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  1. Lei_Ying_Lo

    ak47 pathetic

    No it does not. Unless you don't know how to control the rocking type motion that it produces... as soon as you have cracked that, its a pretty accurate weapon on full auto.
  2. Lei_Ying_Lo

    Monitor going to sleep every 5sec only on PUBG

    Change powerplan so monitor bever sleeps? might work
  3. Lei_Ying_Lo

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    I like it how it is. You know there is a mechanic where the more times you have been knocked out the QUICKER you bleed out the next time you are downed? I like that a player who has managed to avoid being knocked down is rewarded by a longer time to be revived. I also like that every time you knock down a player they bleed out faster making at more stressful. --- The salt here is not being rewarded very much with BP's for knock downs. But I can understand why, too.
  4. Have to disagree. The RNG is what makes it so equally exciting AND invites more skilful play in order to compensate. Think of it this way, when RNG forces you into a bad situation but you some how pull it around and get the win.. how awesome will you feel? The extra highs and lows from everyone suffering the same RNG is what makes the highs higher and the lows lower. The less homogenous always equal footing the better imho. I want those extra highs and lows which simply do not come from mediocracy. Edit: Certainly no Draws too! There can be only one
  5. Lei_Ying_Lo

    Red Zone fix/proposal

    I love the red zone as it is really. Especially for using the sound it makes to move under the cover of noise, same with the plane. I also like this kind of RNG, it keeps the game fun.