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  1. Metal Rain?

    Ger more cars, armored or not, and get a convoy going
  2. And Lets face it, when a new shooter comes out be it cod/bf/Squad etc a lot of players will run to that game instead because its the new thing its how it works, worked and will work for future games. Its only logical. We who like this game, this style dont want to be left behind with a game that turned into everyother fps out there, so Please ffs if you want More action move to games who cater to that. Fact: people with jobs, kids etc dont have the time to put in 4-8 hours a day on a game, so we burnout later then people who do. Just something to think about edit for example right now im starting my first game with my Squad. Its 2245 cet+1. Kids put to bed had a quick shower. Had a full workday. Im glad i can put 4-6 games in before i head to bed. if in those games we didnt win, we maybe got cheated, maybe crashed here and there, didnt get decent kills etc BUT if we had fun, ill go to bed with a smile on my face, feeling entertained. As meant to be. Earlier days i did get pissed off if we didnt get that last 15-15 or win in cs, for what a game?! Lol. Do/did you know where the NES/SNES stood for? Nintendo has their philosophy right, we just moved more and more away from it. doesnt mean i dont like esports i played the first Halo on the World Cyber games and did pretty good, so i deff get that part. Now onto fun, hopefully
  3. Im glad, thought we were seeing eye to eye and it almost went up in smoke Accepted Lets continue
  4. I had you pegged better then one to throw feces, and yet here you start. You generalize people. “You Guys” lol. Read the rest of my Posts mate. I concurr with your playstyle i do it myself. But last circles should be deadly. Even tho it wasnt from the start, doesnt mean it hasnt been discussed from the start, you and i both know that we’ve been here long enough. And hell no i dont want a cod/bf fest. Too old for that. Now can we continue like grown men or do you want to continue in the trend you just set? Generalizing from assumptions. Shame on a grumpy old man
  5. Yes first circle i can understand, after that the blue should be relentless. I couldnt care less how Many do it per round, one is enough, just like one cheater is enough. They can both F up a game with abuse of mechanics. I have been killed deep in the game (last few circles) by people still coming out of the blue. Thats just BS and should NOT be a possibilty.
  6. Agreed and you SHOULD be able to outrun the circle. It misses its purpose if you cant. the blue SHOULD be deadly imo, not like it is now, people just tanking the blue.
  7. No i play for entertainment, if i die without kills or a Win but if i had fun i dont care. I did care when i was younger
  8. A man should not be able to survive in the blue. A man should die by the blue, maybe not first circles but more so on the latter ones. A man did not design it that way A man hates getting killed from the blue especially in late circles
  9. The pre reroll end game circles i liked very much, they should have kept that setting. The first circle i like as is. But by all means speed up the 2nd and 3rd i dont mind. If you couldnt Find a decent loadout in that first circle time then you just passed up on stuff cause it wasnt M416/kark98/level 3 gear. Thats Your choice. @all those that say camp, did you know where the “camp” came from? Its not staying in one place, its pre aimed to a spot with a gun, knowing NME’s will come there and just sit there and kill. Thats what camping originally was. During all these gaming years people just Made camping into something standard for people who are playing a different style and who got the kill. Its that or cheaters Am i right? I call haxors!!!! leave circle one as is speed up 2nd and 3rd after that circles you can at least out”walk” not sprint, walk. This should leave room for looting at start, but not 100% to your hearts content but thats oke. Accept that once in a while. Its the RNG part of it. Then get a moving cause circles are a coming, then prepare for battle/sneakyness/or camping if you will (i wouldnt, but i will if i know soms are inbound) apologies for the lack of format and Capital letters and what not. Im having a settings fight with my iPhone
  10. Loot, blue zones, and game pacing

    This i can agree on. There needs to be more “going” on. Not kills per se in my book. But Lets not go there, to each his own. The extra crate flares were a good start, they Made action, be it for the kill players, the loot players or the stealth players. All playstyles could be involved with this mechanic. It should be in the main game. Dynamic weather was a good start, fog rain maybe thunder all could make for more interesting sceneries and engagements. Almost all playstyles could benefit, maybe not the snipers Vehicle drops could be an idea. Havent thought it really through just popped in my head. Those in NEED of a vehicle could see one coming and could go claim it. Ive almost never had much trouble finding a vehicle but appearently some are. Wildlife would not add much but immense programming issues. Looking at you dayz Z just thought id name it since Some brought it up. Different places on the map could be highlighted at times as a king of the Hill kinda thing and would net you extra BP or similair enticing effects. But Yeah @Ngonmesh more things to do or kill/loot/attack are needed.
  11. Loot, blue zones, and game pacing

    No its not, thats what you find boring. Yes people are allowed to do just that if they choose so. Again its not just to kill people for the loot. Yes it can be a tactical game. I dont care about what you think the majority agrees upon, now you are just assuming. Lets face it most of you bought this game cause it was the new hype, and ofc you have to be able to participate on it in order to flood your social media with it. I bought the game it advertised to be, a tactical survival shooter. We could continue this discussion but i wont. Just had to chip in my cents, was silent long enough because of one-minded individuals like yourself. And no i dont play to get better, i play to be entertained. How? Any which way that suits me, untill you kids (just using it for said majority) turn it into a generic shooter thats JUST about the kills. Ty Hf
  12. Loot, blue zones, and game pacing

    I want what the game aimed out to be: a survival battle royale, anything goes. Not what you cod/bf/. Pubg/hype/switch players want. But @Ede all your Posts are blindsighted and ignorant at best. There is only one play style for you. The one that Nets you those kills right? Cause a chicken with 1 kill is probably not even worth your time right? In the Words of late Bernie Mac; ‘nough said
  13. Loot, blue zones, and game pacing

    People dont need to do sh1t. It was and should be a whatever suits your style game. But still Some of you want to force the cod/bf style because God be damned if it takes to long right....
  14. So what you would like is to land, run to A house and be set for the rest of the game? Or loot maybe 5/6 houses and be set for the rest of the game? I know its a hard knock life......... jeesz cookiecutter generations. Here mate have a silver platter, i"ll come bring it to you.
  15. Pubg Oyun içi Crash hatası

    No im out of suggestions. Windows 10 is a must since Windows 7 uses waaay more RAM and CPU then Windows 10 does. Like i said earlier on you need; -all installed on the SSD, games included. -Windows 10 -16 gb RAM -Gfx card with at least 2/4 vram. -CPU with at least 2.7-2.9ghz minimum to help you further i need those errors translated to english i can not read them. Grtz rompertje