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  1. It encourages the 'winner' as being a lot better which can be in my opinion, a valid way of rating. The way I see it there is like a 'finite' amount of points over play time from what I can judge. One day when people were at the leader board at 2100 on duo, a pal and I struggled getting from 1900 to 1980 with 2 wins and 5 top 10s. 2 Days later, 3 top 10s got us to 2000 easily and over top 10 players were 2200+ - so I feel it is comparative to peers.
  2. Shotguns 1shot through level 3?

    It's irritating how overpowered shotguns are in this game being able to hit 50-100m away and do severe damage still.
  3. Is it just me...?

    It's a well known bug for a long time. Sometimes you or your partner may see different chutes that one another can't see.
  4. Asia FPP server full of hackers

    Firstly, if it was a MK14 without a crate just report on the forums with server region, approximate region specific time, game mode etc etc. Secondly, there is a well known bug that you don't always see every parachute. I've played duo and squads and people swear to me they can't see some parachutes I see and I can't see some they see on occassion. Thirdly, NA is much easier than EU. The players in general are less skilled. I've played in the Asian servers before, they're even less skilled than NA. People don't go to exploit any lag, they go from EU to NA/AS because the players make the game easier to win.
  5. im so sick of cheaters...

    CS:GO has banned less people in 1 year than Bluehole have banned in 3 months. Valve are doing very little against the cheaters compared to Bluehole.
  6. Medium spec as a middle ground to be enforced for foliage in particular would be a good addition on release. I've noticed having foliage on very low, low, medium or high makes no difference since the last monthly patch though.
  7. Looking for serious duos partner

    Is toxic AF. As his last duo partner that was consistently ranked higher than him most the time and still am now, he complains about everything and will then harass you on steam. I recommend you steer clear, the insult in his opening statement shows you his toxicity.
  8. https://pubg.me/player/th4ldy https://pubgtracker.com/profile/pc/th4ldy?region=eu Highest rank 85 in duo at current. Looking for new duo partner. Well up to the challenge of learning squads for competition and joining a winning team.
  9. VSS vs UMP ? which would you choose?

    This has to be the stupidest question I've seen for a while, take no offense from this, just to have to ask this means you don't know how to play the game. You need a short range / spray gun.. so do you take a VSS with 10 bullets (20 max with extended? No idea, I never use the piece of crap) or an UMP with full spray/burst 30 bullets (40 extended). Absolute no brainer.
  10. Legally from a UK perspective, if it damages the game and company reputation there's a legal basis. Very unlikely to ever go anywhere and you'd need to be able to prove that for example, wide spread cheating is the reason the commercial revenue from say e-sports or game sales declined. Extremely difficult, but not outside the realms of possibilities for financial penalties in the future. Never jail time though, cheaters re-buy games, that only stems to increase commercial revenue and is thus an important reason of why it's extremely difficult to prove harm to the company because of cheaters.
  11. Updates being stopped

    You really missed the point. You're whining like a child. You're not entering in to topical debate. You've missed the point of early access. Last I will say on it, you can't teach a child to be a grown up.
  12. im so sick of cheaters...

    The only real 'cheating' problem I find in this game is people using mouse macro's to single fire the M16 like a spray gun. *shrug*
  13. Updates being stopped

    My spec i7 4770k 3.8GHZ (Oc) Samsung 850 Evo 500gb 16GB Ballistix 1600mhz RAM Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB RAM I very very rarely, 1 in 250ish games get a load problem with any buildings, will be a few very minor. Sometimes it happens. I'd say you need to suck it up a little bit, maybe mature a little in your response and read what others are saying to you. If you buy an early access game it's an unwritten (often written) rule and promise that you will find problems with a game that can drastically or slightly alter your experience. If you are unhappy I suggest you ask for a refund, although I have a feeling you have already got hours upon hours out of the game that it would be unjust to ask for such.
  14. The AKM

    I generally use the AK as my spray gun, with a red dot. The SCAR, M16 and sniper rifles are far superior at long range due to easier control. I guess with your stats Matroximus, I should take your opinion on the AKM as you are clearly a superior player to the rest of us. (He's rank 277,979 duo and 283, 296 duo at this time) *EDIT Struth has the main point down. It's unreliable long range.