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  1. Logiquement, dans ce genre de jeu il devrait y avoir un anti bot AFK (pour éviter le farming de BP sans rien faire), ce qui ne semble pas être le cas vu ce qui se passe dans ton cas. Après 5 mn d'inactivité le serveur devrait auto kick le joueur (5 mn pour laisser le temps de reco en cas de crash ça laisse le temps au cas ou).
  2. arybow

    No maps available

    it's back !
  3. arybow

    Old man grumbles about cheating....

    so you don't know what you're talking about, I never used the death cam, I used the replay cause when the cheatah is one kilometer around me I've got all his moves and that's the easiest way to know if everything is legit or not.... You seem to be a big newbie in cheat detection, not me.
  4. arybow

    Old man grumbles about cheating....

    and you don't know what you're talking about. I know what I've seen and who I reported with video proofs to the pubg dedicated site.
  5. arybow

    Old man grumbles about cheating....

    LOl, FPP eu player here, map hack seem to work fine for some of the players I met (you know the hack that shows you the position of all enemies in the area on the map and on the mimi map) one month ago have a game with flying cars cheaters and aimbotters with ESP ! damn seems like FPP eu is not clean too, far from it.
  6. Money, money, money... . Money eats too many people's brain ...welcome to this world.
  7. skins and crates are useless in all FPS games, you know it's only to get more money....(and having an orange weapon or such ridiculous thing, I will never go to war with an orange weapon in a game and for real too)
  8. arybow

    PC 1.0 Update #13

    Since patch #12 I like the AKM, others Ar are not as good as the akm for close and mid range now (wich is not really logical but devs are devs they most of the time forget to be gamers, a buff on the akm recoil only was needed ), the smgs and especially the UMP is now a monster and playing solo with a Kar98k has become a need cause less Helmet T3. I don't like this way to be honest.
  9. arybow

    impossible to join a game

    ok thanks !
  10. arybow

    Config nécessaire

    oui ! Dans les paramètres du jeu, tu devras régler les options graphiques au mieux pour gratter des FPS !
  11. patience,si un joueur Fr sur Xbox passe dans le coin il te répondra si il peut, perso je suis sur PC donc je ne peux pas t'aider.
  12. arybow

    impossible to join a game

    Now I've got another 3.7 Gb update so this explains what I wrote above probably.
  13. I was going to play on the test server today after the 7.2 Gb update. The problem is that I can connect to the lobby , see my caracter choose map game etc...so FPP EU server , impossible to launch a game? I tested the NA servers, impossible too. (I can see the little window at the bottom of my screen "started matchmaking" forever !)
  14. arybow

    broken net code?

    it's a big problem to play a survival and to know that in some situations you can't thrust what you see on your screen. (and with the replay when using external soft to get it, the replay from the player perspective shows desync too, this has never been a replay bug but a game breaker).