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  1. Monitor going to sleep every 5sec only on PUBG

    Change powerplan so monitor bever sleeps? might work
  2. Purchasable horn music.

    It would be nice if in the odd house every now and then there was a radio/stereo/record player that one could turn on for distraction. Being able to play a purchasable song song via these would be pretty cool. Oh wow, now I'm hoping for themed maps during certain holidays...Halloween themed map anyone? Creepy noises, pumpkin heads on scarecrows in fields etc?
  3. Ability to draw on the map

    I quite like this idea
  4. ANIMAL's in PUBG!!!

    Would be nice for them to spend a load of time and money on some rideable horses. I also like the idea of some crows too... .. but not ridable cows, that's as daft as my amazing hot air balloon idea
  5. Add distance counter

    It would be nice though, all the same.
  6. Downs = Kills

    It would be abused if knock downs counted as kills.
  7. Purchasable horn music.

    Okay devs and money making company dudes.. how about this one? Make different sounding horns available to buy, la cucaracha, dukes of hazard etc. While I'm here, how about a very rare suped car a bit like dukes of hazard spawning also? (this one comes with music horn)
  8. When I spend £40 on keys /crates to get an item that ends up selling for £8 I know that something is wrong. I feel totally burnt by the practise crates for money round... I genuinely believe that we should be given better reward for supporting the things they said the money for keys would be supporting... otherwise I'm not going to support it with my £40 free money, and that is a shame. All round. C'ause I won't be doing it again (while hoping this game is more that a glorified excuse for grabbing cash) (I love the gane, being burnt has not destroyed it for me, I can adapt)
  9. Can we please solve players without mics on duos and up?

    That is true dvilx, but that does not mean that there are not going to be players without mics, for whatever reason. Alternate communication could be great for just playing the game in a different way. It would mean folk who speak different languages could communicate. Idk. I play with a guy who is brilliant but it would be nice if I could tag him and where he is/what he is supposed to be doing without talking over the mic and ruining his own immersion/listening for those footsteps. Also, sometimes comms go down, it would be nice to have a backup means of communication.
  10. Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    I like it how it is. You know there is a mechanic where the more times you have been knocked out the QUICKER you bleed out the next time you are downed? I like that a player who has managed to avoid being knocked down is rewarded by a longer time to be revived. I also like that every time you knock down a player they bleed out faster making at more stressful. --- The salt here is not being rewarded very much with BP's for knock downs. But I can understand why, too.
  11. Fields

    You don't have to prance into a field hand in hand. One of you can go first while the other covers you, at least that way in a dire situation one, if not both of you might live. You have to think, and enjoy failing so you can learn. It is a field without cover... what do we do? Ask for cover to be included in every field... and remove the possibility of tactics from yourselves AND the player that nailed you both? ---- Grats on the awesome game, don't let not winning spoil it.
  12. Vehicle Physics Improvements

    It's fine, and feels real life-ish. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2016/june/an-idiots-guide-to-riding-a-sidecar/ What would be nice is if passengers on the back or in the side car could lean with you a little to help out when cornering It would also be nice, of not very real life-ish... if we could shoot off the side car couplings, or spend a moment uncoupling it.
  13. SCAR as 7.62

    Nope. It would be a beast. Scar with mods and full auto close to mid range is too much to turn it into 7.62. So I would miss it as a common-ish drop. However. IRL there is a big brother to the SCAR, which is 7.62 (I think), I would be all for adding that to the game in addition to the little brother.
  14. Blood Drip & Oil Barrel

    I like the idea of blood trails, I also like the idea of something in the game that might explode when shot... petrol cans which can be place down, also some static things like oil barrels and crates of fireworks ammo etc.
  15. Play Zone / Blue Zone Circle Suggestions

    Have to disagree. The RNG is what makes it so equally exciting AND invites more skilful play in order to compensate. Think of it this way, when RNG forces you into a bad situation but you some how pull it around and get the win.. how awesome will you feel? The extra highs and lows from everyone suffering the same RNG is what makes the highs higher and the lows lower. The less homogenous always equal footing the better imho. I want those extra highs and lows which simply do not come from mediocracy. Edit: Certainly no Draws too! There can be only one