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  1. Looking for high level Duos Players

    Hello there, I mostly play fpp. and got 4 wins out of 13 games last week. If you're down and don't look at stats, then we might be able to play. My steam is http://kam1.pro/s fpp stats aren't implemented yet so check last months stats under pubg.me if you really care about stats that much....
  2. Weird Building Render Issues

    I can give you tips, but it won't fix it 100%, but maybe it might. 1. If you have a Nvidia graphics card and you're using shadowplay, disable that. 2. If you have a browser opened, close it. 3. open task manager and look what's using most of the disk usage: 4. try disabling the service called superfetch. google how to do it, if you don't know how. 5. If all of that shit didn't work, then brag about it in the forums. because Fucf blueballs entertainment. I hope that helped
  3. Cheating

    There is one, and it's a great one, it's called BattleEye. Please do your research before asking. And I have over 250 hours and I've never seen a cheater. I've played in both regions as well....
  4. What key binding changes did you make?

    i bind scrollwheel to jump with ahk because i have no thumb ? and can't reach space. ?✡
  5. AutoHotKey

    yes i hope they are allowed... i have no thumb ? so i use ahk to jump with mouse wheel ✡️?
  6. I like playing this game, I have many chicken dinners but I play with a disadvantage. ?? I asked sometime in forums if it's okay to make ahk sclipt to jump with scrollwheel on mouse, but I didn't get answer and mod delete thread cuz he very mean ? I really enjoy game and i look forward for it
  7. M416 or scar?

    I prefer scar because I spray all over them
  8. yez running across field simulator needs to stop, they need to double vehicle spawns ?
  9. yes that wud be good.
  10. that's what the flash hider is for i tink. if they shoot then its easy to see him anyway. git gut
  11. 1. zeroing should be always displayed at the bottom, or at least toggleable. 2. Spamming F sometimes doesn't change the animation for the door, it would look as if it was opened but it's actually closed and u can't go through. 3. If a vehicle crashes into something and gets stuck it blows up, because it slowly loses health (or whatever it's called). 4. (If a car is flipped to the left or right and you're aiming a bit down) you will hold the gun in the most retarded way xd. http://i.imgur.com/SaGN79X.png 5. please make houses render faster , because if they aren't you can clip thru them and fall off the map. 7. the artillery shouldn't spawn on a guy who is trying to get to the circle or move somewhere else, The Campers should. 8. You can make it so, there will be a gas(or anything else really) if some1 is in the same spot for 1-3 minutes (unless shooting)... but you will have to figure what to do with silenced guns. 9. Maybe, but only Maybe... (could be not such a good idea), But spawn every1 with a taser or a pistol at the start of the round. so you actually have a chance to loot after a guy who got there before you. instead of making it a race to the ground. or make some mini weapons. like mini-shotgun mini-smg mini-pistol (maybe let us select what we can choose??) or something. But taser iz better. 10. make it so if you hover over a weapon and click 1 or 2 it switches your primary... excuse engrish is not my ?irst language! ?lease Reply with your thots on this list.
  12. I once died like that, because a guy had the same bug I guess. But I now understand why. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/857223368071002834/DCDBC2325830770DBECE869A09D83F2EB0B91094/ You can see people through walls and buildings and shoot them and kill them somehow when u get this bug. I didn't even know this game had wallbanging? or it could be a client side thing. but I did actually kill 1 guy.
  13. Looking for people who don't take the game too serious, but also want to win and get kills and camp ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198202006070/ and No I'm not homosexual.