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  1. The Rain Map

    I don't mind the rain map once in a while as it changes the gameplay a bit, with it drowning out footsteps and such. But yesterday we had it like 3 times in a row, was a bit much.
  2. The RNG of the Gamescon crates are BS

    If you gamble with crates you should expect to open nothing but garbage. It's a shit system.
  3. Wearing bright colours definitely doesn't prevent you from winning. If anything it gives you a self confidence boost because you look like a slav pimp ready to hose down some chernobyl mutants.
  4. @SENTY I'd love the yellow tracksuit. My character is already a clown with a red afro and gas mask, but he's only got white pants and is naked from the waste up. Some decent coloured slav clothing would do him some good. There are 0 tracksuits on the market atm.
  5. Feels strange that i miss shots a lot more in 1st person than in 3d though.
  6. @Merrill35 @p2nzer I'm talking about when my zeroing is also on 100m. I never zero higher because i aim higher than their heads on long distances.
  7. I'm a fan of getting kill trades back in the game period. I'd rather go down in a blaze of glory with my opponent rather than my bullets disappearing midair.
  8. I missed some shots i should have definitely hit. I never fail to hit stationairy headshots in 3d person matches with a Kar98, and it happens to me all the time in 1st person servers. Wish i had video proof, but maybe there's more people who noticed this. I don't know where the bullets are going, but it seems to be higher than you aim.
  9. Gamescom Crate Bug

    Any gamble system instead of outright letting you buy what you want is pure bullshit.
  10. Holy Crap Roll back the patch already

    The lag is making the game unplayable. If rollback is an option, it should be used so they can fix the new update properly and not have to work around the clock to do it asap.
  11. Gamescom Crate Bug

    I highly encourage people to stop giving them money for these keys. Crate gambling is an extremely dumb way of obtaining the items you want.
  12. It'll work, just needs a bunch of tweaking.
  13. Stun grenades

    Don't think it's a bug, they're strong except for the fact they're broken and don't work half the time. People rarely bother with them because they're unreliable, but when they do work, it's pretty good. A mate trolls us with them sometimes, and yesterday we got blinded whilst in a car and looking away from the grenade. It only lasted about 1 - 2 seconds though. So looking away does seem to have some effect. As for no nade indicators, that's a good thing. You gotta pay attention to what someone is throwing at you, and keep track of where it lands.
  14. I'm hoping something is done about that before it goes live on the main servers. Headbobbing is extremely annoying, and an unnecessary realism feature. Camera should also be at eye height instead of chest height.
  15. As a cs go player I love fpp

    It's usually worse when spectating because you are not controlling the movement, and constantly your brain has to adjust to all the flashing and moving where as when you are playing it can predict those beforehand because you are controlling it. Streamers will probably play a lot more 3d person, but playing it in 1st should be ok.