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  1. Xbox 1 beta sign up

    I don't think there has been any public announcement re: a public beta for xb1
  2. How to get Weapons?

    you're not alone, no one has weapons! look in buildings and pick em up.
  3. Healing during end game

    it's a bug, I've had the same happen.
  4. More outdoor loot

    always do this with 4x,8x and silencers that I don't need. it's no different than shooting out the tires of jeeps and buggies.
  5. PC Build...

    slickdeals.net is your friend, here is a filtered link for computers https://slickdeals.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=9&intagid[]=9
  6. PC Build...

    Ryzen = more cores = more future proof for gaming as more developers create engines that can utilize more than 1-2 cores. BTW, where you gonna find a rx 580 right now, I sold my rx480 for 400 bucks with buy now, 15 minutes after posting it, making me think I cheap sold it. Also with Ryzen, memory speeds help, you should go for 16GB of 3000-3200Mhz ram not 2400. You should also try for a 6GB GTX 1060, stay away from the 3GB version IMO. Check and see if you have a Microcenter near you, microcenter.com they have combos where you can get a boxed 1600 CPU w/HSF and the asus PRIME X370-PRO AM4 ATX for 299.99, giving you a better mobo, as some have stated the power delivery on the 350 chipset can be a little weak. Personally if you have any servicable parts from an existing PC like HDD's, PSU or case, I would cut corners there and build a solid base that way you are not spending twice for the same new hardware.
  7. New Desert Map Teased.

    don't forget the horses!
  8. if you want to stream, go Ryzen as it's shown to outclass the 67/7700 series due to the additional cores.
  9. Sorry, not playing this patch

    his issues are not uncommon, de-sync happens to all of us, some servers are worse than others, as for loot tables, well last night I had level 2 armor, AKM, UMP both with compensators, extended mags, forward grip on the UMP but not an optic, band-aid, med pack, grenade, BACKPACK etc in sight. There was an ass load of cross bows though! Again, it's early access and the OP does not bother to provide any idea what he's working with PC or Network wise. And if "get the op a new potato" is tearing someone down, good luck in the real world, it was a cheeky response to his rant, that's all. PC specs help a lot, as many under spec'd machines will give de-sync/lag type symptoms when the resolution and quality should be dropped. As for the, my network is fine responses, how do you know that, what have you done to verify that? have you ran something like ping plotter for a day, maybe 2 to multiple destinations to see if you have a packet loss or routing issue? NO, then don't simply say it's not my "whatever", or not bother to provide any requisite info! And to tell someone 1 pack dropped is OK is vague at best, do you mean 1 of 2, or 1 of 100,000? or perhaps 1%? minimal packet loss is OK, but considering games tend to use UDP, not TCP meaning that lost packets are just that, lost and when you have a bunch lost close together then you get de-sync, rubberbanding, whatever you want to call it. Also the PUBG team called out and reported to the UT team an issue with the UT engine dropping packets (server side). I could go on, but the point is don't be a little kid about it and stomp your foot, provide real information that makes it easier to provide real information, not potatoes.
  10. Sorry, not playing this patch

    because it's an early access game, and people cry and complain about things that are under constant development. If they can't comprehend that and he does not want to play then why is he posting here?
  11. Sorry, not playing this patch

    Quick, get the OP a new potato
  12. Why Cant My PC Handle This Game

    Resolution? and a 1060 is not going to run Ultra on a lot of modern games at a decent frame rate, Plus you have the neutered 3GB version of the 1060. As a reference I run a 6700K at 4.5Ghz, 16GB and a 1080FTW2 and at 1080 average in the 80's to 90's ultra with shadows and terrain set to Med, this after the last patch provided a 10-15% bump in FPS due to optimizations.
  13. Smoke and burnt smell coming from power-supply

    time for a new PSU, what brand, how old is the current?
  14. lack of cover endgame

    could you imagine the camping without the aggressive shrink later in the game. I've yet to eat a chicken dinner, and I'm OK with that. just need to join the PUB-G Crawl later in the game to stay hidden!