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  1. Ducking and leaning

    Wait. Don't you all have pr0-gamer chairs with belt harnesses keeping you safe from such life-threatening motions? After watching some streamers, I thought they were mandatory minimum requirements for playing games. *leans around screen to clear blind spot behind door* Take that, TPP camera, I'm better than you!
  2. So you're saying the EIZO® FS2434-BD™ is a monitor supporting colour calibration to an imaginary target, but you can't show us the actual awesomeness of the EIZO® FS2434-BD™ because it's too awesome for our puny screens to reproduce? So you went to the effort of reducing the amazing gamut of the EIZO® FS2434-BD™ to that of mere standard SRGB and applied a custom LUT and ridiculous amounts of sharpening in Photoshop? Maybe could you tell us where to buy an EIZO® FS2434-BD™ so we too can enjoy fake colours and ridiculous amounts of sharpening? Sorry for the sarcasm. Well, not really. But that sharpening is way over the top dude, if your monitor also does this, I'd return it.
  3. Oh man. Came here hoping you were a prince in exile from an African country, pleading for me to be a stand-in double as the last heir in the family line to transfer massive amounts of monarchal funds via my bank account in return for a small "finder's fee". I even got my credit card out. Leaving disappointed.
  4. Posting in General Discussion because I'm interested in the opinions of you guys who like to chill here - before it gets moved out of sight into the relevant subforum. Why? Spectator mode controlled by mouse looks very awkward to me. The tournament "camera operators" obviously had problems handling it too and they were supposed to be pros. I don't care much about tournaments, but I like well-made videos, which 3d replays promise to make possible. In order to enable this, I suggest adding some camera controls with "analogue", smooth movement manipulation. We already have controller support, so why not do this? Should be pretty self-explanatory. Left stick is like WASD, right stick like mouse, both amplitude-sensitive (propotional/exponential). Left stick "click"/downpress toggles the camera to flying at fixed height either close to ground level or at movie crane height (some 15m perhaps). Touching a trigger unlocks manual height adjustment, with velocity prop or expo to trigger amplitude. Shoulder buttons zoom in or out from several pre-selected "focal lengths", effectively adjusting the FOV. A toggles lock of the camera's co-planar movement in sync with either the selected player or the player closest to center of screen B toggles a "soft follow" pan/tilt lock on the player, acting like attached by string, i.e. with "natural" inertia X clears all follow options Y resets zoom to an option-selected default focal lenght All of the above probably require minimum additional work and I was looking forward to trying this out myself once replays are in. But since, INI-file editing is now a superbad cheating offense and I don't wanna get b&, I'm just leaving this here. The next few would probably requite some effort and planning to integrate into spectator/replay system because they require some logic dealing with player positions. Back and Start buttons respectively jump between lockon-pespectives of "nearby" squads or players (option toggle), allowing a live cam operator to quickly find the action Pushing up or down on the D-Pad brings up a list of players/squads alive as well as some quickoptions in a tree-structured menu, to be navigated with left/right on the D-Pad, going all the way to the right to confirm selection or all the way to the left to abort. With all these in, it should be possible to present a very cinematic experience with fluid camera movements even live, and a much better one at that when recording video from 3d replays. Opinions?
  5. Drat! You've seen through Bluehole's genius ploy with the "BP farmers" all along! You pesky kids!
  6. During PU's AMA, someone asked what "TslGame" stood for. PU wanted to keep it secret "for now", but here's my take: The Shiny Loot Game I used to tell friends who hadn't yet played "It's like DayZ, but with all of an evening's work of looting up and getting to NWAF condensed into 30 minutes. And the boring parts cut out." Guess expectation management is everything with BR mode
  7. I used to unequip weapon instead of crouching, making for some particularly rageworthy moments of derp. Call me Fat Fingers. Rebound crouch to sidebutton on the mouse, took some time getting used to (inducing more rage) but now that I've got it down, it's much better for flow of movement IMO. Also rebound lean to side buttons, still getting used to that but looks promising.
  8. Just because you haven't seen it with BE doesn't mean BE does not have false positives btw. The forums here are very "proactively" moderated. A while ago there was a guy on here who was totally devastated for being banned for cheating and insisted he was innocent. Another guy with the same problem recounted the same experience and circumstances, and he got banned mid-game. The thread got "disappeared" pretty quickly. In the end, BE unbanned the first guy. He's still around on the forums, no idea if they ever told him what he got banned for in the first place, not that I know of at least. No idea whatever happened to the second guy.
  9. INI-files are meant to be human-readable/editable by design. Hence Epic had the foresight to put these human-editable files in the %localappdata% directory of your Windows user account. That Bluehole does not understand why this file structure exists in this way changes nothing about this fact. They're trying to re-invent the wheel because they don't have anyone capable of making wheels.
  10. Maybe they didn't bother to re-negotiate with Amazon once their volume exceeded any and all expectations and are still paying regular rates for their servers. Doesn't look like they did any negotiating with Epic, so would not be big surprise. In this case, they may actually be correct in that it's not economical. The alternative would mean they're greedy bastards. But let's give them the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Looks like you don't understand the gravity/hillarity of the rules situation. Quick primer for you:
  12. I'm not completely up to date on the situation over in the US, but seems the ISPs over in your country invented blackmailing Netflix (and other video streaming services/CDNs), something at least one large Euro ISP/carrier has successfully done now. The modus operandi here in Europe is sabotage by inaction. As demand for video streaming (and bandwidth in general) is growing, peering links between big ISPs/carriers are struggling to keep up. Quasi-monopolist providers can just let those saturate while twiddling their nipples. "Oh, you're having huge latencies and packet loss? Mkay, why don't you talk to the content provider you're trying to reach and tell them to give us money, mkay?" Now let's look at who's the next biggest video streaming service. Hint: they also offer infrastructure as a service, such as for games. Another hint: this very game. Also, last I heard, the FCC is about to turn wholly anti-consumer and let the ISPs have their way thanks to the new administration. So expect more packet loss or higher bills.
  13. Bluehole. Entertain me.

    Two possible reasons: Animating loose-fitting pants looks unnatural quickly if they're always crinkling the same way. Unless you do physics/cloth simulations. Let's just agree not to ask BH to do that. So while one could argue that tights are the "lazy" way out, they're certainly not the worst. Apparently, very tight fits are a new thing in combat couture. Same reasoning as with soccer football jerseys - if they can't grab you by the cloth, they can't pull on you while you try to take away their balls. No idea if true, read/heard it in passing more or less. E: Why do I even soccer, I'm from Yurop. Handegg -> that way
  14. I've never put a compensator on a rifle, but what you're describing sounds about as hard as adjusting a ball bearing on a bicycle. I'll do some reading up on the timing though, never occured to me that there was more to it than pointing it "right side up" I was not trying to make the point that the device might not be an easy plop-on upgrade in game. Genuinely curious if that thing works and whether someone proved this.