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  1. Hi David, Thanks so much for reaching out and I am so envious that you know where your passions lie so early in life. It took me quite a long time to realize I wanted to help influencers in gaming (10 years) and now I am the Senior Partnerships Manager for PUBG Corporation. I realize that's not the title you'd ideally like to hear back from, as your interests lie in level design and development. The development team is working hard at the PC 1.0 Launch so they are not able to respond to your message at this time, but I will be sure to pass it along to the team. I think it's great that you want to learn more about how a developer got to where they are today and I can understand that the entire process can seem quite nebulous for someone at the start of their career. What I can recommend is that you work hard and also take some time to network with people in the industry, perhaps even shadow someone at a studio close to you to get a sense of what it is they do in a day. You'd be surprised what a polite email can do! As for your feedback, we really appreciate it! If there are any openings in the future we will be sure to announce them so that you may apply. Best of luck, Mel
  2. Partnership FAQ

    Hi everyone, 1/8/2018 UPDATE: Applications are currently closed. Please visit our twitter (as outlined below) for updates on the next open application period. We do not announce the date in advance. If you are applying as a Discord community, LAN tournament, LAN event, or as a company (gaming cafe), you do not qualify for PUBG Partnership. You must apply through the Esports program, and their applications are closed until further notice. However, you should send your proposal to Esports@bluehole.net--your application will be kept on file until the next application period opens. I understand many of you have questions regarding the PUBG Partnership Program and the benefits of the program versus the access given through the Esports Program. Please review the questions and answers below: What is PUBG Partnership? The PUBG Partnership program is designed for established content creators who are brand ambassadors for the game. They have priority support and are able to provide direct feedback to the developers for the game. Partners receive perks and benefits from being participants in the program and are given support to help grow their channels and communities. How do I apply? Please follow https://twitter.com/PUBGpartners for updates on when the application periods are open. What are the requirements for partnership? Content creator on livestream or pre-recorded video platforms A history of PUBG content on the channel Community leadership and being a good role model An established community Great audience engagement Must demonstrate social media presence and impact Minimum recommended requirements: Pre-recorded video content: 50k subscribers and PUBG content twice every month Live-steam content: 150 average concurrent viewers (sustained over time) and PUBG content three times every month I didn’t receive an email confirmation for my application, can you check to see if you received it? We use a Google Form for all submissions. There will be a final screen with a notification that your application has been submitted. We recommend that you screenshot this confirmation, as it also contains the date by which you will receive a response from us. Will I automatically be accepted into the program if I meet or exceed the minimum viewership requirement? No, you must also fulfill the content requirement and show that you are involved as a leader within the PUBG community. What do I do if I cannot write English well? As long as the ideas and thoughts expressed in the application are yours, you may receive help with the application. Either the application is translated into English for you and submitted or they may help you correct portions of your submission. I’m a partner on my content creation platform or a Twitch affiliate, does this mean automatic acceptance into the program? No, you must apply during the open application process and your application will be vetted by the team. There is more than one of us who work on the channel, can we all get partnership? We recommend each person from the channel apply, and it is up to our discretion whether or not all parties will receive partnership if the channel is accepted into the program. Pairs who stream on the same channel at the same time should also apply separately. If it is a group, we ask that the group leads indicate they are the leads on their applications. Who do I talk to about my application? (If I have questions about it or need assistance.) Please tweet at https://twitter.com/PUBGpartners for assistance. A member of the team will reach out to you within 24-48 hours. I made a mistake on my application, who should I contact to correct it? Please tweet at https://twitter.com/PUBGpartners for assistance. A member of the team will reach out to you within 24-48 hours. How long will it take for me to hear back about my application? While we are reviewing applications from the day the application process opens for submission, you will hear back within two weeks after the last day of submissions. I missed the deadline, can you make an exception? No, to be fair to all applicants who applied on time, we are not able to make exceptions. What do I get as a partner? Early access to new features (Custom Game mode, Observer tool, and more) Priority support and feedback Partner exclusive swag & in-game items Promotion on official BATTLEGROUNDS social media channels What is the difference between PUBG Partnership and the Esports program? The eSports program is designed for growing communities, Esports organizations with PUBG/Battle Royale Teams, and Tournament Organizers and productions. The PUBG Partnership program accepts only established content creators who make pre-recorded video content (i.e., YouTube) or livestream content (i.e., Twitch, Neko Neko, Mixer, Periscope, PandaTV, AfreecaTV, etc.). Our goal is to work with content creators and provide them with the tools necessary to continue growing their communities through PUBG. I applied for the Esports program CGA, can you assist? No, unfortunately we are unable to assist with your request or with expediting your review. I haven’t started my channel, but I have plans to make PUBG my main content. Can I become a partner? No. Since this program is for established content creators with strong communities, you would not qualify for the program. Your application will not be approved, but we encourage you to start your content, build your community and apply again in the future. Why did I get a template response? Did you review my application? We receive numerous applications daily, and we review each and every applicant’s submission--we also go through your videos, previous VoDs and look at your livestreams (if applicable) to look at your content and community engagement. If we were to individually tailor responses regarding each channel, we would not be able to guarantee a 2 week turnaround for notifications. If you would like more information, we recommend that you reply to the email. You will receive a response within a week of your request. Why do I need to have VoDs from my previous livestreams? If we cannot determine whether or not you have met the minimum PUBG content creation requirement we will not be able to move forward with your application. We will also not review channels with VoDs locked behind a subscription wall. If you would like your application considered, please open VoDs to all parties during your open application period. I applied and I wasn’t accepted, but my channel has grown, will you reconsider my application? We will not be able to review your channel again until the next open application period. Please apply during the next application window. If accepted, can I lose my partnership status? Yes, your placement in this program is not permanent. Please carefully note that you have to meet the minimum requirements every 30 days to remain in the Partnerships program. Should you violate the ToS on your respective content creation platforms, you will also be subject to immediate removal. Please remember that you must be a good role model and a community leader as a PUBG Partner. Who will assist me with my questions when I’m partnered and what is the response time? PUBG Partners will have a couple of options available: Discord, Twitter DMs, and emails--they will also have an assigned account manager to provide them with additional assistance. The response time is within 12-24 hours. Are you going to host PUBG partners party at conventions? We may not necessarily have parties at conventions and we may not attend all conventions. It depends on what the company has planned for each event. Do you give custom games access for people who wish to run a charity event? You would apply for CGA through the eSports program. It is up to their team to review your application and provide you with assistance on your request. I run a Discord server/Facebook community page/Gaming site, can I become a partner? No, the program is for content creators who make livestream and/or pre-recorded video content. You must qualify under the requirements for partnership.
  3. If you are experiencing issues or notice bugs with the reconnect feature, please attach screenshots and post detailed information here. Thank you!