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  1. ASiDiE

    R.I.P. El Azahar

    There used to be a GOOD run of buildings there... mainly the only reason I went there and quite often.... now they took them all out. Seems like most the places I went to (Ones that had the dual building side by side with decent loot) are now gone within the towns and moved elsewhere. That is my guess as to what he is talking about.
  2. ASiDiE

    Can't play the server.

    The server was closed like 2 days ago. Check the twitter feed.
  3. I played this game the other day and it's pretty much a PUBG Clone. It's in closed beta test right now but it seemed pretty easy to get, download and change the language to English. Its has a little less options to set up than PUBG does but it's pretty much exactly the same. It has all the same weapons, all the same attachments, the map icons look the same, the feel of the game is the same. I felt like I could not turn up the graphics to look like pubg but they were pretty good. Only real probably I had is the lag when connecting to a ASIA server from NA.
  4. It's from the Movie.... Clearly that's the only reason it is in there.
  5. ASiDiE

    Loading screen lock

    Getting the same thing. Signing out instead of doing a hard reset also works.. just started happening with the last patch or so.
  6. ASiDiE

    Killed in empty room with no windows

    It's called a Cheater..... About 50% of the games have them.... Gotta love it!
  7. ASiDiE

    "Failed initialize STEAM"

    Mine was running as administrator.. guess you can't do that!
  8. ASiDiE

    "Failed initialize STEAM"

    Getting the same thing on the regular server.. but the test server is ok.... Any thoughts?
  9. ASiDiE

    Plane didn't pick me up

    I saw someone talk about this. If you tab out of the game and then come back in somehow, it will leave you on the island. Have fun swimming!