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  1. Aimpunch

    Yeah, I couldn't really decide what type of your-mum joke would be appropriate. Which do you like better? YOUR MUM shouldn't get aimpunched YOUR MUM has armor (at least a lvl 3 on the scale) YOUR MUM takes away skill TBH I was interested in your opinion how the aimpunch increase plays out since you were one of the most fervent supporters. Happy with it?
  2. This scientific survey disagrees with you:
  3. Aimpunch

    Where's @BadassBen? Too busy enjoying the game currently? I don't really want to roll out all the pro aimpunch arguments again, so I'm tempted to insert a your-mum joke instead. Will you accept that as a good effort try? Otherwise, there's some multi-page discussions somewhere on here already.
  4. getting in the f'ing driver seat

    Or put seat positions on the F-keys like many have as they're not used for anything in the game anyway.
  5. Aren't grenades overpowered now?

    TBH that sounds a bit OP. But since so many people were crying about campers, probably a good thing. I'm just waiting for some serious business squads to build a strat around them and starting to carpetbomb end circles. Maybe once that happens we can go back to the balanced frags from before the patch
  6. I loved that movie when I discovered it by accident way back when, alongside of Jiatsu Circle (sp?), Ichi The Killer and Oldboy. The concept is older than that though, Lord Of The Flies comes to mind. Art has always been about nods to, quotations and inspiration from earlier material. Once copyright and "IP" law comes into it though... what a clusterfuck. IANAL though so just in case, stocking up on Popcorn may be a good idea.
  7. Agreed. Yeah, they made their choice and for better or worse, seem to be stuck with Epic for now. We've seen with DayZ how an engine swap, even from the same developer, can royally screw up any schedules and progress. BTW, there's been an update, emergency damage control: http://www.pcgamer.com/pubg-exec-clarifies-objection-to-fortnite-battle-royale-its-not-about-the-idea-itself-its-about-epic-games/ I find Mr. Kim's honesty refreshing in light of other recent official communiqués from BH headquarters, so a hat tip to him. Although it appears that while Bluehole likes to poke the PUBG player base with EULA-like documents, he and his legal department appear to have not read Epic's EULA when choosing the Unreal Engine. Oops.
  8. Please stop making so much sense. Raising the bar too much leads to some opinions needing to use macro'd crouch jumps to get over it. Back on topic: I find it interesting how Bluehole publically announces their thought process about their intentions regarding a business partner. It appears to be a question of perceived power dynamics. Because IIRC, Bluehole have never made public their thought process to their other business partners, i.e. investors in their early access game. Epic has them by the balls and they know it.

    Oh man. I give up. Could be here all day and from the lookout, best I could hope for is arguing full circle.

    I'm not so into ad hominems, although your statement tempts me to make a quip about your rebel ego Your argument about rising total player numbers just has nothing to do with rising client hardware specs.
  11. I like the general idea. I don't like that it'd be a single-purpose item, it would either need to be very small in inventory size to justify having it (in which case people might stock up on a lot of them and win by meta-gaming someone else's framerate into the ground), or it would need to be very rare (in which case it would not add much to the game for what it does).

    There was a specific, technical reason for forced DOF blur? You're making it way too easy for me, so I'll try to be nice. Look over there, one million people becoming ill because of <life choice>. So many people, they must be on to something. Maybe it's time to follow their choice and join them?

    I don't understand this argument. It doesn't make any sense. OP stated that it used to run fine for him before. The devs have promised optimization and delivered the opposite, bikeshedding with features noone wanted or asked for. OP points this out and asks for a rollback of said features (essentially costing zero money), while you demand of OP and everyone else in his position to invest money to fix what wasn't broken.
  14. Cheating has killed this game

    If you are so much better than the cheaters then please, by all means, stop posting here on the forums and go kill them. Make you a deal: set up a patreon and/or a twitch account and clip yourself killing cheaters. I'll donate, promise. Hurry on now, less talky talky more cheaty killy.