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  1. bugs / things i hate

    What is a pretty good pc? Post your specs. Things i despise (hate is such a juvenile word, no offense) -crevices that i get stuck in, -hitboxes far around an object so you can shoot holes in the air and see them sit there mocking you -running my car into invisible objects -having my parachute being stuck in mid air on absolutely nothing -have the DayZ slide death -not being able to slide an item to vicinity if you are fully packed -Bars on windows -indestructible fences -unpenatrable fences (bullets wont go through) These are a few of the things i “hate” And you know what?! These things have been in since the beginning, nothing improved on these subjects........ bad bad bad developers. I still enjoy the game though but i play 4/5 games a night on average and am average so it all can be taken lightly. If you have more then 500 hours you’re bound to get burnt up or get irritated by little things. With these kind of games at least. 1000+ hours on an RPG i get sorry went a little ot OP
  2. Deathcam ADS

    Dont spectate the deathcam for what really happend. It bugs sometimes, they even posted this in the latest patch notes. Maybe read up a little? You are better of watching the replay instead (deathcam is not the same as replay) But for the leaning part; appearently there is Some cheat where the player has to lean (or gets leaned by the cheat software) to use the false cliënt parameters. or it could just be he stayed in the lean stance since the moment he started shooting you from cover and moved up. lots of variables, but hey thats Pubg
  3. How would you play it?

    Zero forum credits, wants subscribers or “views” Next time participate on this forum mate. Dont be the quiet for the storm.
  4. Dying is no fun anymore

    Damn that is sick and disturbing....
  5. And how do the forum mods and admins fit into this picture? I can understand you're frustration but your barking at the wrong tree.
  6. I think thats just your settings or videocard.
  7. ^ Did you even read OP's post? I highly doubt that cause you are missing his points.. He gave some truths on the replay. He wasnt saying that there are NO cheaters. So again, did you even read his post (scanning to read what You want to read is not reading)
  8. Beyond ridiculous

    What servers do you guys play on? Just curious. And maybe some other variables are in play, but i have never been shot through a mountain out of nowhere. Been playing since march. That said i play casually so my sample could be waaay to small and i just simply dodged the bullet for now. Like i said just curious...
  9. SRSLY, Hackers Everywhere?

    Infestation cheater stories The Aftermath I like the title. Lets roll with it.
  10. Go look up my stats mr assumption. But someone disagreeing with you is hard, i get that. Just sell what you get for free and stop complaining or attacking people. But hey thats probably just some adolescent issue. Dunno. But yeah lets leave it at that.
  11. bloop deaths

    Ah oke. Had never heard of it. I dont watch others game on twitch/youtube so thats why i missed it i guess Id rather play (with) myself
  12. Binoculars!

    Well those are 1 optic. A bino (means 2) has 2. So double the size. If you stated those resources could be spend better elsewhere id agree. But its more needed then another gun or car, agreed?
  13. Like knowing the map like the back of your hand and still get lost
  14. So? Go play a working zombie game. You complain about the state of the game but you want resources spend on a zombie mode instead of optimization....... ok