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  1. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    I have windows 10... Read sine posts on the issue. "ez fix"
  2. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    Not a windows 7 problem, I'm on windows 10. Same issue. I don't have anti-virus so that's not stopping it either. EDIT: Just ran through all running services and process killing them one by one, stopping services one at a time and trying to launch... I did see the BattlEye Launcher go after killing a windows search process but the game still didn't load. Disabling search didn't do anything either. It's an issue on their end.
  3. PUBG wont start

    Nothing out of the usual and I've even gone through and killed most of the processes I can kill and killed services. I've disabled different settings using the group policy editor, I've disabled things such as DEP and quite a few other settings. I know, like I said, I have all ports open as in on my router. My ISP doesn't block port 80, 443 or even port 22 and 23 which a lot seem to do. I can boot up a web server, ssh server or even telnet server and have people connect on default 80/443, 22 and port 23 respectively. I've read earlier that this happened on test server with one of the patches and then with the next patch it was fixed and then the last patch before they pushed it live it did this again so it's bound to be an issue on their end. No work around has worked for the people where it's not an issue with their anti-virus software blocking the executable from executing.
  4. PUBG wont start

    I've disabled anti-virus completely, firewalls and have all my ports open on the route and still the same issue so I doubt it's a blocked port. For some, I'm imagining it working after making an exception because I think they just rolled out Xenuine if I'm not mistaken but still doesn't make sense for the people that this doesn't work for.
  5. PUBG wont start

    It appears most of us do but from what I've read, there's also some intel users having the issue as well.
  6. PUBG wont start

    Doesn't fix it. Uninstalling, removing all traces of it on my system and reinstalling doesn't fix it. Disabling anti-virus didn't work for me though I heard it worked for others.
  7. PUBG wont start

    Same, tried reinstalling, verifying, repairing/reinstalling the vc redists, launching as admin and everything else. BEservice starts up and then closes and the game never launches.