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  1. How Random is the R in RNG?

    I'll put it a slightly different way. The steams I watch, two of which are in the top 20 of all twitch in terms of subscribers, use the regular no BS method. I watch the legit players who you yourself could run across. I'm not sure wtf kind of nonsense you're into watching, but some trash that uses custom games is a waste of time. What's more, it's fairly obvious I'm not referring to custom games. At all.
  2. What game have you played the most amount of hours?

    WoW. Threw in the towel after I realized it's so easy, it almost plays itself. That, and I've come to dislike Skinner Box Games.
  3. Seeing the Flightpath Pre-Game

    If only I prefaced the post with it probably being known already.
  4. Seeing the Flightpath Pre-Game

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I haven't seen a thread on it so... If you look around the skyline during pre-game, if your games flightpath is going to take you in through the north (severny) or east (mylta-ish/mylta power) you can see the plane in the air before things get rolling. It's not a piece of paper, or a random pixel, or some other goofy thing. It's the plane. Prepped for boarding. Hovering. Can plan things out before you get rolling. Doesn't work if you come in from the southeast to northwest of course, but if you're in that sweet spot, you can figure out where you're headed with time to spare.
  5. How Random is the R in RNG?

    How do you figure that, when it clearly shows them going 'NAServer' and 'Solo FPP'? Your statement sounds like nonsense.
  6. How Random is the R in RNG?

    I've copied loot routes from both streamers and guides. Some from this very website. It's often a disaster, when the videos show a plethora of loot. It's not psychological.
  7. Depends on your own personal luck. Landed there 3 separate times today and doesn't find much. All 3 times I'm pretty sure some roll through there and by the halfway point, they have 2/2/2 at least with a fully kitted AR and enough ammo for the entire game. Throw in a x4 scope just for icing.
  8. How Random is the R in RNG?

    I've watched 6-7 hour long streams (over the course of a few days) of known streamers. They nearly always find good loot off the jump. Almost every time. Myself? After a solid 30-40 games this morning (i die a lot. only 1 top 10), I find a single Kar. 3 Scars. 1 single M4. 1 single sks. 2 x4 scopes. A single lvl 3 helmet. A single lvl 3 vest. 2 lvl 3 packs. Scattered across those games. Watch a big name streamer. You very rarely see them running into midgame with an UMP/Shotty. Myself? Often. Easily 50% of the time. And I'm dropping into areas known for their 'good loot'. After this mornings playing? I'd love to know how some run across good loot very very often, and some rarely come across anything worthwhile.
  9. Whining and Gripes.

    The lag is going to push me back to stupid Overwatch. I have no lag there. I've no lag in CoD/BF/Etc. I get the games are different. However, remedy the goddam lag issues or this game will be a marvelous failure at launch.
  10. How Random is the R in RNG?

    I watch a handful of pretty known streamers. They drop somewhere and nearly always, they come out of 2-3 buildings worth looting with everything they need. Rarely do you see them with at least an AR/Shotty (or smg), and some mix of 1/2/3. Almost always. You've other players, that can chute into an area with the same type of buildings, and there is SFA for loot. An smg if you're lucky. Consistently. Anyone wonder if the RNG isn't as Random as it would seem? Almost as though it's bound to the account? I get the whole "No no no. It's random. Just luck based." I understand. Though, when one has game after game of seeing a lot of clothes, a lot of melee weapons, and an inordinate amount of Handguns? One begins to wonder how far dumb luck goes.
  11. Crouch Jump Gone?

    Who said I wasn't? W is 1 key. Shift is another. Look at that! Spacebar is a key! 1+1+1=3! What I don't understand, is your inability to read a post.
  12. View of weapon in 1PP

  13. Crouch Jump Gone?

    Dunno about editing files. Just went with the Crouch/Jump double bind. That's a bummer. Escaping someone with a SK12 when you've a P92 by window jumping was useful.
  14. Crouch Jump Gone?

    Grabbed the Sept 19th patch as per normal. Suddenly the double bind I had for Crouch/Jump with the old Shift+Space is gone. And you can't have Shift+Space on both Jump and Crouch as a Secondary. Removed I guess? Someone wanna inform the uninformed? I miss window jumping.
  15. Whats with all the Asians in NA servers?

    Nope. Much the same reason Top Tier games don't have region locking. Dev's find it 'excludes' some players from enjoying the game how they want. I.E. An NA player has a friend on the EU server. They want to play duo's. Oh! There's region lock? They're not playing together now, are they? Go read post #13 on page 1. To be redundant, Region Lock in PUBG will never happen. The best you'll see is a ping cap.