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  1. PUBG wont start

    not exactly pin point but thats probably where this errors may originate seeing how this AC Xenuine works
  2. PUBG wont start

    your problems resides in your system32 and PUBG shit of an update..
  3. pubg patch says emotes but no emotes in game

    that's another broken update meant to waste your bandwidth
  4. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    It's not your system's fault its PUBG being well Early Access again ..hayz this game strives to be E-Sports ready when it cant fix its core....
  5. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    It's Xenuine buttf***ing our computers.......PUBG....BUGPlease.. cough..cough.. this is pathetic and here I thought EA is a shit company...
  6. 2018 Roadmap be like: 3hrs server maintenance Bugs Bug fixes Map (insert legit players banned here) 3hrs server maintenance Bugs Bug fixes (insert legit players banned here) Loot crates E-sport ready Tournaments more loot crates 3hrs server maintenance Bugs Bug fixes A whole new can of worms more bugs P.S we cant bring back weathers... sorry no night mode
  7. [25] Battleye: Disallowed Program #10

    stupid statement but is a fact that's what BlueHole did, I'm not defending their actions I'm stating a fact, either ditch the game or play without any softwares opens (dont know what other softwares bluehole is mad at) that is happening right now and arguing on what bluehole supposed have done this and that on this forum won't help the FACT that they flagged VMWARE --Deal with it..
  8. [25] Battleye: Disallowed Program #10

    Indeed we all know encryption will kill packet sniffers just like what EAC did to kill packet based cheats on Rust, im just saying thats the route they ended up with they decided to flagged vmwares well I cant do anything about that what I'm implying as of now since they decided to block it might as well choose either play the game without the vmware or ditch the game entirely until packet encryption arrives.
  9. [25] Battleye: Disallowed Program #10

    VMware needs to be close because unless you guys are living under a rock or something VMware is used by hackers to run a java based radar hack so better close those VM wares please and for those users saying they use it for works and valid reason please understand that they did software blocking for the majority of the players since VM ware as of now is the most exploited software that those who uses radar hacks that sniff packets uses.
  10. How much hours have you spend in PUBG?

    200+ hours third person game time hackers came every game went fpp for 120+ hours then the hackers are there again I think I'm stopping game is full of hackers atm
  11. Reviving needs medical kit/first aid

    I hope bluehole add this
  12. Reviving needs medical kit/first aid

    It makes logic right? I mean you revive someone with just placing your hands on them hahha I prefer it consume meds since you really need those to help injured people..
  13. I think it'll be good to make the revive mechanics more strategic.. for example you cant revive a team mate if you don't have first aid kit or med kits make it more hardcore
  14. I mean can you guys adjust the camera angles while driving ? I mean who drives and always looking at the steering wheel??
  15. Reshade blocked again?

    I've been kicked from lobby and Battleye said it blocks the dxgi.dll which reshade uses and wont me start the game...:(