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  1. FIX the NADES!

    I should just hold a grenade in hand and run into players, they will die I will be knocked out, Great adaption! Exploit! Whatever...lol
  2. FIX the NADES!

    The person with the nade in there hand did not die. He had no health I had full health...lmao...
  3. Please fix the grenades. My last video was not good enough. What about this one? They fly to far, to easy, especially on the Desert map... and most of all they do not do proper damage. Please fix! Check out the health!?!?
  4. The game is very enjoyable. Weapons work great, emotes are awesome(never have time use them except at the beginning, lol), dont see a difference in parachutes. Still fun and addicting!! Can't wait for the small map!
  5. Losing ability to use Mic after first match

    Verifying integrity fixed the problem. gg
  6. Losing ability to use Mic after first match

    Replicating. Log on. Load up. Play match(Mic works). End of match. Exit to lobby. Start again. Mic does not work, everytime. Have tried other games, it does not happen.
  7. I can hear game music and sounds but I can not talk to or hear others through Mic. After my first match. I have to restart game from steam in order for my Mic to work. After first game it doesn't work. Corsair HS60
  8. New Emote System

    I guess you never played Socom. Or know the story how they actually DID back it!
  9. New Emote System

    Its all good its not for everyone. Its fun. Its a video game. Besides victory dances were in Socom backed by the real US Navy SEALS, and they liked it!
  10. New Emote System

    Socom had it. I think its because of that.
  11. That road map was amazing!!!

    I can careless about my community rep. I'm having fun playing. Its a video game. Development is not easy and IMO its great as is and its still in development. Get a grip brotha! And stop over thinking this. New features? Its got a solid foundation as is. Fly, land, loot, kill, survive. Ive posted bugs and issues, but all in all, its been a great experience for me. Everyone is different.
  12. That road map was amazing!!!

    Games is already heart pounding and fun. This a solif road map. -New smaller map. Intense! -Emotes, fun feature. -Overhauling animation system. Which is already pretty solid. -Working on parachutes. -Sound -Stability, Optimization, Security continously in the works!
  13. Lol...its a video game. Relax and have fun. You guys do understand there are different devs for different things.