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  1. input delay

    hit regs and lag compensation are bad too !
  2. I mean seriously?

    the fatal desync, this is one thing I hate in this cool game, it's not happening every game but when it happens , I'm getting a bit nervous like many of us !
  3. Nerf SKS

    I find that the SKS is fine, it can make the job in close combat with no attachment at all, stay good middle range with only a red dot, and became a beast long range if you aim properly with any zoom but it needs more adaptation (cause bullets drop) You may look at a player named TSMvinz (or something like that), he will prove you the SKS is really good. no nerf,no buff needed cause the mini 14 is a beast too, and I don't talk about the M24 or AWM or kar98k....
  4. yes , you have to kill tsi.exe to restart the game ang get the "continue the match" logo !
  5. Smaller Maps Discussion

    nervous fight from the begining to the end, this would be good and will offer something different with this small map.
  6. it's psychological only, you can kill the leaning players and they can kill you, they probably think they will survive the gun fight cause they are standing up leaning right to left while trying to aim properly but nothing change, if they 've got bad aim they stay with bad aim, leaning or not....fast crouch aim shoot, they are dead ! cool , continue to lean !
  7. TPP = I see you, you don't see me, you're dead FPP = I see you, you don't see me, maybe you're dead.
  8. Bikes

    the 3 seats have always been bad in the game, especially when I drive it alone or with only one mate, more stable with 2 mates but I m' not a big fan of the 3 seats and reading what you wrote, I will stay from them.
  9. Achievement "You complete me"

    shooting succes are not working good too, all my kills whatever the distance I got those are counted like more than 100 meters (but many kills were CQC) ! It's not important but I saw it so I wrote it here. (game runs fine for me).
  10. Cheating Discussion

    Cs go ??? You find cheaters in all mods, casual, competitive, thrusted and prime, the higher you play in comp the more cheaters there are, even with a full demo it 'will be really hard to see the aimbot low fov in action for example, some guys are cheating their for years now, some in all the cs versions. Using a wallhack with brain is easy when you play the game for years. Etc...etc.... and don't forget that the semi pro scene is well known to be a good spot for cheaters on the cs go scene. In pubg the only demos are the blatant hackers, they are not "dangerous" as the smarts cheaters can be in all FPS games. A good cheater is the cheater that you d'on,t spot, the others are bad at all (playing and cheating).
  11. Bye All!

    and another cool forum member gone.
  12. ok, so bluehole decided to make a PVP with 100 players on a big map with one of the worst engine according to netcode, genius, I think we've got some genius in bluehole !
  13. I saw this too many times, a guy is 100 meters away, not moving, aiming another guy, I use my weapon (mini 14, m4 or kar etc...) with a 4X, and properly aiming at him, bullets pass through him, then he moves and my bullets are there on the texture exactly where he was. (client side was fine but server side was awful). This happened cause blue hole doesn't want to invest in servers, this is why we'are playing with something around 17 HTz tickrate, in 2018 it's a joke, with the number of copies sold, it's another joke, so if bluehole wants to use the money in a good way, a logical and normal way, it's to pay for good servers a little bit more than they pay actually for those rubbish servers. I know that it can be done, easily, money is here so....do it !
  14. Lost Streamers?

    playing eight hours 5 or 6 days per week to earn money, to buy a life probably , you're totally right amazing time we live in.