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  1. Is this a new tactic with grenades lmao

    I had this exact same thing happen to me about 4 weeks ago. I had to smile, the dead guy would have had the last laugh and probably saw the whole thing unfold in the background of his "you've been killed..." screen.
  2. No one has killed me more than...

    I've come to really appreciate the 90 seconds or so between games. I can get up, make some quick conversation with the wife to keep her happy, then slip back into the game. That down time in the lobby is a marriage saver. If only I could work out how to service her in less than 2 mins....
  3. blue circles still

    I happen to agree with this. At least for the last few circles. Slow down the speed of the last couple of circles and it would be much more interesting in later game. More time to make and execute a plan or strategy, or simply hunt other players.
  4. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    I agree the gameplay can be repetitive at times (that's no different to virtually all computer games), but it's far from unrewarding. I get a huge amount of satisfaction killing people. I only kill two or three on average each game, but if I get a few kills and make the top ten I come away happy. That being said I had one of those nights last night where I got owned in virtually every game and some of the deaths were very suspect. I was a bullet magnet last night. One shot killed by people who were running, turning snap shots to the head, you name it, I was on the receiving end of it all for some reason. I gave up after an hour or so and walked away. If the game was always like that, I too would give up, but it's not. Nights like that only happen every now and then. Most of the time it's massively rewarding.
  5. Unplayable performace

    I'm shocked that's all you get. I would have guessed with a rig like that you should get 60-100 fps easily. I have my settings on a bit of a mix, I can't remember exactly but it something like...high texture and effects, ultra view distance, low post processing and very low foliage.
  6. Unplayable performace

    I've got a really old motherboard and CPU, but I upgraded the GPU to a GTX 1060 3gb, and it handles the game well. I'd suggest you get similar card and you won't know yourself. I struggled with this game at less than 20 fps for a couple of months, but now I can get 50-80. My specs are... i5-760 with a small overclock to 3.5 GHz 8gb Ram GTX1060 3g
  7. Network lag detected

    I too now get this quite often since the update. Before it was never really an issue for me.
  8. No Longer Cancel The Match

    I have the same problem. I start matchmaking, only to realise I don't want to play on the AS server, but I can cancel. I have to wait until I'm on the mustering area of the island to esc and get back to the lobby.
  9. Camping/Hiking Simulator

    No time to read all that now, but I'll save your post to read tonight, while I'm hunkered down in a second story bathroom in Pochinki.
  10. Thanks devs!

    I only played a handful of games last night after the update and it all ran smoothly for me. I didn't get to experience the fog yet, I'm hoping I will this weekend end, but I got to use the new weapons. I kept finding the tommy guns lying everywhere, then when I actually looted a crate, which I don't do often, all I got from it was KAR98! I had to laugh. Looking forward to spending some quality time dodging bullets over the coming days.
  11. They dont tell the truth!!!!

    Early access.
  12. New Town in the Northeast

    This is great. That was a part of the map I hardly ever went before, but now I have some motivation to check it out.
  13. Highly addictive and highly frustrating.
  14. A few settings turned on in Unreal Engine. (Fog)

    I've had the complete opposite experience. I've seen massive improvement since I first started playing the game. I wouldn't be bothered at all if development finished right now. I get largely stable frame rates. Only every very infrequently (and I'm talking once every few days) do I notice a quick drop, from 60 to below 40 FPS. It never last long and it hasn't bothered me.
  15. 1 shot with lvl 3 armor by shotgun 16ft out

    This is my exactly what I was thinking, except I suspect he wasn't actually that "lucky". If this sort of turning snapshot (in less than 1 second) only happened every now and then, then sure it's a lucky shot. But I am on the receiving end of that sort of action all the time. Every now and then someone will get luck and pull that shot off, but the majority of them are using "assists." I don't have a problem with the one shot kill at that range from a shotgun. I have a problem believing the guy can pull that shot off.