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  1. Shooting bug

    Hey all, I tried to post this under bugs but it wouldn't let me for some reason.. anyways, I'm experiencing this bug where I will encounter another player; right click to aim and left click to shoot, but when I left click to fire the first round, nothing happens. Sometimes it may take a click or two to actually get one round off; ending in game over. This has happened quite a few times this morning, wondering if it may be my mouse because I did drop it yesterday.. but I also heard of players bringing up the same issue. Thank you for your response! Also .. does anyone else get real dizzy in first person? Its not like csgo first person.. much different lol hate it.
  2. Love the game - Sick and tired of FF

    Thanks for the replies guys! I play on the NA server only. I've been playing solo to avoid all this madness but I get bored playing solo so I haven't been playing as much.. and just about 15mins ago I gave random squad match up another chance.. ran around with two dudes looting for 15 mins, drove them around and we were getting to the bottom 30 when "Not_Jake" blew my head off because he wanted my AKM.. it's so pathetic .. I told him I was going to report him and he just blew me off like it's not possible to get reported for team killing.. hope the admins can take care of that POS (Not_Jake) for wasting 20 minutes of my time escorting him around the map. I've never tried dischord but I am guessing it's a program for players who use their mic a lot; which I really do not use mine often because my wife thinks i am crazy haha
  3. Love the game - Sick and tired of FF

    lol that doesn't solve the issue of intentionally killing your teammates.. on csgo you can comp with randoms but kill a couple and you're banned for 7 days
  4. Love the game - Sick and tired of FF

    I just put in the time and effort to loot the island, grabbed a boat and found a lot of cool items. My squad said they are waiting for me on the shore. When I beat the force field and made it to the shore, they ran me over and beat me with sickles ... stole my items, said thank you, and drove off... this is getting old. Really wish there was a 24 hour time out for every couple team mates you killed. Because you know they do the same thing every game. Sorry for the rant it's just frustrating
  5. Hey all.. hope everyone is doing good today. So I just wanted to suggest a feature like CSGO; the friendly fire time out feature. I've been playing for 4 hours today.. and countless rounds have been killed by "teammates" for my gear. In fact I have been killed more by friendly fire than by other opponents .. I don't really like solo too much because I get lonely haha. I'm thinking there should be a timeout period if you kill too many of your teammates. It makes me want to run off by myself when I find good items to prevent them from being stolen from my cold blooded hands lol
  6. In game challenges/rewards/mini quest

    Please don't give up on me! I need that coat! Totally not the same idea ! He is saying military style pins / ribbons / badges / plaques should be displayed on your profile. I'm saying make them visible on the character in game to display your skill level. The player would would be able to pin these badges / ribbons / pins on the front of any shirt / jacket / battle dress uniform they own. Furthermore, considering how unskilled a lot of these players are, these badges or ribbons would become a hot, rare commodity.. Anyone else love my idea and think I deserve a "special" compensation for such an awesome idea??
  7. In game challenges/rewards/mini quest

    Good afternoon and happy Fourth of July! I have been trying to get in contact with the creators of PUGB for quite some time. I love the game and play it frequently and would like to make an awesome suggestion that could possibly result in maybe a free PUGB armored trench coat? haha jk.. sorta. Anyways; my suggestion is this.. we all play hard to get that chicken dinner. But after the round is completed; and we have won the chicken, we have nothing to show for it. So my idea would be a “badge/pin/ribbon/patch” system. Sort of like the Military. For every #1 chicken dinner you can manage to pull off, another “pin” or “badge” would get added to your inventory and you would have access to then place said “pin” “badge” “patch” "ribbon" etc.. on your clothing. In example, you could have a small plaque that would display all your wins on your chest; just like in the military. Or you could even buy a “shoulder plaque” in game and be able to “Pin” “Patch” “Badge” all of your #1 chicken dinner wins on your shoulder. I think it would be a great way to display your victories and let others around you know just how good you are. I think it’ll boost the competitive level of the game because everyone would want to line their coats/shirts/etc with pins/badges/patches/ribbons/awards.. This will give the player some sort of accomplished, "feel good" feeling. Please contact me back devs ! I Would love to hear back from you in regards to this idea. Thank you for reading! And thank you for the awesome game you guys maintain for the steam community! Take care friends - Justin PUBG IGN: Dayyman