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  1. It's from the Movie.... Clearly that's the only reason it is in there.
  2. Loading screen lock

    Getting the same thing. Signing out instead of doing a hard reset also works.. just started happening with the last patch or so.
  3. Why would it be so hard to add an OPTIONAL PING lock / Region Lock. I want to play on a server with a ping lock. I check the box and it looks for servers that have been set up for ping locks and you join up. You then know you will be on a server with everyone with a ping (like under 100) on your server. Click on the Region lock as well and get only people from your Region. Make a window come up showing how many people are looking for a game with your options selected to give you an idea if you are going to have to wait or not. Hell, I would sit there for 2 to 3 min if I know I am going to get a decent lag free/cheater free game. Thoughts?
  4. Don't know why this has to be so hard... Just like CS:GO... you team kill, you get banned right away with a Timer... 1 Hour, first time, 1 day second, 1 week Third and so on. If you create a group of friends and there is an accident, there is no ban but you if randomly join up... Start the banning!
  5. Killed in empty room with no windows

    It's called a Cheater..... About 50% of the games have them.... Gotta love it!
  6. "Failed initialize STEAM"

    Mine was running as administrator.. guess you can't do that!
  7. "Failed initialize STEAM"

    Getting the same thing on the regular server.. but the test server is ok.... Any thoughts?
  8. Plane didn't pick me up

    I saw someone talk about this. If you tab out of the game and then come back in somehow, it will leave you on the island. Have fun swimming!