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  1. R.I.P Pubg. Hacker feast!

    Another game with such promise that just can't get it's shit together.
  2. Now you can find yourself in famous streams on Twitch

    My favorite streamer killed me. : ) I had lagged out on landing (of course. normal) and that was that.
  3. new Pubg Update Is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Heh. Yeah? i7-8700k 3.7ghz, gtx 1080ti, 32gb ddr4. System Age: 2 months old http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6803879644 IP is 'only' 173mbps. Know what I get? Dsync up the ass so bad, I'm pushing F to loot 3-4 times on an item after the chute (or tab and drag 4-5 times), hits not registering well into late game at even point blank range. Watching someone facing 90' away from me, pull the trigger and I'm dead. I'm physically unable to buy a better system without dumping actual thousands of dollars into it. It's not my end. I'm hopefuly the end of EA makes things improve to the speed I see streamers get. Drop from a chute, and pick up a weapon and 3 boxes of ammo in 1 second with no repeated picking the shit up. Honestly, the only silver lining is ver 1.0.
  4. Item Pickup System is Awful

    Ergo, it must work fine for everyone else. Got it. Thanks.
  5. Item Pickup System is Awful

    Trying to pick up a weapon 7-8 times using tab or f isn't a thing for everyone? Must be nice. Wonder what that's like.
  6. Same as Brendan Greene. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-creator-talks-about-t/1100-6452420/ There are way better games out this year, and PUBG is still early access with some giant problems in it still.
  7. How much hours have you spend in PUBG?

    255 and threw in the towel for the most part. Can't deal with the flaws plaguing EA.
  8. Feeling the patch love?

    No word on the dsync issues? I understand my 2 month old system is only work $2500, and it's basically a Piece of Shit for PUBG, but I was hoping something might be done.
  9. This game is now unplayable.

    The amount of lag and dsync I have in game in contrast to the cost of my system and how it runs with other games that are Top Tier AAA Titles makes me laugh. Maybe when EA ends, things will be better.
  10. I have massive dsync every game. Every game. I've dumped 2 shots of 686 point blank into a lvl 1 vest and just prior to me dying, they're 5 feet to the left. Maybe 2 hackers in NA FPP. Maybe. The dsync? Game is borderline unplayable. Forget jumping into a hot zone like Mil Base or even a normal city, as you're standing there for a full 10-15 seconds picking up the same weapon but it's not happening. Shots, again, are laughably inaccurate as your opponents all but teleport out of the way. I agree, for some it's incessant hackers. For others? Dsync killed this game for them. With a system that makes most other PC gamers go "That's a bit overboard, no?"
  11. The dsync did me in. It's embarrassing for a game when you've a high end gaming rig, and the dsync is as much as it is. I've seen 2 hackers I know of in 255 hours. Hackers are not the problem I have with the game.
  12. Dsync still a Major Thing?

    Mostly my backlog of games. Evil Within. Pillars of Eternity. Tokyo 42. Some MAME and zSnes games also. Some of the new CoD but it gets dull. Same with BF. Still waiting on Overwatch to get it's shit together with Comp Mode (never happen), and PUBG. Either one I'd devote most of my gametime too if the flaws would be ironed out.
  13. Dsync still a Major Thing?

    *Shrugs* I chalk it up to Early Access. I'm hopeful servers are stable on release, but they're so bad currently that I'm rapidly losing hope. I have a high end system, a high end IP. There's nothing else I can do to make things better for playability. I've had to move to other games. Thought I'd ask. Glad I got a response. : )
  14. Dsync still a Major Thing?

    Thx for the update.
  15. Been gone for 2-3 weeks now. Dsync still all over the place? Getting shot when you're clearly behind cover on your screen? Not hitting enemies when you clearly are on your screen? Wondering if I should start playing again when the reason I gave up (understandable as it's EA) may or may not still be rampant in games. Cheers!