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  1. Alternative Ammo Types

    Have a suggestion about different ammunition types. For a bigger loot table and overall, customizable equip/weapon setups for various situations and game progress. Look around for realistic designations and propertys. And create this List. TYPES COLOR Normal Ammo Grey Armor Piercing (AP) Red Hollow Point (HP) Blue AET (AET) Violet Tracer (T) Yellow BALL “Normal“ Ammunition COLOR: Grey PROS: Jack-of-all-Trades The ball "normal" round is as basic as it gets, and I'll be using it to compare other ammo types as we go along. HOLLOW POINT Ammunition (HP) COLOR: Blue PROS: Increased damage on unarmored targets. HP rounds are great in the opening stages of the game, before enemies begin to wear heavier armor. However, if the bullet has gone through light armor or hit unarmored spots, it inflicts her full damage potential. HP Ammo can hardly make damage to targets with high armor, it might sustain only lightly damage from bullet's impact. ARMOR PIERCING Ammunition (AP) COLOR: Red PROS: Effective against armor, Can go through the target AP rounds are especially effective against armor. After penetrating armor, an AP round will cause "regular" damage to the target's body. In later progress this rounds were the most commonly used. AP rounds can also go trough objects. AET Ammunition (AET) COLOR: Violet PROS: Overall increased ballistic power! The best of both worlds in a single bullet, this ammo type combines the penetration of an Armor Piercing round with the internal damage of Hollow Point. AET can also go through the target, like AP ammo. TRACER Ammunition (T) COLOR: Yellow PROS:. See the projectile trajectory. More accurate, specials on long distance and Auto-fire. This "regular" tracer ammunition is essentially "BALL" ammo, in that is possesses no special ballistic capabilities. The trace make it easier to see the projectile trajectory and drop.
  2. Blocked loading of file

    oder noch einfacher, das AiO Runtimes Packet installieren und alles sollte geschmeidig laufen http://www.chip.de/downloads/All-in-One-Runtimes_37449838.html