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  1. The marker was pointing to the top left corner for me everytime, but the circle was more straight west from me.
  2. Honestly, I played a few round with the new 4x and didn't notice a difference in my reaction time to shoot at other players. The black reflection is literally a 0.1 second event. I don't see this changing the gameplay that drasticaly.
  3. PUBG test server does not launch

    Have you tried after the 2gb patch today?
  4. I am confused. Is the zoom in with a 4 or 8x actually slower now than live or is it just an effect? Also regarding taking away quick scoping, does it not allow you to shoot when you are in the process of zooming in? Not sure what the complaints are about.
  5. New Testserver update 12.03.18

    bug fixes mostly.
  6. ADS bug on test server

    This isn't new. It happens on live servers too. I believe it was so that it makes it harder to prefire people in TPP.
  7. test server feedback

    at least post your specs, gfx driver versions etc.. What are they going to do with "performance is worse" without any information?
  8. From what I have been reading on reddit, it seems to affect mostly AMD cards. Have you tried a newer or older driver?
  9. New render issues?

    that tree rendering issue is huge. I wonder what character models look like behind it when it changes.
  10. Latest patch 937mb ?

    Everyone chill out. 900mb patch was to fix the issue where your teammate had a red blip around them in the mini map. This was found after the 5.3 gb main patch from update #6. 24.6 mb patch yesterday was to fix the stuttering issue. 25mb patch today was "backend changes" so who knows.
  11. Reload bugged after revive

    Unfortunately do not have video for this. Spec: 8700k 1080 16gb ram win10 64 bit fall creators update I was playing last night and had an m16 ext mag with 35 bullets. I was downed by another player and my teammate came over to revive me. After getting up and healing, I tried to reload the gun. The animation played but the bullet counter stayed at 35. I tried going to my secondary gun and switching back, reloading and the issue still existed. To fix this, I ended up shooting a bullet into the ground and then the reload worked back to 40 bullets. Anyone else experience this?
  12. BUG of the new update.

    They just released a 24mb patch that should have resolved the stuttering issue.
  13. Zoom settings are still not saving

    Wow how did basic QA not catch this? Did you try it on other guns? Does the save work for any of them or is it still not saving for everything when it switches?
  14. TLDW: 148 hz tick rate from servers for h1z1 Fortnite is low 20 average but stable pubg is dips to 2hz ever so often and there's also registration delays by up to a second pubg has to get some kind of stability optimizations out soon.