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  1. Title. The Vector's a really fun weapon to play with, problem is it's almost completely useless without an extended magazine. It's also quite rare to find extra .45 ACP from dead players so you sometimes have to loot houses in the top 30 just for ammo. Other than that, it's perfectly fine balance wise (damage, recoil, fire rate etc.) in my opinion.

    This is untrue. My mates and I live on the east coast of Australia and we're all defaulted to the AS server at launch even though I'd say we get approx. 120ms ping over there whereas we get about 30ms here.
  3. Question for devs - Can mouse-smoothing still be disabled?

    Well if that's the case, feeling the responsiveness after adding those lines must've been placebo like you said however I still feel like my aim/mouse is still a few milliseconds behind. Could be the fact that I play Counter Strike with nearly 300 fps (therefore lower frame latency) and Battlegrounds at 50. Cheers for the answer
  4. You say 'hurry up and find a car' like finding a car can actually be done in a hurry. This isn't a matter of just 'getting good' like you pretty much suggested. Vehicles are always highly contested even in the early game and I believe there aren't even enough of them to begin with so there's a great chance that by the time the first circle is shown and you're finished looting, all vehicles that spawned within one kilometre of where you landed would have been gone. Like I said, getting to the zone or finding a car for that matter should not be the main objective in this game. Right now with how the zones work and the little amount of cars it certainly is and it's just not as fun. You don't hop on PUBG after work to run from that blue circle, you play because you actually want to shoot cunts. Besides, I see no downside to increasing the spawn rates of vehicles, especially since this isn't H1Z1 where you basically turn into a god with a car since you can just hop out of one at full speed. In Battlegrounds using a vehicle actually has its caveats (e.g. You're relatively easy to kill in one, you give away your position and as mentioned, a slow-down is required to get out and not take damage.)
  5. The latest monthly update introduced new circles into the game however the rate at which cars spawn stayed the same. This results in boring to downright frustrating games where you're forced spend most of the time catching up to the circle as opposed to actually playing the game (e.g. trying to engage in firefights, sneak up on people etc.) depending on where you land. Possible solutions off the top of my head for this can be: Adding more locations at which vehicles can spawn Increasing the chance or rate at which vehicles spawn Tweaking the first circles so that they do not focus the edges of the map - See attached image I feel one, two or perhaps a mixture of all three proposed solutions can certainly help with the problem. Reaching the circle should not be as big a challenge as worrying about the players that's IN the circle.
  6. First Person Game Mode Feedback

    I'd also like to see a steadier camera (closer to Counter-Strike, less like Battlefield) implemented with, I guess, less unnecessary movements such as when you reload or when you're moving. Never really understood why your view bobs up in down in video games when in real life reloading, walking or running doesn't really have an affect on the steadiness of your vision. Not exactly a huge problem though.
  7. A while back I entered this line into my Engine.ini to disable the mouse smoothing: [/script/Engine.InputSettings] bEnableMouseSmoothing=False Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/644orl/how_to_actually_disable_mouse_smoothing_it_is/ After doing so, my aim didn't get any less smooth however, there definitely was a noticeable difference in terms of how more responsive it felt aiming. With most recent monthly update it feels like everything suddenly reverted to how it was originally, mouse movements feel somewhat delayed (Just a tad) and just feels off in general. Gonna need confirmation from a developer on this one.
  8. Item Spawn Balancing - First Pass - June 27

    Loot distribution is definitely an issue. It's not uncommon nowadays to come up with basically nothing after looting four houses and come the fifth house you find three SCAR-Ls or UMPs stacked directly on top of each other. Like Doallyn mentioned the game is heavily reliant on RNG right now - especially if you're the type that prefers landing in highly populated areas such as the school or Pochinki, sometimes it feels like you don't even get a chance. Aside from fixing whatever it is that causes guns to drop in clusters, one recommendation I'd make is to increase the rate at which weapons spawn in such areas mentioned above (e.g. more guns at the school roof.).
  9. First Person Game Mode Feedback

    Would love a slightly larger field of view for first person because right now it's like looking through a box, somewhat nauseating - if that's the correct word.