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  1. Still waiting for Kar nerf....

    You're gonna be waiting for ever, cause that shit is more balanced than this
  2. Crouch Jump Gone?

    You can still do it without the bind, just push C and space at the same time...
  3. WTF

    You're mad about a gb download? I'd hate to see how mad you get when they add a new map lol.
  4. FPP was filled with cheaters before leaderboards were out, only difference is you can see them now lol.
  5. Bluehole! About crouch jumping..

    You know you can do it without the bind right?
  6. You screamed "WHHAAAAAT" like a little girl hahahahahahahaha
  7. It would be an interesting game mode to try out
  8. Why does this game not have a Quick melee?

    I don't think it really needs one IMO.
  9. Favorite Weapon combo

  10. Practice area needed.

    You can shove Mark Twain up your ass for all I care. My point was you could have just replied or plus one'd, one of the many thread all ready requesting the feature. Rather than making a new thread spamming up the forums for no reason.
  11. Practice area needed.

    laughing at your own joke lol. let me recommend this little box in the top right corner it looks like this > using it allows you to find topics others have already posted
  12. Practice area needed.

    This is a super duper original idea... I have NO CLUE why no one has suggested it before now.... or have they
  13. You know what you did Buzzoo. You know.
  14. They live in houses... it's not like i'm saying everyone of them lives in your little town. lol.
  15. Ever had that "Recording" moment

    Every time I start recording full matches, I play like shit lol. So I just use shadow play to snap up the good play.