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  1. BP Points und Kisten Inhalt ein Witz!

    Ist doch völlig egal was die Kisten kosten, der Preis richtet sich nur danach wie viele Kisten man diese Woche schon gekauft hat. Die Chancen was für Items drin sind ist immer gleich ^ Finde die Drop Raten eigtl okay, ca für 50€ Schlüssel gekauft und drei Items für 130€ verkauft, keine doppelten aber welche die halt was wert waren und die ich auch nicht wirklich tragen wollte Meistens hole ich die Schlüssel nur bis max 4xxx Pkts, spiele nicht genug um mir jede Woche beide Kisten bis zum max Preis holen zu können ^
  2. how would that make a game fair ? And why is 30€ or whatever it costs too much for a game you can Play for month, if you enjoy it ? Just asking, no offense here ^
  3. Cheating Discussion

    esp is hard to see if the guy is not scoping in on every enemy he sees Not saying there are no cheaters or something, but my games felt clean since pinged matchmaking patch. I`m pretty sure there where cheaters too but all the obvious stuff ,like aimbotted headshots from nowhere on the map, is just gone so far.
  4. Das Problem mit Asiatischen Spielern...

    Also für mich hat es geklappt. Seit dem Update habe ich Ruhe. Ist schön mal für ein paar Wochen nicht den Eindruck zu haben in jeder zweiten Runde von Cheatern getötet zu werden. Klar sind viele Situationen noch "verdächtig" bei esp ist es halt schwer sicher zu sein. Aber die ganz offensichtlichen Dinger sind einfach weg -> toll <3
  5. Cheating Discussion

    Nothing Special about that, seems like game isn`t showing different animations in air of other players. Saw that too but they did not manage to be quicker than me or something, just the animation was like they where just falling down, but with nearly same Speed as if they would go for max speed. Has nothing to do with cheating in my eyes. No cheaters since pinged matchmaking a few weeks ago for me. Perhaps some esp guys but who knows, hard to tell most of the time.
  6. aiming with joypad... why would someone do that to himself
  7. Scoped up

    gosh you realise there are gaps and wholes in the walls right ? you stand up, aim, no wall to see, Shooting and hit the wall. Never seen right ?
  8. Scoped up

    you cant see your weapon in ads / scoped in. So if there is no barrier to see the bullet shouldnt hit this thing. Way more annoying are fences in my opinion. Sometimes bullets go through like there is nothing at all, sometimes it like Shooting someone behind a wall. Indoor and outdoor fences just suck..
  9. Cheating Discussion

    being hit like 1 or even 2 secs after you are covered is about ping and Server tick rate and sks fires as quickly as you can press the shoot button... what does that have to do with cheating ? yea looks "weird". Also the m24 into the tree and the other kill with the guy in gras. BUT if he would have hit you twice in the head you would not have survived, so it was just 1 headshot. Does not speak for aimbot. Still Looks like a cheater to me. Todays replay i guess ?
  10. Cheating Discussion

    ah yes, right. i forgot about that. ok seems a way to stay yea seems like a lot of players feel that way. Wonder how it works and why the difference can be that big. Game wasnt really enjoyable before last patch for month
  11. Thank You

    As soon as they hit 150 hrs+ some ppl seem to start thinking they are right calling "cheater" in 80% of their death. If you got less played you are wrong if you got more you are a cheater too
  12. As long as you don't kill someone with the car or out of the car it's not teaming
  13. Cheating Discussion

    Same here. How could you even play cod that long, played one of those. Never again, for the reasons you mentioned. Got no problems with cheaters in pubg since ping matchmaking patch. (1200 hrs played)
  14. just watched his last Video. classic "CHEATER KILLED ME" and no cheater to see, gj. But at least you are showing the replay instead of just talking bs here.
  15. Cheating Discussion

    omg yea you got me, sherlock