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    can u screenshot ur lobby with server, and your ping? Im from indonesia, cant direct connect to game (RECONNECT ISSUE).. since update duo, i dont know why.. i know sea server already in list, but still not available.. with ping 300ms, my gameplay is SUCK! my hope, some admin read this and quick implementation sea server.. that it, i want.. thanks for reading.

    Since Update Duo, I need VPN for connect to game, But use VPN i playing with ping 300ms in game.. Thats make my gameplay so DELAY! Im always lose moment first shoting when fight with enemy.. What im saying is, Please Look it for SERVER SEA, maybe Singapore is best choice.. I believe, in this game now.. many player from sea regional.. They hope SERVER SEA available too.. Note: Before update Duo, i can direct connect to game with ping 50-70ms in game I want buy this game, but wait for SERVER SEA.. Thanks for reading..
  3. jelema sedeng...

  4. Still dont have alpha key..

  5. My Simple Idea

    My idea is, when we killed by someone.. A killer Nick shud show in scenes die.. So not just "Better Lucky Next Time" But "Killed by xxxx" Thanks..
  6. Locking Doors Behind you?

    Im disagree man, IMO some ppl can lock other in some house.. they cant get out and die coz can move to safe place.. that make game more complicate.. but, no offense man..
  7. I want a alpha key T_T

  8. Still Hope get a key...