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  1. Google translator?
  2. K_D

    Cheating Discussion

    Dude. Do I really have to ask every single one of you little smarties? So, if you blame me for talking shit you have to think that EVERY big streamer is a cheater too, right? You can watch them play for hrs every day, of course they do run into cheaters and of course this does not happen EVERY TIME they are in top 20 lul. Not even close to that, not even 10% of that. So they HAVE to be all cheaters right? Probable everyone that got another opinion or is just better at the game is a cheater, ok cool. Pathetic.
  3. K_D


    Clip would be helpful. feels like at least 90% of the ppl that complain about getting killed by hackers non stop just can`t accept to die to better players / bad luck / desync or whatever. Not saying it didnt happen, but I`ve never met a player that seems bullet proof.
  4. does look legit, aimbotter wouldnt need to shoot 24 rounds and you can see that he is aiming manually before he shoots the 1st time. From that scene alone nobody can tell if he uses esp, but you where clearly visible besides the three, not like he saw and shot you from that distance while you where prone in gras or something..
  5. Well, less time to loot, not just for you but all the others too. Even after killing ppl there's less time to loot their corpses and they might have less stuff than they would have before. Don't feel like it's problematic in some way, just feels different when inventory is not stacked with ammo and heal.
  6. Never played with ppl that I don't "know", besides event modes. Can't understand why someone would play in teams while not being able to communicate. It's like saying "well if I want to switch off my monitor after I jumped out of the plane, I will do that, cause it's entertaining or whatever". I don't get it and would leave the match when there's more than 1 guy not talking. What's the point? Don't want to win / help / meet new ppl to play with?
  7. K_D

    Cheating Discussion

    Got the special gift to see hacks everywhere or what's happening Always wondering why some ppl are convinced that there are more cheaters than others while things looking totally different when playing myself, talking to players I know or watching streams.... seems odd, doesn't it?
  8. Thing is you just dont get better at all, when you spend 20 min with looting before you die. Equipment is overrated like hell. How often did i feel like i was playing the worst match ever, had no ammo, not the gun i wanted, nothing to heal, just ran from Zone to Zone and suddenly i menaged to kill 1 or 2 ppl, got everything important and eventually won the game. Other games are like " BAM, drop on my head, noone here, best equip ever, more heals than i would use in 30 games and died against 1st enemy. Just because positioning and behaviour in fights are 1000% more important than a full bagpack.
  9. ppl will cry so hard when they see how quick 1st three circles are comming Feels way different, like every game would start in min 15 or something.less time to loot but i like it so far!
  10. K_D

    PC 1.0 Update #10

    hm ist momentan noch nicht live, aber auf der neuen Map soll der erste Kreis ja schon vom Flugzeug aus sichtbar gemacht werden, fände ich eigtl auf beiden Karten schön. Die neuen Fahrzeug Spawn Punkte habe ich sofort bemerkt.Zwischendurch hatte ich gar den Eindruck, dass sie es damit etwas übertrieben haben War evtl nur Zufall. Aber ich glaube dass deine Bedenken unbegründet sind, bin nach wie vor abseits der Flugrouten und abseits von Karten-Zentren gedroppt und hatte auch ziemlich die gleiche Gegner-Verteilung wie sonst auch immer, aber ja - wer weiß, ist ja grad erst live Was aber das Spielgefühl für mich massiv verändert hat, sind die kürzeren Zeiten zwischen den Zonen. Ist sicherlich auch eine Gewöhnungssache, aber im Grunde kam ich mir das ganze Spiel über vor, als würde die Runde schon 15 min laufen und eine blaue Zone jagt die nächste. Dadurch wird das ganze bestimmt in der Anfangsphase "stressiger", mir gefällt es soweit, aber ich sehe schon die nächsten 25.000 Heulthreads aufploppen "WFT NOCH WENIGER ZEIT UM MEINE SNIPER AR SCOPE LEV 3 HELM HEILUNG ZU FINDEN WTF"
  11. K_D

    PC 1.0 Update #10

    Das neue zonenverhalten hört sich für mich ganz vielversprechend an. Wenn man aus irgendwelchen Gründen ohne Fahrzeug unterwegs ist, ist es oft reine Glücksache ob man sich gemütlich einen Spot zum "campen" sucht oder eine komplette Phase lang der Zone hinterher rennen muss. Wenn letzteres passiert hat man oft nicht den Luxus ständig die Wege zu nehmen, die mehr Deckungen bieten. Dabei sterbe ich ziemlich regelmäßg, in Solo-Spielen ist mir laufen immer noch lieber weil sich Gegner viel stärker verteilen als in team-Spielen. Weniger krach -> länger leben, berechenbare Zonen -> weniger Pech+lange Wege.
  12. K_D

    WTF are these changes....

    just wait for maintenance to end and see how it Plays out ^
  13. everybody i know or watch talks about it since a few weeks. Sure its a problem since the beginning but ppl realised it like a few weeks ago !? Editing files solution came pretty much right after. Dunno what you are talking about like "omg ppl couldnt fix it for 1 year without using 3rd Party Tools" pls give me 1 link from at least 6 month ago that shows ppl already realised it. I mean, cant know every sh it on Internet, but still, i am interested if you are just talking nonsense ^
  14. K_D

    Am I lucky?

    dont know who said he had never seen a hacker, but top1% and better says nothing and is stupidly easy to do. Think all you have to do is Play enough games and get top 10 in like 30% of the games maybe... jay.