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  1. New item ideas!

    It's confirmed binoculars will be added in future updates, so just be patient Regarding OP, there's good ideas in your post sir, the only thing I disagree are traps, I've been killed too many times just opening a door with a wire mine behind in the mod PU made in Arma 3 Cheers, cya in Battlegrounds!
  2. FPP para squad?

    En mi opinión porque han conseguido el balance perfecto entre la simulación militar de Arma 3 y el estilo arcade desenfrenado de King of The Kill, situandose en un punto medio muy accesible y divertido. Ahora bien, la espera por mecánicas gamechanger como el vaulting me está matando Saludos eDD!
  3. You don't need a knife when you learned to punch from the master:
  4. !Help! Me

    Hi there! This is a common issue that has been reported by a ton of users. Take a look a this thread mate: Hope it helps , cheers from Spain! Cya in Battlegrounds!
  5. Lurker

    Welcome to the forum ! Cheers from Spain cya in Battlegrounds!
  6. I NEED YOU!!

    Hi there sir! Welcome to the forum and good luck with your channel Cheers from Spain, cya in Battlegrounds!
  7. Problema al iniciar PUBG

    Buenas! ¿Comprobaste que el antivirus o el firewall no esté bloqueando la instalación de BattleEye? Lo más probable es que se deba a eso, comprueba y me dices por aqui a ver si lo resolvemos Un saludo!
  8. God, childhood memories I remember I used to hate this game when my brother played it because I finded it slow and sooo boring... Years later I realised how WRONG I was You're lucky sir, thats a masterpiece! Cheers, cya in Battlegrounds!

    Is there a killcam system? There will most likely be a killcam added to the solo game mode ONLY. Whether this be a camera which follows your enemy for a few seconds, replays your death or pans to the location of the enemy who killed you is not yet decided. There are no plans to add a killcam to any team modes. Quoted from the FAQ: Cheers from Spain, cya in Battlegrounds!
  10. My First YouTube Vid - What do you think?

    Hi there! Didn't watched the vid yet, but think this thread fits better here https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/23-community-content/ ,not in General Discussion , just as an advice GL with your channel, cheers from Spain, cya in Battlegrounds!
  11. Resolving problem of THIS game once and forever

    Absolutely no to the idea of everybody landing with a pistol, as other users said before, people could get killed even without having landed The essence of Battle Royale is landing without nothing, try to survive and find your way out in dangerous situations. If everybody lands armed already this will be another deathmatch game less interesting. Cheers from Spain, cya in Battlegrounds!
  12. Negative BP Currency

    Hi there! This is a common issue that has been reported by a ton of users. Take a look a this thread mate: Hope it helps, cheers from Spain! Cya in Battlegrounds!
  13. Watch out guys, you're buddy could transform into a xenomorph when spectating it in first person servers I needed to post it, it's creepy and funny as hell Cheers from Spain! Cya in the Battlegrounds!
  14. juego congelado con la nueva actualizacion

    Buenas! El problema que comentas me ha sucedido alguna vez, PUBG "solapa" el administrador de tareas y la única opción posible es reiniciar, ya que no es posible cerrar el proceso. Ahora bien, a mi esta incidencia me pasó solo unas dos veces pero ciertamente es muy molesto si. Sobre la solución, siento decir que ni idea, imagino que es un tema de optimización y código del juego, por tanto solo queda reportar estos fallos y esperar que lo parcheen. Si me entero de algo al respecto lo publicaré en este mismo post, un saludo pizzagate!
  15. ¿Es posible ganar sin disparar a nadie?

    Op en el momento de la victoria : Quitando bromas, impressive Un saludo!