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  1. Improve end game statistics

    Well I like that it is somewhere I do feel that it should be in the main game and included on the leader boards there. I did not know that pubgtracker existed until right now.
  2. A suggestion to end to camping in houses

    I wholeheartedly agree Nomad. If its not cheating it is 100% valid. Also that's awesome, thanks for pointing out the bullet thing, I hadn't seen that!
  3. A suggestion to end to camping in houses

    I do like the idea of destructible walls, or at least some walls begin able to be shot through by the larger bullets but camping is not a "scourge" as one of the main points of the game is stealth and silence. One other note, if walls become destructible it becomes a lot harder for computers to run the game, I am a game programmer and can tell you that adding that many more mesh pieces to make it collapse or blow open would start to lag the game out, especially considering the size of the map. While it would be cool its just not feasible in this game for the majority of the houses.
  4. A suggestion to end to camping in houses

    The point of the game is that there are a lot of strategies that are successful. The blue line effectively means that someone has to get lucky to spend an entire game camping in a house, they have to leave eventually and if you are getting killed by someone camping in a house you are not clearing the house correctly. Top that off with the fact that if they are not moving they are not getting the level of loot a mobile player can. Yes campers can be frustrating but in this game it is an entirely valid strategy that has to be fought just like any other.
  5. Improve end game statistics

    I have played a lot of this game and it is awesome, however I feel one thing is missing. I have found that I often will hit players before one of us flees, whether in solo, duo or squads, or I will be taking a snipers role and the target will manage to get out of the dodge, but not before I manage to tag them a few times. Because this is a team game (mostly) I feel that Kills per Round/death are actually less applicable to how well one does than hits and damage dealt. There have been many times where I have injured a target enough so that my allies easily finish them off and kill them, and they get the main credit despite the fact I did more of the actually hard part, and the opposite is true too, often they are the ones who I feel deserve more of the credit. Essentially I feel that a statistic tracking average Damage Per Round would be an interesting and applicable addition to the games statistics tracker. Anyone have any opinions on this?