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  1. I don't mind random maps

    I personally think most players go to the testservers to test new strategies on the new map. As soon as the Errangel map pappears they will leave. I haven't played the new test server settings yet, but I think that is what will happen/ probably is happening. People also tend to skip fog or rain maps beacause it doesn't fit their playstyle. Why would they go play an already known map on a non ranked testserver. Maybe mix in Miramar in at a 2:1 rate.
  2. [Video] Fog Map Domination

    Wow, don't see much video like this. Guns with recoil, needing almost a full clip to kill a guy, instead of a single burst.
  3. The new map ruins the game

    I kind of agree with OP. Although I personally think the design of the buildings in general is pretty good. If this map would be all 1 or 2 level buildings people would complain it is more of the same in a brownisch colorsceme. A lot of new layouts and possibilites to explore now. But because of all this 'verticalness' added to the already larger map it feels pretty void of life. To much space and spaces in general. A map of 6x6 km with more highrise buildings would maybe have been the better choice in contrast to the Errangel horizontal 8x8 playingfield.
  4. So , you want your own footsteps to be more silent and that of your foes at their original level? That seems a bit off balance doesn't it.
  5. How would you exit a targetted house?

    I would open the door on the side the attacker probably is coming from. Direction you came from. Pop out my head a few times. Throw a smoke out the door, ... then run like hell out the other door in a straight line, away from the house, looking backwards to see if someone pops up from behind the house.
  6. Enemy spotted key.

    If you want to pick up an item you press F. Ik makes your character bend and put aside their gun for a moment. You want to press C, press X, press F, press X, press C everytime you need to pick something up? Just for more "game depth" ... . No you don't because is too time consuming, you want to play a survival shooter not a senior gymnastics simulator. I want to play that survival shooter too, not a communication game with foreign language barriers. I like my action 3D, not in a top down static view with icons. An easy way to communicate would be nice as I can't point my avatars virtual vinger at a target and look the other direction to see if my teammate is paying attention to my gestures.
  7. Enemy spotted key.

    I had thought a while back and support it.. Would indeed be nice it we could mark the location the crosshair is pointing at. We already have 'Insert' for the players location. But another function to just markt somthing like on the picture would be helpful in communicating. But not seen with a marker on the playingfield, and not multiple markers, this would be too overpowering. Maybe just show the marker on the map as already used while pressing 'Insert' or klicking on the map. At the moment we can place a marker on any location on the map, this way it would be made somewhat easier without adding extra benefits.
  8. DEATHCAM should be deleted

    In squadgames I get killed first most of the times, and once the things I could see helped us get a chicken diner. So yes, it is somewhat unfair, but the again, everybody can use this. I don't think we should get rid of the cam, but make it hover at 2m or something, to just get the body into view and nothing else. Keeps the atmosphere but with less information about the state of the game.
  9. Why are you telling us your rank in game? Does this make your plea more valid?
  10. PUBG.ME

    Is there any way we can check player stats without leaving the current game?
  11. Flare Gun

    Until the one guy in a house, in the last few circles, fires the flare. Then the community will ask for nerfing it into uselessness.
  12. PUBG.ME

    Hey there, When I die a suspicious death I like to look up the player before deciding on reporting. I leave the game on, go to the PUBG website to look the guy up, 9 out of 10 he can't be found. Why is that?
  13. Hackers everywhere

    After BH declared they had banned a lot of people it felt better for a while. Now I get a lot of resistance from opponents who can look around corners so it seems. My main playstyle is CQ traps and ambushes, because I really suck. Yesterday, I landed in a smal 4 house compound together with some other guy. He went in the big house, I landed near the garage building and found a Kar. Not a CQ weapon so my only option was a suprise kill. I was lurking on me supposed victem. He was near one of those yellow 1 floor, 1 room, houses. I was waiting behind the corner of that particular house. He went in, I peeked, he was picking up stuff from the floor. Wasn't he aware of me? A veteran player would have been carefull when landing with a hostile in a small 4 house compound. So this must be some noob. He went towards the couch and table on the other end, had my back towards me, not a care in the world. I had my Kar ready and moved in front of the window when he had his back on me. Then he picked up something at the couch and table, I shoot my Kar, blood pops up, BAM! BAM! headshot, I'm dead. The character was still going through the motion of standing up from picking up the object. In the short time that animation took place the guy turned 90' to the left and headshot me twice, through the window, with a handgun from the other end of that house. I won't say it's a cheat, ít could have been luck. But it seems more and more people are getting a lot luckier. On top of this. I can never pull up stats about these kind of players on PUBG.me. Those Players are never known. Anyone know why?
  14. Another example...

    Sometimes someone just gets lucky.
  15. A little quote from his post. ... (or making the killcam only show after your teammate also dies.)