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  1. We need a Petition - Remove the Kar

    Stop standing still and allowing your head to be shot. Kar is fine as it is. Someone just annoyed they lost to a Kar98 I feel.
  2. Your Best/Worst PUBG Moment!

    If you want to see the worst moment that can happen to you in a solo, don't do what I did and assume...
  3. I'd say I've managed it in S2/3. Although your respectable may be different to mine.
  4. You stand still for an awful long time, particularly first video. Very lucky.
  5. PUBG Statistics (Find out you're own!)

    I use the default ad blocker software in opera. The 'hostile' message someone mentioned does not display in this browser
  6. Had it happen with a Superbike / Roofed Jeep and now a Jeep / Roofed Jeep... If you head on collide, it just decides to explode where as other vehicles such as a 3-bike, Dacia, Buggy etc. just bounce. Video footage below for what I mean:
  7. 60fps with GTX 1050? 2gb or 4gb

    1) It's a lie or 2) Doesn't use an FPS counter
  8. SMGs: The Current State of Them

    It was vector v vector. Looted him after bud. You need to adjust your ears too.
  9. SMGs: The Current State of Them

    Moving faster/slower makes no difference. I do not think you understand how this works. I'd recommend you read up on how game servers send/receive packets as that's the problem not your 'technical drawing software' that 'measures the portions of surface area' and to 'extrapolate some damage numbers' would be absolutely pointless other than confirming the service is not receiving or sending enough packets to validate the hit registry on both clients.
  10. SMGs: The Current State of Them

    Basically shots aren't registering even if they hit* on the sending client (ie. me using the vector)* The vector shooting exceptionally fast will be more impacted than say a single shot M16 in most instances. I won't get too bogged down with that but to put it comparatively as someone did on reddit - CSGO registers twice as many hits as PUBG does. Using guns on auto are inefficient because of the server netcode. More information / reddit post below
  11. 1v1 with Grimmmz!

    Actually looks a lot like stream sniping. I hope you out played him, but it does look pretty stream snipey from your movement and knowing of his location as he could well have moved on behind that tree without you knowing, but you sat and waited it and peaked it at the perfect time.
  12. When your teammate high AF!

    I don't think he's high af.... more like bad af Genuinely funny. "Quinteeeeet!"
  13. Whining and Gripes.

    Game sense and sound. Trust me, I surprised people running out of sheds earlier pretty hard.
  14. SMGs: The Current State of Them

    Honestly? I believe that's the tick rate on the servers being so low. Once server tick rate is around 60 - the Vector will need to be nerfed to fuck. Pardon the French
  15. I found the video in my archive. Nice excuses, you ran in to no where because I died, yet I clutched the game? Here it is again just so you can see the carry and how you need to get better at driving, knowing the map and assessing your own strengths and weaknesses so you don't be a detriment to your squad again PS. You'll notice how I actually don't need you talking a lot after you go down in an impossible situation to get up, letting you know I don't need to know the information but you shout anyway Enjoy watching a master class bud, stay humble. EDIT: Wardaddys=HK-Husaaa
  16. SMGs: The Current State of Them

    Just to show you how OP the vector really is as an SMG, I loaded up a solo, took a vector and got a couple of kills around a shed. One of them is even vector v vector and just shows you the annihilation we do to each other!
  17. Remember when I was in your squad and you ran a jeep in to no where in the middle of Pochinki and died, then I got 6 kills to win the squad game? Yeah.. the reason I stopped playing with you guys was your rage, although two of your pals are good guys I still play with
  18. SMGs: The Current State of Them

    The recoil on the UMP just makes it a no go for me now, it's a "Oh crap I can't find any other gun better than an UZI" moment. The Vector though damn, I do not understand the hate on these forums for it. It has saved my bacon on so many occasion and is still completely over powered. I've taken entire squads out on my own with just a Vector.
  19. This has to be the funniest thing I have read all day. I got my first solo win in my second game. I think I have clocked up less hours in solo than you too.
  20. Snipers Are Making Me Hate This Game

    Sounds like the kind of guy that plays no AWP maps in CS. Removing snipers or a mode without them would be pretty boring. I rarely ever take a sniper, normally I will only use a Kar98 if I need to or if I have a good feeling after finding an AWM/M24. I'm an M16/AK kind of guy 9/10 but even then, I could never justify removing sniper rifles from the game in any form.
  21. Desync or Wallhack?

    Invisible walls bug.
  22. Completely different games. In fact the below quote sums it up quite nicely,
  23. Holo or Red Dot?

    Curious to note lately I've seen a small pattern, I'm over generalising but generally the following is true, NA - Prefer Holo EU - Prefer red dot. Of course it's every players preference but when playing on respective regions I notice when looting I see more of one than the other on players. Personally the red dot is less bulky, seems to come up quicker and generally feels better. Who uses what and why? Maybe I am missing something not using the holo?
  24. Vector feels nerfed into garbage

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/167741984 <- 8:20 onwards for first kill. Second kill at 9:30. Third kill at 9:45. DBNO/Kill @ 9.50. 4 Vector take outs with minimal ammo. Moving and stationary fire. The vector is absolutely OP. You can always say "you can sub any gun for this that and the other". Although I'd like to see how you'd play that with a shotgun as opposed to a silenced vector.
  25. http://www.twitch.tv/th4ldy https://pubg.me/player/th4ldy