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  1. ban account ID:free_us94

    Write to battleye. Guess they will lift the ban if there where no reason to ban your account. Account beeing "stolen" is no excuse, you are responsible for your account. Good luck
  2. My account has been banned

    At least its not permanent. Just 875k hrs.. Few month ago i got perma banned from battleye without a reason. Wrote to them and they lifted the ban, took like 1 week. Good luck
  3. False Ban not cool!!!

    Your friend and you should just go and find a hobby thats not ruining other peoples fun. Cheated for 5 hrs.. ppl like you cant get false banned.
  4. 6/10 - real fun game BUT a ton of cheaters making it unenjoyable for me for the most times. Used to play 10-20 games a day. Its like 0-3 games since weeks. Cant see any progress on this problem, so much sh it is going on and cheat buyers so many. Dont know if it is even possible to get this game cheater free at some point. Heard Overwatch is doing really good, gives hope but nothing has changed here for month.
  5. False Ban not cool!!!

    Couldnt find it, just wrote them wirhout the id
  6. False Ban not cool!!!

    wasnt that quick. took like 1 week. bought new account in between to play on. If they are not answering at all the ban might not be without a reason ? i dont know.
  7. False Ban not cool!!!

    Got unbanned after battleye checked my case. Hard to imagin that all the "banned without reason" guys here get another treatment like me. Perhaps not that innocent? Well posting here will do nothing but i wonder how someone can give them a proof for not cheating ^^
  8. Desert map is too big

    map is fine for me!
  9. still suck. One player shoots all rounds into grid while player on other side just shoots through them. Cant see any logic or mechanic seems to be just luck ?
  10. you can call it skill to use your brain, if thats not the way you want to play and pull out your 50% numbers out of nowhere do that. cant agree but thx for comment ^
  11. 1st circles damage has not been increased right? 1 out of 50 or even more games i ended up beeing in blue crap after 1st circle. Dying to that (bad luck with circle spawns + no car) happened like 2 or 3 times in around 1000 hrs if pubg. Most of them before circle patch but still.. if ppl have problems with this game mechanic they should think about how to change their playstye instead of complain and want the game to change. Every 2nd guy has another opinion on everything how the hell can ppl tell that the game should be as they want it to be
  12. I like the change. Never understood that looting for 15 min outside the circle has been best strat for so long.
  13. Cheating.....

    which problem ? ban 500.000 accounts every 6 weeks, sell 500.000 new accounts every 6 weeks, works. Bluehole happy and cheaters too as long as they can play for that long, sell in game items on steam and get cheap new accounts. Everyone else can get eventually their 0-15 kills, win a match here and there and keeps on playing cause game is soooo gooood. gg