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  1. Just because you haven't seen it with BE doesn't mean BE does not have false positives btw. The forums here are very "proactively" moderated. A while ago there was a guy on here who was totally devastated for being banned for cheating and insisted he was innocent. Another guy with the same problem recounted the same experience and circumstances, and he got banned mid-game. The thread got "disappeared" pretty quickly. In the end, BE unbanned the first guy. He's still around on the forums, no idea if they ever told him what he got banned for in the first place, not that I know of at least. No idea whatever happened to the second guy.
  2. I tend to agree - however for each game a player and a game publisher (service provider) agree on certain TOS (terms of service), one of which usually is "thou shalt not cheat or be banished". Just because an anticheat provider might have the ability to link data of a player cheating in one game to their account with another service provider does not mean they are even allowed to just look and if they did, they'd (ironically) be eaten for breakfast by the cheaters' lawyers (yes, there's commercial cheat providers that employ lawyers). E: And this touches on not just "the rights of a cheat" but on the right to privacy, which is becoming an endangered species these days.
  3. You may be partially correct in this, we don't have direct insight into neither the communication between BH and BE nor the work processes at BE. However... if you go look at some of the "open" forums regarding addon software for PUBG, you'll find quotes such as (and I'm paraphrasing here so noone will accuse me of making it too easy to find): E: Now that is plain FUD. Ever heard of consumer rights?
  4. You're not Clara, are you? Everything you say is perfectly plausible. Even the extent of involvement of big-name streamers would not surprise me. That's going from combining your statements with my own perspective on the situation going by my own research though. There's lots of people here (maybe devs included?) that refuse to apply some common sense to the facts easily visible to anyone who can use a search engine and some minutes of their time though. Do you have anything tangible? Screenshots/chatlogs with names pixelated? Old binaries that have long been detectable so noone uses them anymore anyway?
  5. Wasn't asking for proof that stuff like this exists, but that the poster is who/is as involved as he or she says they are. I could make up such a story and sell it with some credibility
  6. Awesome. Now we're talking. Not to come off like one of the usual nayayers, but... any proof?
  7. It's not exactly a secret that people are cheating, seems like a sign of trust that he told you, knowing you won't rat out his name. Which you didn't. The part about him considering himself better than everyone despite the machine assist is the interesting part IMO - maybe he built his hax himself and considers it part of the metagame? As said, I think the discussion would benefit greatly from hearing his point of view. There's a couple more questions I could come up with, and I'm sure others would love to get the chance for questions too. Maybe even the devs on their throwaways. I'm sure they will at least listen. Of course, there'd be a torches and pitchforks gathering of immature gamers venting at the evil cheater and possibly flinging feces, but reddit's karma/vote system should provide an effective shield (at least against the feces). I'll bake you a cake [1] if you just point him here so he can decide for himself whether he wants to talk to us! [1] Whether I will eat the cake myself is yet to be determined and subject to change. I will let the community know, should this configuration of circumstances arise to be the case.
  8. Or put seat positions on the F-keys like many have as they're not used for anything in the game anyway.
  9. If you are so much better than the cheaters then please, by all means, stop posting here on the forums and go kill them. Make you a deal: set up a patreon and/or a twitch account and clip yourself killing cheaters. I'll donate, promise. Hurry on now, less talky talky more cheaty killy.
  10. Do you know if the guy is on the forums? Could you ask him whether he'd be interested in making a throwaway here or on reddit and do an AMA? Thinking about it, gotta be reddit I guess because mods here would just "disappear" the thread. Tell him to use Tails if he's really paranoid of someone linking it to his steam account. I think the discussion about cheating in this game would benefit greatly from hearing the perspective of someone who actually does it. Especially in the dev corner, because currently it looks a bit like a head-in-the-sand situation
  11. You're hitting the nail on the head but probably you aren't realizing. Every public statement as well as the ridiculous CoC-document is ambiguous as fuck. As this drags on I'm strongly suspecting this is done wilfully and on purpose. With the rules of conduct this basically gives them the "freedom" to arbitrarily ban as they wish (cf. FWG's statement "we haven't banned anyone for ini-file-editing" - why is it forbidden then?) and while it would not hold up in a court in any jurisdiction with any consumer protection whatsoever, who would really go that route? Been asking myself before: are all these BH public spokespeople politicians in another life? Always keep open a weasel-way out?
  12. Snap aiming ("flicks") can be learned by anyone, it just takes a lot of practice to move the process to a subconscious level ("muscle memory"). Once you manage that, you can surprise yourself with the firing solutions your mind is capable of calculating in real time. What I refuse to believe is that it's possible for a human to fully compensate, in real time, for supposedly random jumping around of your crosshair, made worse by a random spread inside a cone of fire. So yeah, some of the "recoil control" at range in full auto makes me super-suspicious.
  13. Quick work hypothesis: supposedly, all those top streamers are being stalked by evil trolls waiting to snipe them or otherwise spoil their fun, right? So after the "teaming" incident, surely one of those trolls reported Shroud and his weird fan who's apparently gone bananas. How long ago was that incident? Has a troll come forward and confirmed the report? Has a BH employee come forward and stated it was by their own initiative?
  14. I'd put money on this being a publicity stunt. It benefits Shroud by bringing attention to his stream and it benefits Bluehole by non-verbally reassuring the community that "the rules are for everyone, even streamers". You know, what with the whole special treatment for special people thing enshrined in the CoC. Which by the time of that particular PR fiasco, was also stealth-edited after the fact IIRC.
  15. Do you realize that what you wrote is an accurate summary of BattleEye's business model? Pro-tip: it's not enough. Also: Dafuq is it with that lettering, dude? Agree, they fixed some bugs that enabled "low-tech" cheating. Anyone can damage their Ethernet cable with a knife and have a "lag switch" of the type that is now impossible thanks to one of the changes quoted above. All these changes don't even begin to address the issue of people actually using some more sophistication and i.e. writing... addon-software.