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  1. looking for people to play squads with on pub and on faceit don't have much ex's in pubg comp play etc. but i have exp in other games comp play my stats this server are rubbish last season i was 2.7k/d i want to get better and better at the game. and looking for players that can understand Scottish accent :D. my stats been doing a lot of hot drops in sanhok not really caring much about rating just trying to improve my aim i have discord xArcher_#6872 message me on there
  2. Archer


    eu or na?
  3. still looking for a squad with the same K/D and ADR as mine or higher my stats am on every day and every night
  4. still looking for players to squad with for the new season starting my stats
  5. been playing with randoms all season. not really mush teamwork happening want to play with eu/uk players on a regular basis i use discord message me on here or add me on discord xArcher_#6872
  6. hey buddy i see your from ayr. am from kilwinning. been looking for other scottish members to team up with. feel free to add me on steam arch3r80