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  1. Do not have a video of this yet, but when I hear far away shots, it occasionally plays a weird soft "thud" noise through my audio that sounds super close to me. I am not sure if I am the only one with this issue.
  2. cyu

    Reload bugged after revive

    Unfortunately do not have video for this. Spec: 8700k 1080 16gb ram win10 64 bit fall creators update I was playing last night and had an m16 ext mag with 35 bullets. I was downed by another player and my teammate came over to revive me. After getting up and healing, I tried to reload the gun. The animation played but the bullet counter stayed at 35. I tried going to my secondary gun and switching back, reloading and the issue still existed. To fix this, I ended up shooting a bullet into the ground and then the reload worked back to 40 bullets. Anyone else experience this?
  3. cyu

    BUG of the new update.

    They just released a 24mb patch that should have resolved the stuttering issue.
  4. cyu

    Zoom settings are still not saving

    Wow how did basic QA not catch this? Did you try it on other guns? Does the save work for any of them or is it still not saving for everything when it switches?
  5. https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/40-test-server/ for future reference. I couldn't get in either probably because there were not enough people playing the test build.
  6. Getting the exact same issue on the test build yesterday. Now, it is happening to the production one after this mornings 47mb update even after I removed reshade and verified integrity. Please resolve:
  7. cyu

    Clipping while leaning left

    Think this was posted in test server bug list from sept patch but I can't find other tickets related. 1) Crouch down and ADS. 2) lean left and tap strafe left at the same time. You'll see the shoulder texture cover the bottom screen as you move. See screenshot.
  8. cyu

    Tommy Gun cannot accept compensator?

    It only supports suppressors atm.
  9. Unfortunately, it has only happened once and I didn't have recording enabled.
  10. --- Bug Description: I bled out after being downed and my screen turned to the gray shade. At around the same time, my duo partner enters a buggy. I died, and when i went to spectate him, the whole view was in the same gray shade. It was only after he exited the vehicle did the colors come back again. Date Seen: July 3rd Server: LIVE Troubleshooting Attempted: Can't change view. Issue fixed itself once player exited the vehicle. Other Information: NA Launch Options: none System Specifications: