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  1. yes you make it, with this update today, everything looks clear, no more blurry effect, I can play now with both anti alliasing and post process on ultra, everything is better, moving, aiming, searching target, spotting etc.... nice update you did there, I hope you will keep in that way. And thx for the replay ! This is one of the best update you made, everything seems better and miramar is so cooooool now ! (for the haters this is not a joke)
  2. Bannisement à cause de dossiers .ini

    depuis aout elles sont en ligne ici : https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/rulesOfConduct.pu la numéro 9 est on ne peut plus claire, à partir du moment ou modifies les fichiers du jeu tu te dois d'aller voir par toi même ce qui est autorisé car sur internet on trouve malheureusement de tout, la prochaine fois on ne t'y reprendra pas, c'est le point positif.
  3. Bannisement à cause de dossiers .ini

    erf....modification des fichiers ini = ban.*( (c'est marque dans les règles de base du jeu). Malheureusement c'est mort le déban...
  4. get a car, don't land in a spot to loot, land near the roads there are vehicles all along the roads, get it, go loot anywhere and go to the safe zone, if you can get a motocyle it's better !
  5. What is the best way to start?

    Erangel map : jump at school or military base, loot anything you can as a weapon and try to kill anyone who is near ! Miramar map : jump to hacienda del patron and do the same (miramar is only on the test server at this moment).
  6. playing more than 800 hours on Erangel, believe me when I say I'm happy to leave Erangel to play Miramar.
  7. normal, new map, new feelings etc...we're doing the same in solos duos or squads on the test server everytime it's Erangel, we leave cause we want to play and play on Miramar. It will be the same for some weeks probably when it will come to live servers, and it will be the same when another map will come.
  8. Player runs significantly slower than everyone else

    strange but i remenber to have a run with one mate side by side, I had shoes, he hadn't and I was running faster than him. There is something wrong but it's not easy to find where is the problem for you.
  9. I think that what is needed is not that we have to choose or not the map, anyone can leave or not that's cool sometimes we get near to 100 players sometimes around 70 like with the rain or the fog, not a problem cause the real big fights are most of the time at the begining and during the last circles of a game so I'm not sure less players is a game breaker. What we need is more map, I heard about a 4*4 urban map with the same amount of players, it's cool, more close fight, more intensive and nervous during all the game, why not. We should have a winter map too so all our white clothes can be usefull. With 4 or 5 maps in the pool map (with different weather for all of those), the game will go higher again and again !
  10. Player runs significantly slower than everyone else

    shoes ? I'm joking but are the shoes changing the run speed ?
  11. yep, gone there and nice place to loot ! the military base on the north east is good too but it's as usual in Erangel a high contested area most of the time.
  12. I ask this here few weeks ago, and one moderator came and wrote there will be a reset of BP with the 1.0 but yesterday I found on reddit a tweet from PUBG tweeter wrote there won't be any reset of BP with the 1.0, I had spent most of my BP in crates,so... .
  13. Is dessert map to big

    Miramas isn't too big, less foilage makes you think this but it's 8*8 km like Erangel. There is also less water so more space to move on and with the view distance on ultra, the feeling of space is really cool. I get action in solos duos and squads every game, the only time I feel like a running game was when we jumped on the north wile the cicle goes south, we get a car but as wrote above, needed fuel to go to the safe zone (cause we forgot to take some while looting before the 1st blue....so it's our fault), we stopped in a district and found fuel so we came back in the game. I need to know better the map to drive faster place to place, time will help.
  14. False Ban not cool!!!

    hope for you players, if you're legit since you play at this game, your ban should be removed... normally !