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  1. Macro Script ...macro script everywhere

    Oh. You're off the mindset that if we don't dump effort into proving our own gaming experiences to you are subpar, then it's not our actual gaming experiences. Gotcha. All you had to say in the first place. No worries. Post on, little guy. Enjoy.
  2. Macro Script ...macro script everywhere

    What a nonsense response. Have yourself killed with your killer using an AK. The AK has recoil akin to epilepsy. It's overly obvious when it's used, and when it's not.
  3. Macro Script ...macro script everywhere

    I've seen no recoil in all my deathcams lately. All of them. AK's are a big threat these days, simply because there's no downside to using it for those with a Macro. Some will run across 'cheaters' every game, if you consider macros a cheat. Game will be absolute trash for some (i.e. myself) that's chalk full of technical issues even though your home PC is top of the line. Add in the plethora of 'cheaters'? Unplayable. Maybe by the time 5.0 is released.

    And it's more important to Bluehole to keep the playerbase happy. The bulk of the playerbase is in China. Keep China happy, the coin keeps flowing in. NA isn't happy? Who cares about NA! Let the coin keep flowing in. Everything else, and I do mean everything else is a distant second. Bluehole's stated goal can be whatever it wants make fancy PR. Bluehole is a business. A business' goal is to make as much money as possible. Keep the China Market happy, the most coin comes in. This spans from making the game inexpensive enough to keep Cheaters returning, to keep the server ping/dsync/lag based around them going to whatever server they want without hampering their gameplay (as most NA/EU players don't go to AS servers). It's basic business.
  5. percentage of players cheating

    Can always upload it, and send the link to those that ask....
  6. Farewell. First and Last Post

    I don't see the problem. Same as Bluehole. You don't like No Recoil Macros? What about Aimbots? Speedhacks? I don't see the problem, as my head is in the sand. Same as them. I mean, isn't that normal?
  7. Macro Script ...macro script everywhere

    Saw it each death I had in the handful of games yesterdays. 4-5 games total? Godspeed to those that are still into this game for hours on end. Seems as though everyone but myself enjoys cutting corners in it.

    And you missed the final part of my paragraph. " However, that quote reeks of being a placation statement and will be permanently relegated to the backburner." You can't see how it's interpreted differently than your rose colored glasses? They've said since Day 1, they want friends globally to be able to play together. If you're in Los Angeles, and you've a friend in South Africa, I highly doubt a ping lock is going to accommodate that. Once again, I agree that a Ping Lock is needed, and placating high ping players on your low ping 'meant for yourself geographically' server is actually retarded, I don't see it happening just because it's 1.0.

    'Looking into' does not equate 'Happening'. Don't get me wrong. Ping lock at the very least is needed for this game to flourish and become a frontrunner for FPS in general. However, that quote reeks of being a placation statement and will be permanently relegated to the backburner.
  10. How is the cheating problem still not sorted out?

    It's a multi faceted thing. Though, one of the big big facets, is money. Ban an account? Ok. It's banned. A new account is very inexpensive to purchase, so when you've unlimited funds as there are companies based around cheating, everyone but the honest players win. Bluehole rakes in coin. The companies that make hacks rake in coin. The item markets for purchase items rake in coin. And those that play honestly, suffer. Or, move on to a game where cheating is 1 in 10,000 games.
  11. Zero recoil cheaters nearly every match

    Makes me grin when I see someone saying "Just report them and there'll be less cheaters!" It's like saying "Just treat that open arterial femoral fracture with this Band-Aid and there won't be an injury".
  12. RACIST! RACIST! - Brendan Greene
  13. Stupid phone. "less lag and dsync" was what I was going for.
  14. Dunno if I can get back into it. If someone from Liang Province has less pay and dsync on the NA Server I'm in, since I live in NA, then wtf am I doing? Add in my 3 month old system that ran me $3k that can't seem to handle pubg? Err.... What? Dunno.