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  1. Prone Blocked: the most frustrating thing in the land

    I am getting "prone blocked" while reloading too. I think it's a first person bug. Not sure it it's a bug but it feels weird and not right. If you are trying to stand up the reload should finished while moving or it should get canceled.
  2. Friendly fire is a major issue.

    People need to learn how to cover and open fire in first person only. It plays different. It's another game. take your time to learn it.
  3. Idea to make pistol useful/viable

    Here is a solution for the revolver quickdraw: If you are holding the revolver, all pistols quickdraws you see, will be showing as a revolver quickdraw (just a graphic stuff) it's not worth to add a hole new item ( the revolver quickdraw) if only one weapon can use this attachment
  4. Idea to make pistol useful/viable

    Dual pistols could do the job. here are two different mechanics: mechanic 1: Dual wield with 3 Fire modes: BURST: While using 2 pistols when you shot it will work like a 2 shot burst. one click will fire the right and left pistol with a short delay. DOUBLE BARREL: clicking will make the 2 pistols shot at the same time SINGLE SHOT: will single shot alternating the pistol mechanic 2: you are not able to use the sight. The left click will fire the left pistol and right click will fire the right pistol. Pros: effective damage Cons: longer time to reload (can you imagine two glocks working together? )
  5. first of all sorry about my bad english. One think that is really annoying in battlegrounds (and even more annyoing for new players) Is the aim. It's really hard to correct the recoil of a full automatic weapon in the 3rd person in close combat because we need to correct the barrel and not the crosshair. Making us to have to point the crosshair to the enemy's feets while spraying and hope that the barrel will point to the chest/head. The crosshair in some situations confuses more than it helps. It can also be confusing when we get close to walls and we can aim through windows but the barrel is acctualy pointing to the wall or ceiling. I suggest to have a second option for the crosshair. A crosshair fix to the eyes ( what we already have) and a crosshair fixed to the weapon's sight. The key to switch the modes could be the key N. Right next to the they B, the one that chages the fire mode.
  6. Thank you for helping. I was confused since there is no info in-game about that.
  7. I got my crate 4 yesterday and the lvl 1(reseted) today. Is this because of the reset?
  8. Sorry for my bad english. Well, the title says everything. After purchasing the 4th crate my next one was the crate level one, and not lvl 5. I was thinking it's a visual glitch so I purchased it and the next one. After rebooting the game I still have the duplicated crates lvl 1 and lvl 2, making me lose my ingame currency and ending with 2 duplicated items. Now my next crate to be purchased is the crate lvl 3(another duplicated, and i can imagine when i purchase this one the game will make me get the lvl 4 again.). Could you guys check my account and delete the duplicated crates giving me the ingame currency back? And ofc making the next crate be the lvl 5 and not the lvl 3. would this be possible or do I need to purchase everything over and over again in a infinte loop?