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  1. As the title says am looking for a duo partner to grind the leaderboard and have a laugh at the same time. I have over 800+ hrs only add me if your K/D is over 2.2 and your ADR is over 250. am only playing FPP so if you plat TPP don't add me. am looking for EU members but UK members would be better as am from Scotland. my steam is arch3r80
  2. still looking for a team to join not a community am on all the time
  3. Seeking Skilled, Loyal Friends [PC]

    hey am always on after half 5. am no pro but am good and getting better if you want to talk add me on steam arch3r80
  4. HI am looking for eu fpp players only. am fed up playing with randoms so am looking for players or a team to join to play with on a regular basis. am from scotland i have over 700hrs am not a noob am getting better every season. i have a decent aim am not good at calling etc i can follow orders etc. add me on steam arch3r80 only add me if you have 700+ hrs over 2000+ rating a good adr and can understand scottish and only over 18's
  5. Hi am looking to play competitive atm am doing hot drops on solos and playing with randoms in squads. i have over 600+ hrs in pubg played competitive CSS played in enemydown and clanbase i have a good aim and getting better my steam is arch3r80
  6. looking for a team to join i feel as if am getting better everyday and if am playing with better players am going to learn and get even better
  7. Hi am looking for 3 EU players to grind EU with the rating 2300+ i was 2330 and in the top 500 but playing with randoms on discord am back down to 2280. i want to get better at this game and hope to get into the top 200 in squads. I only play FPP my avg is getting better my aim is not the problem i just need to play with people with the same rating as me or better so i can learn. Am Scottish and i do talk slow so you can understand me lol my steam name arch3r80 only add me on steam if you play FPP and with the rating 2300 here is my stats https://pubg.op.gg/user/monkey_balls?server=eu
  8. Looking for Dads to play with (DLG) PC

    hi is this for NA OR EU? am a dad of 3
  9. still looking for a squad buddy's and want to get better at the game rating must be over 2000
  10. UK BRIT Over 30s Discord Server!

    here you go https://discord.gg/AeDnGZ
  11. sounds good buddy
  12. hey everyone am looking for a duo and squad buddys. i play squads all the time want to get better at duo's. i have discord my rating in duo's is 1600+ and my squad rating is 2000+. am online all the time and i have 500hrs add me on steam arch3r80 and we can talk
  13. hey am scottish so am in am having the best season yet add me on steam arch3r80
  14. looking for 3 eu players 1700+ rating and positive K/D to grind the EU ladder add me on steam