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  1. Can we please get Boonie hats, more military style camos, military style bags ect ect? Thanks!!
  2. The game is very enjoyable. Weapons work great, emotes are awesome(never have time use them except at the beginning, lol), dont see a difference in parachutes. Still fun and addicting!! Can't wait for the small map!
  3. JRiv_Eagle

    Losing ability to use Mic after first match

    Verifying integrity fixed the problem. gg
  4. JRiv_Eagle

    Losing ability to use Mic after first match

    Replicating. Log on. Load up. Play match(Mic works). End of match. Exit to lobby. Start again. Mic does not work, everytime. Have tried other games, it does not happen.
  5. I can hear game music and sounds but I can not talk to or hear others through Mic. After my first match. I have to restart game from steam in order for my Mic to work. After first game it doesn't work. Corsair HS60
  6. JRiv_Eagle

    Why this game running badly on my laptop?

    True...lol. Maybe to many applications running, something downloading.
  7. JRiv_Eagle

    Why this game running badly on my laptop?

    Make sure your using your 1080 and not integrated graphics.
  8. JRiv_Eagle

    Friends list

    The friends list is buggy. I have friends on according to steam and in game it shows them off line. I messaged my friends to see if they are on and they are playing. Refresh does not work.
  9. JRiv_Eagle

    Slide/Glide up hill when you jump

    Sorry for no video, my recorder will not work for some reason. Fairly simple to replicate, just sprint up any mountain or hill(big or small) and stair way and jump. You slide. Not sure if it gives advantages to go faster, slower, take more damage ect, did not test that far. Will upload a video if my recorder stops acting up.
  10. Yeah, I play on a lower end PC(would upgrade but daughter is entering college this year so yeah, lol). I get the building rendering issue only when I play on High and or Medium and with squads. I do not get it playing solo nor duos on lows. Could an SSD help?