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  1. Yea i use this simply as a temp fix until they release a perm fix.
  2. I solved this by entering a boggie and exiting again. It has solved the sound issue several times for me now. When the sound is ruined it affects all players of my squad, but when I enter a boggie and exits again the sound returns to normal for all players.
  3. Head missing

    As attached, watching yourself is quite decapitating. Picture taken in airplane before drop. I believe the game has some fundamental flaws that challenges the laws of physics, but this one caught my attention.
  4. Client Not Responding

    Its every game after the last windows update that was run this morning. Tried reinstalling the game. Updating GPU drivers Installing C++ optional updates Running steam as administrator Verified integrity of the game files. Tried different server options. Set all options to default. This has got to be fixed.