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  1. Hello, i come instantly to the point:

    Ingame Name: HentaiWonderland 
    Steam Name: らすぽ

    The reason why i write you: I played with a friend, i was in an house, and the following message arrived: global ban #9fdbcf 2.4.13 - d36921

    I have never cheated in that game, and i also haven't ever flamed people in voice chat (i only activated the team voice chat) The only thing what i've done today, was at the windows task manager to shut down the battleeye task (i thought it was the battle.net task from blizzard)

    Please look at your logs, and please unban my Account, and if you have the power to remove the steam displayed ban on my profile, please do that too.

    My Steam Account exists since 2006 or earlier. i have 175 games and i had 1 VAC Ban, because i trolled with my friends at counterstrike GO (with friends only, not public) with an aimbot. This ban is 3 or 4 years old. I would never cheat in PUBG because i love the survivalism and the game mechanic's itself too. It is hard, but fair, and i received some chicken dinners with luck, and some with skill, but it was always an awesome game feeling.

    Hope you can help me fast.