can lower the speed of the replay to 0.25. Should make things more clear to the viewer. Also, getting a bit closer with the camera, so all the action isn't in just 10% of the screen would also help clarify things.
  6. Seem to me the distance calculated to apply to sound is only done horizontally, vertical distance isn't taken into account. Also easy to fix.
  7. I agree on this. Lower those sounds in general. Especially the crouching/crawling kind. Maybe we could give the audible system some depth. Press Shift to hold breath and increase focus, like when scoping, will lower ambient sounds and make footsteps more clear. Up to the level they are now. Should be an easy enough task for the sounddepartment.
  8. Did anyone figure out the particular VOFs when scoped? Or know where to find this data? Thnx!
  9. Well, I didn't notice any cheaters, at least, aimbots and player ESP. I have the feeling there are more Loot ESP players around than other types of cheating. Happens very often I get killed by someone who is fully kitted within the first 5 minutes. But that off course is a hard thing to prove.
  10. BenVenNL

    How can i call this feature ?

    I believe its the Alt button. You can also use it to pick up a part of ammo when its still on the floor. I'd often like to take 14 out of 15 rounds. It will look like noone has been there to loot.
  11. BenVenNL

    Adventure Time!

    Easy. Shoot the guy with the yellow pants. If he's dead I can die with a smile on my face.
  12. Ah so I'm not the only one. I mostly land in remote locations looking if an opponent lands near. It happens to me a lot when I don't see anyone landing near enough to be a immediate thread I stil get shot at by someone well equipped within the first few minutes.
  13. I have my F remapped under one of my mouse its thumb buttons. Works really well for me. When you pick stuff up or try to open a door or are entering exiting a vehicle you are still able to move around as much as you want. Now I have my inventory mapped to F. Mid fights I'm sometimes facing my inventory for some reason now.?
  14. The problem with the current Report system is that every frustrated player just hits the thing everytime they die. Because they are the best and if someone kills them it must be a cheat. I have the feeling 95% of all reports are false accusations. I pity the team going through that pile of garbage. So your report is in there somewhere and they should be able to look into it in about 3 months from now. I more than a year of playing I only pressed it once I believe. Afterwards investigating the guys stats I had to conclude it was a false accusation and the guy just got a lucky headshot in. I have yet to see a fishy replay.
  15. I think most wil try it out once or twice, then they get bored and return to the normal matchmaking.