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  1. Another video I made, check it out!!
  2. Cheat, or not to cheat, this is a question.

    Weird... does look like a glitch to me tho. Gz on winning anyways ^^
  3. Yo found a bug/exploit yesterday made a quick video about it too, posted it in the bug section already. If you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17FB7kkrXAU
  4. Invisible wall bug/exploit?!

    Don't know If anyone else has encountert this but u can see trough walls with the Kar98. Example + Explanation in the video down below.
  5. Hey guys, just released a new video, check it out: Since I'm just starting out any kind of Feedback is appreciated! And ofc like and comment if you enjoyed the video :3
  6. Do you shout abuse at your monitor when killed?

    Depends on how stupid my death was ^^
  7. When is PUBG coming to PS4?

    Nah keyboard + mouse all the way ^^
  8. M416 or scar?

    Have to say I prefer the SCAR
  9. Is the statistics even updating?

    Can take a day or two sometimes. Sometimes it resets completly
  10. Favorite Childhood Game?

    Hands down --> Diablo II Doesn't get any better ^^
  11. Favorite Gun

    Gotta go for the SCAR-L with an ump or vector(+ext. mag) Or Sniper ofc with pretty much any AR as secondary. don't like shotguns ^^
  12. What Capture Software do you guys use?

    I use OBS for whole recordings and shadowplay for shot clips
  13. What's up guys! Dragonk520 here!

    Yeah man I feal for you, just started on youtube myself. Good luck with your channel And goddamn I would like to have one of those coats ^^
  14. Hello community :D

    Thanks for the quick answer Yes still trying to figure out how to get the best performence with recording and rendering ^^ And thank you for the info about the music, I'm going to read up on the youtube policy and be carful what to choose in the future
  15. Hello community :D

    Hey guys! Been playing the game for a while now and still really enjoy it, so i decided to join here. Also startet recording for fun and relased my first video recently so if anyone would like to check it out: Feedback is also greatly appreciated! Looking forward to spending time here -[NH] PsyCode