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  1. Bottleneck? 1080 Ti and 60 FPS

    What about: -Windows version -HDD or SSD difference maybe -cpu hz difference -down and upload difference These alone are quite a few variables that impact performance.
  2. Jumping straight of a cliff thinking there is ground left to jump Getting run over by my own car. In more ways then 1
  3. If you leave you should be accredited a loss simple. Yes even in EA because fuck stats. Silver_wolf you're wrong.... period. Offcourse it affects others who play. Its like starting a soccer match and the other team decides to leave. Sure you can win. Sure they can decide what to do with their time. but in no way this is normal. Stop making seemingly high educated posts. Because frankly you are just playing the entitled literal post attacker. It looks sad.
  4. Idea for deathmatch mode

    Id like a 5 man squad mode, but thats just because our group ,that came via cs:go>dayz>pubg , consists of 5 people. Now its all about who's online first
  5. Ehm nope thats too high. I could play on the moon with 250ms. Think 100-150ms more then enough. When i play own region i get around 30-70ms.
  6. Yeah but thats just like a sit down. No real progress.. I mean i understand the will to pimp your char if its a game you play a lot. Because why wouldn't you want to look badass doing it? But man o man. Make sure you have a functioning AC active admins etc first. And im so oppposed to dlc and micro in EA. Pisses me off when shit gets done halfass
  7. Make it multiple accounts and games that get refunded by the hack selling company because when you buy a hack it is a subscription/abonnement and they rebuy whatever game you got caught on. Just so you know
  8. 25K cheaters banned in the last 24hrs - Battleye

    The servers need to actively kick/ban people who: Run like the flash Get +5 kills in a short amount of time with just HS Has gear from the get go Chars that are bullet sponges Cant be that hard to implement an algoritm checker.
  9. Almost every game dev just sees $$ signs... Every aspect is created to wringing money out of everyone. Shame really. They used to maka a game in hope they could make money. Now they want money first then make the game (EA BS) World is fubar.
  10. When they announced the crates i said this was gonna happen. Stupid hardheaded devs.
  11. Disable Leaderboards

    Thats the sole purpose. Rest is extra gains. Crap micro
  12. That could be the case. Thnx. Will check the surroundings next time.
  13. Well seeing as i just landed there alone this is not 100% so. Or it was a cheater
  14. Came across some sad and lonely 7.62 and 9mm without the guns yesterday. Havent seen it much tho. Its usually a weapon without the ammo
  15. I don't know about region locking China...

    Good post m8. The same kinda threads over and over again. Sickening.