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  1. 1. zeroing should be always displayed at the bottom, or at least toggleable. 2. Spamming F sometimes doesn't change the animation for the door, it would look as if it was opened but it's actually closed and u can't go through. 3. If a vehicle crashes into something and gets stuck it blows up, because it slowly loses health (or whatever it's called). 4. (If a car is flipped to the left or right and you're aiming a bit down) you will hold the gun in the most retarded way xd. http://i.imgur.com/SaGN79X.png 5. please make houses render faster , because if they aren't you can clip thru them and fall off the map. 7. the artillery shouldn't spawn on a guy who is trying to get to the circle or move somewhere else, The Campers should. 8. You can make it so, there will be a gas(or anything else really) if some1 is in the same spot for 1-3 minutes (unless shooting)... but you will have to figure what to do with silenced guns. 9. Maybe, but only Maybe... (could be not such a good idea), But spawn every1 with a taser or a pistol at the start of the round. so you actually have a chance to loot after a guy who got there before you. instead of making it a race to the ground. or make some mini weapons. like mini-shotgun mini-smg mini-pistol (maybe let us select what we can choose??) or something. But taser iz better. 10. make it so if you hover over a weapon and click 1 or 2 it switches your primary... excuse engrish is not my ?irst language! ?lease Reply with your thots on this list.
  2. I once died like that, because a guy had the same bug I guess. But I now understand why. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/857223368071002834/DCDBC2325830770DBECE869A09D83F2EB0B91094/ You can see people through walls and buildings and shoot them and kill them somehow when u get this bug. I didn't even know this game had wallbanging? or it could be a client side thing. but I did actually kill 1 guy.