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  1. what is better?

    No from a video I saw someone explains (don't remember his name) limb shots do less damage than a body shot
  2. Player experience suggestions

    I wouldn't take the first match ever to seriously. Just use it as a time to learn the game, controls, rules, etc. including learning that someone could parachute close to you and kill you if they find a weapon.
  3. For those who rage easily I would say be prepared to continue to rage if you guys play this game. You guys have to realize this game is still in beta and it takes time for games to be fixed and near perfect especially during the beta.
  4. Desync & Hitreg

    Like every other game it is hard to have a perfect game right away especially if it is in beta but I do believe they are working on fixing bugs a desyncs and what not but just takes time. I do like that they are adding content though because if not I personally would probably get bored of the same weapons and things and probably would've stopped playing.
  5. Ranking system?

    I don't pay much attention to ranking right now and just play for fun. From what I heard there is a lot of problems still since it is in beta so I do think they will fix the ranking later on.
  6. Looting Idea

    I have seen people precisely catch the loot box on top of a vehicle when it is dropping and then they drive the crate to a safe location to loot but that is a very hard thing to do but it is possible.
  7. Car spawns... Seriously..

    I have had the same situation happen to me different times. I figured its better to plan ahead of time instead of waiting until it's too late. So if the circle is far away I usually just get a little bit of loot and then start moving or looking for a vehicle.
  8. What is your definition of camping?

    Like others have said camping is a strategy to win and you aren't always able to camp since the bluesmen moves and you need loot to kill and win so I don't see the problem in staying somewhere hidden if you have good loot and are in the white circle if you have the chance to
  9. Killing on Sight

    The main objective of this game is winner winner chicken dinner and getting points to buy cosmetics which the points are acquired by killing. So killing is the main objective of this game and that is why your hope probably won't happen unless they make a different game mode or even a different game that you are talking about.
  10. I feel the bluezone is fine how it is. If it were easy to get out of bluesmen then there would be a lot more camping in my opinion and less use of vehicles so idk in my opinion I think the bluezone is fine how it is. Even though I have died plenty of times because of bluezone....