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  1. Stuck connecting...?

    Inb4 people that doesn't understand sarcasm starts tweeting that out
  2. Stuck connecting...?

    Servers have been working earlier today. Having patience when beta testing a game, "maybe a good idea ? Isn't it ?"
  3. PUB Public Discord

    @Minion Sent you a DM and removed the link for now, just in case.
  4. PUB Public Discord

    I joined when they tweeted it at the first alpha, pretty "not secret" imo.
  5. PUB Public Discord

    The official discord is at (temporarily removed)
  6. Something seems to have broken the RSS feed on the https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/news web. The last post in the RSS feed was this post: https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/news/posts/gunplay-mechanics and it was previously found at http://www.playbattlegrounds.com/feed/ but now it seems to be gone entirely. I really liked it, and a lot of people are still using RSS.
  7. I fully understand that, but it's still important to give feedback on how much the performance decreased due to these added objects. If the beta-testers aren't really able to play the game, then it might be interesting for devs to know that optimizing needs further priority. Sure, I could play at an "unplayable" frame-rate and find bugs to report, but most people won't, hence the beta testing will be pointless.
  8. I really love this game, I really want it to be good and work! Sadly I will probably not play more of this beta until at least performance have improved. I miss the alpha, it might have been more primitive, but it was working way better and with better performance. Performance: I run a i7 6700k (4Ghz) with 32GB Ram and a GTX 1070. I get somewhere between 50-80 fps, with huge spikes. In cities however (Yasmnaya Plyana for example), 30-40fps isn't unusual. This is on the following settings: Windowed borderless Texture on Low and EVERYTHING else on "Very Low". Of course everything looks terrible on these settings, and it's blurry and weird, I did try with higher settings, but it still looks way worse than in the alpha with a noticeable "blur". Also, in these low settings I can't see anything on the ground when in the air, and have to rely on the map only. I am sad to say that performance have decreased significantly since the Alpha, it's extremely noticeable, and this while things look much worse in general. Standing still will "load in" things so they look a bit sharper after a second or two, but that's not really how you play this game. *During alpha I got around 80-140fps, and as far as I can remember most settings were maxed or just below max. Audio: - The ambiance sound is way too loud! Sometimes it bugs out and goes quiet for a couple of seconds, this is just a blessing, but then it comes back and you really wish it didn't because that's everything you focus on! - Bluehole splash screen on starting game have a WAY too loud and "shocking" sound. - Weird audio in game, two times i had an issue where the audio turned "super-boosted", and choppy. I ended up muting instead since no audio feedback helping me in game was worth enduring this experience. Unfortunately this happened when shadowplay wasn't working for some reason so I have no recording of it - Voice chat in the airplane, it is terrible, it's loud and you HAVE to either disable it or set a separate volume slider for lobby/plane voice chat. - Audio directions. Sometimes it is impossible to tell from what direction sounds originate, both footsteps, vehicles and gunfire. Lobby: - I love that you added weapons in the lobby so we can try them out, but please add more or have them re-spawn, or it's just a fifth of the players running around with them, and the others (players loading in late) will just be annoyed. Alternatively place them somewhere else, where people don't spawn, so you have the option to go there and get shot in the face and listen to gunfire or just wait in peace for the round to start where you originally spawned. - "Round starts in..."-text should be offset from the center. It covers the crosshair when trying out weapons in the lobby - Every time I load in to a lobby, everything is frozen for the first 5-10 seconds (while seeing other players "load in" one by one). Maybe this should have a loading screen instead for a better experience. Other: - A lot of random crashes both during gameplay, in lobby and in menus. - A lot of loot that can't be picked up (not even visible in proximity list) - Sometimes I can't drag things out of my inventory, it's just stuck there. - You really need some kind of damage direction indication, and the audio direction must be improved. Sometimes it's impossible to find who is shooting at you.